Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

Modern technologies do not stand still. Everyone has the opportunity to purchase a TV with SMART TV feature. Such a device allows not only to watch TV shows, but also expands other possibilities.


  • social services;
  • message exchange;
  • visiting various sites;
  • listening to music;
  • View downloaded films.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

The most common way to connect TV technology to the Internet is a wireless connection, which is also known as the Wi-Fi module. However, in the process of operation, failures are often occurring, errors, and the signal at some point disappears. It is worth understanding more about why the TV is no longer connected to Wi-Fi, and that in such a situation should be done.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?


Manufacturers of new TVs provided the ability to connect to the Internet, which made the device more sought-after and functional. However, not everything is so smooth.

If there is a Wi-Fi receiver in the TV model parameters, but the technique refuses to catch the network, you should figure out the causes of the fault that has arisen and eliminate it. There are quite a few reasons, so it is worth considering them in more detail.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

Usually, to connect the TV to a wireless network, you need to find it in the settings, enter the password and activate the connection so. But often after entering the password on many devices, a message arises that the technique failed to connect to the network.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

The most common belongs to several reasons.

  • Device synchronization failures. To prevent a problem, it is recommended to restart the TV or router. It should not just turn off the equipment, but pull out the cords from the network.
  • Incorrect configuration of the router. If necessary, the problem can be solved with your own hands without resorting to the help of a specialist. It is worth paying attention to the fact that after any manipulations with the settings of the router, you must reboot it.
  • Error code “106”. Means no TV connection to the network. In this case, the TV can see the router, but it cannot be connected to it. It is recommended to check the performance of Wi-Fi on other devices.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

And also often TV while working starts to lose the network, disconnect from it. Download speed can fall sharply, but other devices are displayed to a normal connection.

The reasons for the occurrence of a similar phenomenon, consider them.

  1. Reset automatic update. This function is provided in some models of routers, so it is recommended to check the settings.
  2. Weak signal. The problem occurs when the TV is far from the router. Interference can also create large items or furniture located between the receiver and router. To improve the signal, it is recommended to change the position of the router or remove obstacles.
  3. Inappropriate range. The optimal indicator is the range of 5 GHz.
  4. Wrong settings. Sometimes there are incorrect settings for the features that need to be disabled to stop disappearing. The same can relate to the router.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

Another common problem occurring while the TV, which must be connected to the wireless network, is The emergence of the inscription “Wrong password”. It does not give the device to receive a signal. You can solve the problem if you look into the router settings.

An additional reason for the non-working Wi-Fi module is called breakdown router. If it is outdated in it, the new TV model will not be able to connect to the network. This situation will require access to a specialized center.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

Finally, no connection can be caused by breakdown of both devices.

In the case of the router, this may be the wrong settings that caused a malfunction, and the TV has a breakdown in the termination of the built-in module.

How to eliminate malfunctions?

Each problem requires an individual approach. Before trying to fix the breakdown, it is worthwhile to deal with what it is caused.

One of the common problems of the impossibility of connecting the TV to Wi-Fi is interference. To prevent their education, you need to install an adapter away from sources that interferes cause. Such sources can be:

  • microwave;
  • air conditioner;
  • smartphone.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

The second point to pay attention to whether the TV module supports a similar type of connection. If the device is not equipped with such a function, then the purchase of an additional network distributor may be required. It is important to select the adapter so that it can be combined with the TV model.

If compatible is all right, then you should check the module of the television device for faults. Diagram of definition of breakage may vary, it all depends on the model of the TV.

Consider the procedure on the example of the SAMSUNG technology.

  1. First you need to find out if other Wi-Fi devices see. You can determine this time, for example, using a telephone that has access to a wireless network.
  2. If everything is in order with the router, you will need to go to the TV settings and find the item “Support”. Here you need to select “Appeal to the TV” and look at the characters that stand in the address column. If zeros or dashing are presented in the form of characters, it means that the module does not work.

In this case, you should seek the help of specialists. If everything is in order with the module, it is recommended to reset the network settings and try to reinstall to the wireless network.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

How to set up a network?

On the screens of smart TVs, the network setting consists of a number of steps.

  1. The user includes a TV device network.
  2. On the main page, it presses the Info key, the output button in the menu and another key called Power. This displays it to the service menu.
  3. The third step lies in the transition to the “Options” section and the settings item. This item will need to click Factory Reset.
  4. After that, the owner of the TV turns off the device. After a few minutes it turns on it again, returning to the settings.
  5. In the settings, it re-introduces data, among which the name includes, PIN.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

On this procedure for throwing out settings is considered complete. If it did not give the desired result, then it is recommended to make three additional steps.

  1. Change the value of the DNS server in manual mode. Before performing this step, it is recommended to turn off the option called DHCP to the router.
  2. Click the sequence of keys and items: Control, Sub Option, Mute Time.
  3. Set the time to another channel 100 ms. It is worth noting that the time of 600 ms is set in automatic settings.

On this network setting is considered complete. In most cases, it is possible to solve the problem of connecting a television device to the Wi-Fi network and proceed to using the Internet.

If the fault is not eliminated, then it is recommended to look at the firmware condition.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

How to update the firmware?

So that SMART TV function correctly and could connect to Wi-Fi, you should check the software version that installed on it. If necessary, to eliminate possible errors and other problems, it is recommended to update the software by performing firmware.

There are two firmware update option:

  1. through the Internet;
  2. using a USB drive.

Since the first option is considered the most simple and understandable, it is worthwhile to learn the possibility of updating by using a flash drive. This will require:

  • Go to the site of the TV company;
  • Select the operated model;
  • Open support section;
  • go to the item with software;
  • Select a new version of software from the list of available firmware;
  • Download archive to a computer by pressing the appropriate link;
  • on the Create folder screen with the name of the new extension, place the download file in it;
  • Insert the drive to the TV.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

After that, the system immediately recognizes the firmware and suggest downloading the updated version. The user will only have to confirm the operation. It is worth paying attention to the fact that during the firmware update you can not turn off the TV, to prevent the emergence of unpleasant consequences.

If the electricity is expected, and the update process is already running, it is recommended to use an uninterruptible power supply.

Why the tv does not connect to wi-fi and what to do?

To correct the Wi-Fi connection problem, you can independently define the cause of its occurrence and deal in which there are factory options or troubleshooting.

How to connect the TV (LG, Philips, Sony, Samsung, etc.) to the Internet with Wi-Fi, see next video.

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