Wireless microphones for phone: characteristics, models review, selection tips

Many people with the development of technology have increasingly become used wireless microphones, and though it is much more convenient to use old technologies in which the wires hang out everywhere, all the time is confused. In addition, many have recently, many began to replace stationary PCs on mobile devices, and therefore, more and more people need high-quality devices for smartphone.

Microphone and Characteristics

Most importantly – when buying a wireless device for your phone, determine for which you need. Therefore, we will analyze who needs a wireless external microphone.

  • Musician. For them, such a device is necessary to catch the most necessary melody at any time and write it with high quality
  • Student and student. In this case, the recording device is necessary to record lectures that can be rewritten from audio under convenient conditions
  • Blogger and journalist. For these people, the microphone is one of the main assistants in earnings on the “bread”, it is very important for them that the recorded sound is picky and understand.

For all these people, the quality of the sound recording is of great importance, so the microphone is needed very seriously. To select a recording device, each of these people needs to know the types of devices and their characteristics.

  • Radio channel. This type is characterized by high-quality and uninterrupted transmission of sound, but a minus here is too uncomfortable and cumbersome receiver.
  • Bluetooth microphones. This is a more modern transfer technology, but here it should be considered that the sound quality is good both on the microphone itself and on the transmission receiver, the Bluetooth protocol version must be not lower than 4.one


  • “Perekkki”. These microphones have a low price, small dimensions, but at the same time they have good sound quality, suitable for journalists or bloggers, to record interviews and conversational videos, in addition, they often have a clips that are attached to somewhere. But this type has its own drawbacks, in addition to the “useful” sound “Perekkki” write and extraneous noises that have to be removed on special computer programs. For the same reason, this microphone is not suitable for musicians.

Not so long ago, wireless variants of these devices began to appear on the market

  • Radio microphone. These devices operate along the radio channel, and therefore possess all the characteristics of the radio channel microphones. Do not need cable, have good sound quality, so perfectly suitable for performing artists on stage.

  • Desktop wireless microphones. This type of portable devices is great for streaming and video recording.

  • Remote stereomycrophones. There is a huge number of different subspecies, such wireless devices for recording sound are excellent for recording tracks from musicians.

Review models

Imagine the top 3 best models of wireless microphones.

  • Sennheiser Memory MIC. An excellent representative of petrolery wireless microphones, however, one of the most expensive costs about 15 thousand rubles. The design of the microphone condenser, so it is better to use it with medium and large phones. Sennheiser Memory connects to any phone with Android and iOS base via Bluetooth version 4.1, in the “set” there is a free sound processing application.

Great for home recording sound, street and studio filming. Sound quality does not distort.

  • Ritmix RWM-221. 2 microphones and a receiving module included. For its price, work perfectly – stand around 5 thousand rubles. According to the characteristics it is stated that the devices will work within a radius of 10 meters from the receiver, accurately use for bloggers and journalists, for musicians the sound quality does not fit. Microphones unidirectional, so do not take third-party sounds. Can work for 6-8 hours from batteries.

  • UF – 6 UHF. Beautiful Budget Studio Microphone, Great for Musicians. This wireless device costs about 3 thousand rubles, in the kit there is a microphone itself and a stand for it. It connects almost to each receiver. Radius up to 50 meters. Battery charging is enough to 5 hours of continuous operation.

Recommendations for choosing

When choosing a microphone, it is worth repelled from the goals for which you acquire it, as well as from the device to which it will be installed, Since on some characteristics of fixtures for iPhone differ from microphones for Android.

  • To begin, make sure that your device supports a microphone of this type. Unfortunately, some of the recording devices are supported only by the devices from the iPhone, so before buying consult with the seller
  • Equipment. It should be borne in mind that when acquiring some devices will have to buy windpower, as well as special devices, for example, clips, in the case of petakers
  • Dimensions of the device. This characteristic is especially important for musicians who need to avoid external sounds and pass the sound as natural as possible, which small devices cannot perform. However, in some conditions it is necessary exactly a small size.

In modern market conditions, you can find almost any devices and devices, but do not forget about the correctness of the use of each equipment, because even the most expensive device can break.

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