Winter garden in the apartment: conditions and features of the arrangement

Many amateur gardeners and professionals are repeatedly thinking about the arrangement of the evergreen garden in their apartment. Often, such a winter garden is on the balcony, because there you can create an optimal temperature for indoor plants at any time of the year. Flowers are always an amazing decoration of any home interior, because in the room they create a special atmosphere of comfort. What conditions need to create a green paradise in their apartment, and that it is important to consider, will be discussed in this article. In addition, you will familiarize yourself with some features of green oasis, which should be paid attention to the arrangement of the decorative garden in the apartment.

Create yourself

You can form a winter greenhouse in my apartment without much difficulty and helping specialists, the main thing is to take into account some features and nuances. In order for the future greenhouse to please you for many years, it is very important to equip it right.

Your attention should be paid to the following important moments.

  • Proper and high-quality glazing (especially if the winter garden you do on the balcony. Plastic windows, of course, are considered reliable, but sometimes they should additionally be insulated).
  • Warming room.
  • Isolation from third-party moisture.
  • Internal suitable finish under certain types of plants.

Do not forget that for plants it is very important to ensure the right lighting. These can be special phytolamba, and ultraviolet, and ordinary lamps. Everything will depend on what you collect and at what time of year. Of course, specialized lamps for greenhouses are much better than usual, because only they can fully fill the balance of lack of natural lighting for certain types of plants. However, it is possible that in your oasis there will be germinating flowers.

Most often winter gardens in apartments are equipped on loggias, balconies and roofs. Only in very rare cases, they allocate a separate residential room for them. Mini-gardens look especially profitable if you can create a panoramic view. When creating a greenhouse, do not forget about the correct ventilation system, on which the general condition of all plants will also depend on. If the area of ​​the room allows, then be sure to install special air humidifiers in it, which positively affect the health of plants.

When rewarming the balcony under the winter garden, it is preferable to choose natural materials for finishing this room. Plastic, of course, is easy to care, but nothing will replace natural stone and wood.

Where better to arrange?

Balcony and loggia are considered excellent options for the winter garden.

  • For the glazing room under the winter garden, it is best to purchase special two-chamber double-glazed windows, which not only perfectly hold heat inside the winter garden, but also passes a sufficient amount of light, so necessary for most plants.
  • As lighting, it is best to choose a scattered light that covers a large area of ​​the room. Such a basic light can be completed point. In order to indoors there were maximum natural lighting, it should be selected for a winter garden room with windows overlooking Western or Eastern.

  • The insulation of a balcony or loggia should be carried out with the help of high-quality sealants that do not pass the cold air from the street. Special attention should be paid to all seams and joints on the walls. All materials for Winter Garden Warming must be dry, because they can maximize the placement of moisture. Well, if in this room it will be installed, which can be adjusted.

  • Do not forget about comfortable for colors temperature mode. Often, experts recommend to withstand temperatures from 17 to 25 degrees of heat. Such a temperature is considered optimal for normal growth of indoor flowers and plants. To constantly monitor the temperature, especially if the loggia is heated, you should hang a special room degree.

  • Do not forget about the humidity, which is as well as the light, and the temperature, plays an important role for the Winter Garden. Moisturize air and flowers can be manually using various sprayers and sprayers. Well install special devices. Often, gravel poured into the pallets with flowers, pouring it with water.

  • Important and properly created ventilation system. It should be avoided by the so-called greenhouse effect, for this you need to regularly ventilate the room. The air in the home winter garden should be taken from below, and climb and go upstairs. And also in the winter garden you can arrange a suitable air conditioner.

Summing up, we can safely say that only the totality of all of the above conditions and their observance will help you recreate a high-quality and beautiful winter garden right in your apartment. If you are not very confident that we will handle this question, it is best to learn more in detail on this topic in the respective gardeners. Or use the services of proven specialists who probably can easily find a solution to your problem.

Tips for specialists

If you want to have evergreen greenhouse, give preference to species of plants that do not drop foliage at the autumn time, as well as options, not particularly whimsically in care. Always in fashion various palm trees. If you can not independently pick up flowers and plants for your winter garden, you can seek help from professional gardeners. They will certainly be able to advise you the necessary options that will delight you all year round.

For the uniqueness of the apartment greenhouses you can collect several types of plants in it. These may be tropical exotic options, and subtropical, as well as simple home flowers from the Perennial Family. To diversify your winter garden, be sure to look at the unusual and original pots. Especially for handmade options from clay. They will surely attract a lot of attention and will delight you every day. In addition, they are very wear-resistant.

For the diversity of your winter garden, you can install in it decorative animal figures or artificial trees. If you want to save space as much as possible in the winter garden, pay attention to special suspension racks, which can also be installed plants with large savings of the place.

Choose flowers

Many flowers, wanting to create an unusual winter garden with their own hands, are immediately looking for oscillating foreign plants. But experts recommend not to hurry with the choice, since such flowers require special attention and very often for them is quite difficult to care for home.

The most popular and unpretentious options are the following plants that enjoy the most popular among amateur gardeners:

  • annuals: Petunia, Pelargonium, Estoma, Torning;
  • Perennials: succulents and cacti, the second rarely bloom, but it is very unpretentious in care and watering.

It looks very beautiful, such a popular and evergreen flower like Anthurium. His red flowers always look exquisitely. Many familiar plants called Begonia. It happens different species and different colors. Always relevant not only among the novice gardeners, but also among professionals. No less popular are indoor violets, which today are of a wide variety of varieties. They easily fit into your winter garden and will delight you for a long time with our luxurious blossom.

Problematically grow orchids and fuchsia. And on the first, and on the second can “attack” insects (whiteflies and shields), as a result of which the plants will have to regularly process special means so that the whole garden does not “ill”. Nevertheless, such handsome people may probably become a highlight of your apartment garden.

Often in the winter garden, many grown lemon trees from which you can safely collect useful fruits.

Be sure to pay attention to the following Room Flowers, which will definitely be able to become an addition to your apartment winter greenhouses:

  • Azalea (Rhododendron);
  • balsamines;
  • hyacinths;
  • hibiscus;
  • Hippeastauram;

  • Gloxy;
  • crocuses;
  • daffodils homemade;
  • olendra.

So that your garden is truly unique, the list of plants that will grow in it should be thought out as early as possible. This oasis in an apartment building can please you and members of the whole family for many years, especially with its correct creation and further care for it.

Beautiful examples

If the area of ​​your loggia or balcony leaves much to be desired, be sure to pay attention to the so-called vertical gardens.

Make them quite simple even on their own. In the appropriate stores, you can purchase ready-made designs with the required frames. Such winter greenhouses look very impressive. Vertical Winter Garden does not mean that all plants in it will be planted vertically. As a rule, this is such a garden in which flowers are selected with similar living conditions. Vertical gardens are formed using special wall structures that not only save space, but also look very modern.

Very unusually watching garden design, in which plants are placed in the form of the so-called canvas. Green carpet, for example, from living stones or succulents will always attract special attention. In addition, such plants are very useful, they perfectly clean the air.

Beautiful home garden design on the balcony can also be complemented with decorative furniture, for example, from artificial rattan. Flowers indoors can be in suspended porridge and in floor pots. Very beneficially, wearing plants will look, with which you can create a real living corner.

It is especially beautiful for the design of the garden, where the laying of natural stone is used. With the help of a stone can be laid wall or floor. If your small garden allows you to place a small reservoir or fountain in it, it will also be a big plus. After all, such decorations look fresh and non-bank. Any water compositions are not only beautiful decorative objects, but also useful air humidifiers.

Winter garden in the apartment is a real summer fairy tale with green plants that can delight all year round. Flowers in bizarre pots, beautiful and green corner from plants, a comfortable place to relax and an unusual fountain – all this can be part of the paradise corner right in your apartment.

For greater inspiration, pay attention to the photo galleries of winter greenhouses, unusual options for arranging the winter garden.

About how to make a winter garden in the apartment with your own hands, see the following video.

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