What to do if toner ended in the printer?

Many users face the situation when the toner lack of toner appears on the printing hardware. In this case, the notification may appear, even if the paint recently changed. In this case, it is important to understand the present reason and take appropriate actions. Consider possible options and find out what to do if toner ended in the printer.

How to determine?

Toner – This is a dispersed powder used in printers to apply symbols or images on paper. Many users call it just paint or ink. If the equipment writes “Replace Toner”, “no toner” or shows another similar notice, you should first find out what happened. The fact is that such an inscription does not always mean that there is little paint in the printer.

It is possible that the reason is a malfunction that needs to be eliminated.

If the powder really ends, the sensor is triggered, after which the technique appears on the screen notification. After that you can print no more than 200 sheets. The print will then be automatically blocked, even if the paint still does not finish. Therefore, it is impossible to slow.

Make sure the need to update toner can be paid attention to the print quality. In this case, the color becomes pale, and in places letters or fragments of images are not even printed. Can be used to check the number of the remaining paint Special computer program. If the printer has a button displaying the toner status data, you should press it. If the ink is behind a transparent case, it is even easier to estimate the situation.

If there are no refueling messages, but the print is not made, it follows To diagnose manually. To do this, go to the menu, find the “Devices and Printers” section and click the button displaying the paint status. If you need to update toner, you just need to fix the cartridge. If the ink is enough, it means that an error occurred.

Possible causes will be considered at the end of the article. Before you can learn how to pour paint to the printer.

How to change paint?

So, if the paint is ends in the printer, you need to add it.

  1. To begin with, turn off the printer from the outlet. It is important, otherwise, with random startup, some elements may be damaged.
  2. Prepare several newspapers for furniture protection, Floor and other surfaces from randomly caught paints. It will be impossible to wash it. And you will need a syringe, solvent, disposable gloves and a piece of fabric.
  3. Remove the cartridge. Fill in the paint Syringe. Open the plug and gently pour toner. Do it better slow to minimize the possibility of spilling. After replacing the ink, the cartridge should be put in place.

Some models suggest only Installing a new cartridge. In this case, just add paint to the old element and insert it back will fail. Will need to buy a new. It is important to consider the type of cartridges suitable for a particular printer.

To not be mistaken in choosing, you can record or take a picture of the marking of that element that needs replacing.

Possible problems

If the paint is available in a printer in sufficient quantity, perhaps there is some other problem.

Dried paint

If the printer does not use the printer, the toner can just dry. If you opened the case and made sure that it is so necessary to clean (twist an element in distilled water or flushing fluid, “cook” for 2-3 minutes or apply an ultrasonic bath method).

Incorrect installation of the cartridge

The device can “not see” toner if The cartridge is not so dirty contacts.

In this case, you just need to extract the element, wipe the contacts with a cotton disk and insert the detail back.

“NOTOR” cartridge

Some manufacturers do not allow installing other brands to be installed on the printer. In this case, an inexpensive analog will be identified by a special chip embedded in equipment. The printer will not work, and the user will see a message about the need to change toner. You can solve the problem with a flashing device, after which it will stop distinguishing cartridges.

Fault Copy Counter

False notification may appear if the data on the number of printed copies from the previous cartridge has been reset. In this case, you can go in two ways:

  • If there is a window on the lateral lid of the printer, which participates in the start of the reader, it is necessary to simply make an opaque tape;
  • If no windows, you should change the parameters in the equipment setting (there must be a button with the name “Reset Toner Counter” or something similar).

After executing the described actions, the “no toner” inscription should disappear, and the printer must start working in normal mode.

Problem with cartridge

If the container with a toner is damaged, it should be replaced with a new. Trying to take a cartridge or eliminate breakdown to another way.

If a suitable cartridge with sufficient toner is installed in the printer, all the faults listed above are missing, but the inscription on the lack of paint leaves anyway, you should contact the specialists.

Perhaps there is another problem, to eliminate which you will not succeed on your own.

Further watch the video on how to fix the cartridge.

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