Why does not turn on TV?

Like every household appliances, TV from time to time starts to clutch, it happens regardless of the period of its use. Sometimes users face that television equipment does not start, but the light indicator is lit, and the relay is passing, such symptoms are usually accompanied by many other manifestations of breakage.

Let us dwell on more about the reasons for which the device refuses to start, and what can be done in certain situations.


The TVs presented these days can be divided into several groups: liquid crystal, as well as plasma and kinecopic. Despite the fact that all of them have noticeable differences in design, dimensions and ways to output pictures on the screen, reasons that do not allow technique to work, in all cases are absolutely identical, they do not depend on the parameters of the television receiver.

Depending on the cause of the breakdown and the device model, the method of manifestation may vary a bit, But you can highlight common typical “symptoms” of faults.

  • When you hold the starting key directly on the TV panel or through the remote control, the light indicator stops shining smoothly and blinks – It explicitly testifies to the transition of technology from sleep mode into active working condition. However, after a few seconds at the moment when, with normal operation, the TV would be to boot and the image would be lit on the screen, it, nevertheless, does not work, and the light-index itself at this moment or continues to flash, or burns green. This suggests that the technique did not have a working condition and returned to his previous – duty.
  • When launching television equipment, the image does not appear, while the technique is beeps, and also whistles or even clicks. We draw a particular attention to the fact that such suspicious sounds should be proceeded only from the case, but not from speakers or speaker.
  • If the technique is intensively operated for many years, then periodically it starts to turn on and off. Over time, the frequency of interruptions with inclusion increases and is read up until the TV stops running at all.

If the light indicator on the panel glows, it means that the power of the control microcircuit is still coming.

In this case, the diagnosis need to start with the control of the console. Try to start working from the panel through the POWER button, it is usually located ahead – you should not exclude that the cause of the error may be associated with a malfunction of the most remote module itself.

The reasons why the remote has stopped sending signals to the TV, can be:

  • oxidation of contacts;
  • breakdown of an infrared sensor;
  • Sorted batteries;
  • There are too many dust and dirt on the surface of the console chip;
  • Some buttons are flooded and cannot be pressed;
  • The console was flooded with sweet tea or other liquid.

Usually the remote control can be repaired on their own or contact a specialized workshop. However, it is most often cheaper to buy a new.

    If the user pressed the option to turn on the equipment on the panel, but the technique is still not started, then, most likely, one of the more serious breakdowns arose. We will tell about them below.

    Exterior signs

    Let us dwell on the external signs of the breakdown of television equipment.

    Indicator burns

    If the TV does not start the first time, but at the same time the LED indicator flashes, therefore, the control module tries to diagnose the nature of the error. As a rule, the Red LED flashes a certain number of times – in this case, the user needs to take the instruction manual, find it in it with the designations of fault categories and the options for their indication. Based on the received informationAnd, you can already take some kind of actions to correct the situation.

    Another reason, Causeing such an unpleasant symptom happens when the TV connects to a PC as a monitor. In this situation, when the computer enters the dormant mode is either completely disabled, the TV at startup from the remote over 5-10 seconds the indicator flashes. Sometimes the TV can be the second monitor, and not the main one – in this option, you need to display a computer from Stand By state, that is, simply click on any key on the keyboard or just slightly move the mouse to start the activation. In fact, in such a situation, the TV works, only the picture on it is not transmitted from the PC.

    If the LED is on the LED, but the TV does not turn on, and at the same time you completely eliminated the possibility of breakage of the console, then there are various causes of breakage.

    Worked defense

    Usually, the TV starts, but after some time the screen goes out, however, the technique may not include at all. Most often, the cause of such interruption is the lack of electricity supply to the power supply. For example, it happens after the thunderstorm, the lightning strike is either the voltage jumps that led to turn off at the time when the TV was in sleep mode.

    In order to fix such a problem, You need to completely turn off the equipment from the network for several minutes, and you need to do this not by the button, namely, remove the plug out of the outlet. These measures will be more than enough to fully restore the functionality of television equipment in cases where the device does not turn on after an unexpected light shutdown in the house.

    If the stress interruptions are characteristic of your locality, it is worth using a Uzo or a stabilizer, and leaving the apartment, it is worth completely disconnecting the equipment from the outlet.

    Processor fault or control. Much more complex problem. Occurs when the TV contacts is closed, in this case he simply ceases to turn on.

    Keep in mind that any attempts to fulfill the repair work on their own most often finally remove the technique.

    In a situation where the TV does not start from the remote control, but the indicative light is not red, and green or blue, the causes of the error can be the interruptions of the management board. In this situation, you need to measure the voltage, and then test the correctness of the backlighting system.

    The indicator does not burn

    If the indicator does not shine at all, it is usually the cause of such a malfunction becomes lack of power, if only a lamp burned, the TV could function in its usual mode, but only the indication. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry before. To begin with, exclude those types of problems that can be corrected by our own, Moreover, in the overwhelming majority of cases, such a problem is caused by the most primitive reason, among them you can allocate the main.

    • Lack of current in the outlet. Shutdown can occur in a system circuit breaker, and perhaps there is a malfunction of the socket itself. Such a breakdown is determined using a special tester or the most standard indicator scolding. If the power is missing, then it is necessary to examine the machine – even when it is turned on, costs 2-3 times to pass around them. If it did not save the situation, then the problem should be found directly in the outlet – you can do it on your own or contact the electrical service.

    • Breakdown extension. In the event that the connection to the system is carried out through it, and the direct connection to the outlet gives the correct functioning of the TV, then surely the source of the problem is in it. If you have, you need to check the power button, and also a fuse – in any case to correct the problem, you will need a new workable device.

    • On the panel disabled “Network”. Almost all the varieties of modern TVs have such a button if it is disabled, it will not be possible to control the TV with the remote control – you will have to be manually activated the on / off option directly on the television panel.

    • Selected incorrect mode. The screen will be dim and after some time will go into sleep mode. In order for the image to be returned, you need to choose the option “TV” and enjoy watching your favorite TV series.

    • Detail failure. Most often it is a condenser either chip, less often – power module or control unit. Testing the functionality of nodes of television equipment should be entrusted to specialists who have the equipment needed for such diagnostics.

    • Flewing fuses. This is a very relevant problem for kinescopic type TVs. If the fuse is placed in an affordable area, then any person having minimal knowledge in the technique can always remove and replace the fuse independently.

    Ways to solve the problem

    If the TV unexpectedly stopped running due to the failure of the matrix or backlight, That may indicate the following breakdowns:

    • On the screen there are multi-colored or black and white stripes;
    • There is a sound, but the image is absent;
    • Based on the entire screen – the broken pixels are manifested themselves;
    • When the technique is turned on, the manufacturer’s logo is not displayed, only a black screen is visible.

    As a rule, the matrix stops working as a result of mechanical damage.

    It is impossible to restore the broken component, it is impossible to restore, in this case, it will be necessary to fully replace the part – Such a repair is extremely expensive and comparable with the purchase of new techniques.

    Processor breakdown

      All modern liquid crystal TVs in their work use a huge amount of all kinds of electronics, which is managed through a special module – a central processor. Any brave of even the most minor hardware nodes, as well as a short circuit in it leads to the fact that the technique completely ceases to turn on. It is impossible to cope with this problem on their own, since its decision requires deep technical knowledge and skills to work with electron microcircuits. It is more expedient in this case will contact the service of the Master.

      Failure failure

      The overwhelming majority of modern television representatives support the SMART TV option. So that the equipment worked correctly, from time to time you need to update its software. Interruptions in the process of installing a new package of updates lead to system errors that can manifest themselves in a wide variety of forms. One of them is the lack of the launch of the TV or its arbitrary reboot.

      To adjust this error, you should flash the module re.

      Fitting matrix with backlit. This malfunction is one of the most serious. The matrix and backlight can be broken even on the television equipment of the famous brands, about the occurrence of problems in this case, the presence of sound reproduction in the absence of pictures and the possibility of switching channels. At the very first stage of malfunction, it makes itself felt in the form of flashes dots and strips on the screen. The only reasonable way to restore this technique will be replaced by faulty parts.

      As we see, the reasons for which the TV does not turn on is the most different. In some cases, ordinary users can repair the technique by turning it off for a few minutes and turning on. If this minor functional failure occurred, as a rule, these measures are enough. But if the reason for the breakdown is a malfunction of a particular TV part, then you will need to repair, which can only be the service center wizard. Unfortunately, it is usually not suiced.

      About why the LG TV does not turn on, the diode is on the red, look next.

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