Why does the TV sees the HDMI cable and what to do about it?

Modern TVs have an HDMI connector. Under this abbreviation, you should understand the digital interface with high performance, which is used to transmit and exchanging the media content. Media content include photos, audio and videos, entertainment illustrations that can be viewed on a TV, transferring them to a laptop or computer using an HDMI cable. It happens that some users have difficulty in connecting HDMI. The reasons for incorrect cable work may be different. To eliminate them, you need to know how to do it.

If the HDMI cable is connected to the TV correctly, you can enjoy excellent sound and image.


In the event that the TV does not see the HDMI cable, information appears on its screen – the system writes “no signal”. Do not think that the connected wire is to blame – it may be quite well. An error can be allowed when connecting a cable to a television device. Diagnosis of possible causes should be carried out in a certain way.

  1. Spend an inspection of HDMI cable. Factory marriage although rarely, but still happens even at eminent manufacturers. Inspect the wire and check its integrity, and also pay attention to the plug part. With inaccient use, the wire or its contacts are damaged. It is possible to determine the performance of the HDMI cable if it is possible to install a similar device instead, in the correctness of which you are 100% sure.
  2. Determine the correctness of the source of the signal at the entrance. Take the remote control from the TV and go to the menu. Find the external login option, it will be indicated as Source or Input (source or input). In some teleceptives, the input point is marked simply the inscription HDMI. If you move on the menu on, you will see a list of possible entry options for connecting. Find the desired and activate the action by the OK or ENTER button. If you do everything for sure, the HDMI wire will start working.
  3. Determine the correct connection of the TV connection. When the teleexer executes the role of the monitor, when it is connected to the HDMI, the system finds it automatically. In the case when you synchronously want to connect the TV and a laptop, you will have to implement some settings. On the desktop of the laptop, go out in the “Screen Resolution” or “Graphic Specifications” menu (the menu depends on the Windows version) and then select the duplication option of two screens. The same can be done if you press the Fn and F4 keys at the same time (on some models F3).
  4. Determine whether the drivers are currently installed for the video card. Through the menu on the computer, find information about which version of the drivers from your video card, then go to the manufacturer’s website last and find there the latest updates. If your drivers are outdated, download and install a new version on your laptop or computer. In rare cases, the television receiver does not define an HDMI cable when it has an irrelevant Smart platform in the operating system.
  5. Test your laptop or computer for viruses or other malware. Sometimes a laptop infection can cause its incorrect work.
  6. Inspect the integrity of the HDMI port located on the TV panel and the laptop (or computer). In the process of multiple connections, the connectors may be damaged. Sometimes this port burns out if you connect the cable to the equipment running from the sockets, ignoring the rules for use.
  7. Some TVs of old models may not see HDMI cable Due to the fact that they do not have an additional power option on a video card operating with external devices.

Checking all possible causes of faults, you can take the next step aimed at eliminating.

What to do?

Consider the most often emerging problems when connecting a HDMI cable. Subject to the health of the equipment to eliminate them as difficult.

  • If the desired image appears on the TV screen, but there is no sound, it means that the option of activation of the external device (TV) of the audio stream is incorrectly configured on the computer. On the right side of the screen (bottom), locate the speaker icon. Go to the menu and locate the “Playback Device” option. Next you need to disable all devices except TV speakers. Then you will only learn to adjust the sound level.
  • TV vertex after the settings suddenly stopped identifying the HDMI cable. Such a situation happens if you changed something in previously connected equipment. For example, connected a new video card. TV with such actions in automatic mode reset the previously set settings, and now they will need to be made again.
  • The computer does not recognize the HDMI cable. To troubleshoot a malfunction, you will need to find the source of the signal output from your television receptionist. To make the TV and computer to see each other, you need to use the same version of the video card. For example, if devices worked with a video card V1.3, then with the graphics adapter of another version you can get the disappearance of the image. You can correct the situation with manual video card setup.

Modern models of TVs, as a rule, does not occur “conflicts” with new video cards, and the HDMI connection occurs correctly.

How to connect correctly?

To get a sound and image on the TV screen by transferring a media system from a computer to connect and configure equipment. Can cope with this task in several ways.

Setting up TV

If another device was connected to the TV mancher, another device was connected via the HDMI cable, most of the TV models cannot automatically find the signal source you need – computer. To do this, we have to manually enter the desired settings.

  • Laptop IL computer via HDMI wires are connected to a TV. Next you need to make sure that the contacts approached, the wire is intact, all connections are made correct.
  • Take the remote control of the TV and locate the HDMI, Source or Input designation button. By clicking on this button, we fall into the menu to select the connection source.
  • In the menu, select the HDMI port number (two), which is written on the TV case near the connector. To select the desired port, move the menu using the channel switch buttons, in some models of the TV books, this can be done by pressing numbers 2 and 8.
  • To activate the port, you need to click OK or ENTER, sometimes entering the “Apply” or Apply.

After completing these actions, both devices are connected, and you can see the image accompanied by a sound on the TV screen.

If the TV menu is arranged otherwise, you need to find the instructions and see how connecting to external devices using the use of HDMI wire.

Setting up a laptop (computer)

Incorrect configuration of computer equipment can also cause the HDMI connection remains inactive. The setup algorithm for the Windows operating system version 7, 8 or 10 consists of a series of consecutive steps.

  • Right-click Menu and locate the “Screen Settings” option or “Screen Resolution”.
  • Under the displayed screen and digit “1” you need to find the option “Detect” or “Find”. After activating this option, the operating system will find and plug in automatic mode TV.
  • Next you need to enter the menu “Displays Manager”, in this area perform the screen setting. If you have connected correctly, then next to the image of the screen and the digit “1” you will see the second same screen with the number “2”. If you do not see the second screen, check the connection order again.
  • In the “Display Manager” menu, we go to the options displaying the screen data with the number “2”. Your attention will be asked 3 options for developing events – you need to choose the “Duplicate” option, and you will see that the same images appeared on both screens. If you select the “Expand Screens” option, then the picture will run on two screens, and they will complement each other. When you select the “Display desktop 1: 2” option, the image will appear only on one of two screens. To view the media system, you need to choose the “Duplicate” option.

When choosing an image, you need to remember that the HDMI system allows content transmission only by means of a single-threaded connection, while performing the correct operation on one screen, for this reason, unnecessary duplicate devices (computer monitor) is recommended to disable or use the option “Display desktop 1: 2 “.

Updates for video card

Before connecting the HDMI system, it is recommended to refine the characteristics of the video card of your computer, since not all types of graphic adapters can support the transmission of content simultaneously by 2 displays. This information is contained in the documentation for the video card or computer. If the video card requires updating the drivers, then this can be done according to the algorithm.

  • Log in to the menu and find there “Control Panel”. We go to the “Display” option, then go to “small icons” and go to “Device Manager”.
  • Next, go to the “Video adapter” option, select the “Update Drivers” function. As a result of this action, the system will automatically start updating, and you will only have to wait for the end of the process.

To update the drivers, sometimes they download them from the Internet, going to the site of the official manufacturer of the video card. On the site you need to find the model of your adapter and download the software you need.

Ready to install on a computer, acting on the instruction-tip.

Removing computer viruses

Very rare, but it happens that the reason for the impossibility of connecting the HDMI system is viruses and malware. If you have tried all connection methods, but the result remained zero, you can clean the computer from the likely contamination. For this you need anti-virus paid or free program. The most common Kaspersky Anti-virus program, which has a free demo mode for a duration of 30 days.

  • The program is installed on a computer and start the check cycle.
  • To detect infection and eliminate it, choose the “Full Check” option. Suspicious File Detection Cycle may take several hours. Some files will delete the program yourself, while others will offer to delete you.
  • When the check cycle is over, you can try to connect the HDMI system again.

        The problems associated with connecting HDMI, the service equipment occurs quite rarely, and in the absence of mechanical damage to the cable or transmitting devices by settings, it is possible to fix the current situation.

        On how to connect a laptop to a TV on HDMI, see the following video.

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