What to do if the samsung TV does not connect to wi-fi?

Modern television receivers with the SMART-TV option make it possible not only to watch television, but also use the Internet. As a result, the TVs turned into multifunctional devices. In order to fully use the telephoneials with the Smart-TV function, you need to connect to the global network. The easiest way to access the Internet is through a router. As a rule, there are no problems with this. But it may be so that the television receiver is not connected to Wi-Fi. Allow this task for the most part on your own. The main thing is to detect the reason for the appearance of a malfunction and eliminate it.

Why not catch a signal?

One of the main difficulties with which the owners of SAMSUNG Smart TV TV receivers are found, is the problem with connecting to the Internet. And if when connecting a television transfer to the network on the cable, everything functions stable, then with the connection via Wi-Fi difficulties. For example, often users complain that there is no Wi-Fi in the SAMSUNG TV receiver settings, it does not see (not looking for, does not find) Wireless networks or not connecting to Wi-Fi.

In some episodes, after connecting to the router, Samsung’s SMART TV receiver does not have access to the network in the browser and applications. This is an error connection to the server or the Internet (“missing network connection”, “Network is not connected”) in various applications.

Moments happen when, for example, the Internet disappeared only in YouTube, or the site pages are not opened in the TV receiver browser, or the Internet worked and suddenly stopped.

When we are talking about connecting over a wireless network, you need to conscious that The reason for any difficulty may be not only a television receiver, but also a router. SAMSUNG connection procedure itself to Wi-Fi is very simple. First of all, you need to make sure whether there is a Wi-Fi in your TV bookfress. In a multitude of Samsung TV models (usually old) with the SMART TV option, there is no integrated Wi-Fi block. To the network such devices can be connected or through External USB receiver (branded, solely from Samsung) or by Ethernet cable.

How to connect to wi-fi?

To make the TV to work with a router, in its network settings Riquid parameters must be exhibited. If we talk about a wired connection with a router, then you need to check the accuracy of the entered (or automatically installed) IP addresses, the main gateway, DNS server and subnet masks. With a wireless connection, in addition to the above parameters, you need to make sure that there is a connection to the Wi-Fi network, for which you need a password.

All modifications of Smart-TV SAMSUNG are configured approximately similar. Only the order of logging in to the necessary settings through the menu. Consider a number of examples.

Auto-tuning connections on Smart-TV

In the form of a sample Take a samsung television to-series. To configure a wireless connection in authors on it, you do not need to enter an IP address and other network parameters, you only need to make several actions.

  • Log in in the settings menu by means of the remote control or buttons on the TV case.
  • Open the “Network” tab in the left domain of the settings menu.
  • Select “Network Setup” in the window that opens.
  • If it is installed that the TV is connected to the network via the network cable, in the drop-down menu “Select Network Type” you need to select “Cable”, after that the setting will end. When the wireless connection is used, the “Wireless” is specified.
  • The TV book will need a certain time to find available wireless networks. At the end of the scanning on the television screen will appear available for connecting Wi-Fi. Choose your network.
  • If the TV receiver has not previously connected to the Wi-Fi network, you will need to enter it on the next page of the connection settings.
  • Put a tick near the “Show password” so as not to imagine when entering the password from the Wi-Fi network.
  • If the password is correct, and the TV and / or the router function normally, a message about a safe connection to the Wi-Fi network will appear on the television.
  • That there is a connection to the network, will indicate the icon in the top area of ​​the screen. If between the icon with the planet pattern and the router icon there is a connecting line (orange points), it means that the TV has access to the network. Setup completed.

Setting in authoreme is possible only when a DHCP server is connected on the router (option that allows you to connect to the Internet without the need to enter network parameters).

    If the DHCP server is not turned on, it can be activated, for which it will be necessary to reconfigure the router. You can correct the situation by setting the parameters of the TV receiver network in manual mode.


    Consider an example of configuring Wi-Fi connection on Samsung Smart-TV UE-series.

    • Open the menu of the television settings menu, go to the “Network” tab, then select the “Network Setup” section.
    • Choose in the next window “Next”.
    • If the TV connects to the Internet by means of a cable, from the list “Selecting a network connection type” Select the Cable item. If the connection occurs by Wi-Fi, select “Wireless. (general) “, then click on the” Next “button.
    • A list of available networks will appear on the television. Choose your own.
    • In the next window, we enter a password from Wi-Fi, click “Next” to connect.
    • If the TV receiver is able to get network settings from the router, a window with information will appear.
    • If in the “IP address” fields, a “subnet mask”, “gateway” and “DNS server” values ​​are prescribed, simply click the “Next” button to complete the connection settings. With a different event development, click the “IP Settings” button to make appropriate network parameters manually.
    • In the next window in the “IP Mode” menu, specify the “manual” parameter. On the television, fields will appear with network parameters.
    • All fields will need to be filled according to the router settings. They can be seen, for example, in the properties of the network connection on a PC or a smartphone connected to the same router. Make the same settings to the television receiver, excluding the IP address (you need to change the last number).

    Universal troubleshooting methods

    Due to the difference in the modifications of TV receivers, emerging problems can be solved in different ways. However There are universal ways.


    Similar option There is not in all modifications of television receivers from Samsung. In more modern models it comes across. To reset the system, you need to open the General section in the menu and go to the Network item. After that, you need to find the “Reset Settings” option and run it. After such a command, the TV will return to the factory settings. After completed procedures, it will be necessary to check Internet access to the Internet.

    Important! After the settings are reset, the system must automatically disable the television receiver.

    In case such a similar thing happened, need to do it manually. Before starting to operate the TV again, it will be preferable if it stands for some time (approximately 10 minutes) in the off state. Subsequently, you can check Internet access.

    Full data reset

    Additional reception, To implement reset settings – go to the support section. Then you need to go to self-diagnosis and log in to the “Reset” menu. Sometimes the system may request the password introduction. As a rule, it is 0000.

    Another discharge method – Through the SMART HUB Self-Diagnosis menu. In certain modifications, the option is written specifically in this way. The main problem is that reset opportunities are directly depending on the type of model of the television receiver. Described them all within the boundaries of one article is not possible.

    Region Change (WiFi Region)

    Is carried out by the SAMSUNG television receiver service menu. There is an opinion that changing the letter in the settings of WiFi Region will assist solving the problem and resume the work of the Internet. This information is not yet verified. Therefore, if the user still decided to apply a similar way, he needed not to forget about potential problems. First of all, you will need to open a television receiver service window. For Smart-TV, this happens in the following way:

    • The device is turned on;
    • One of the versions of the known combinations for opening the corresponding window is applied: Press the buttons (without lingering) “info” – “MENU” – “MUTE” – “POWER” (performed exclusively in the specified sequence) or press the keys (without lingering) “Menu” – “1” – “8” – “2” – “Power” (necessarily in such a sequence);
    • After the window appears, the user needs to go to the “Control” menu;
    • find WiFi Region item and put in it Literature A.

    Important! It is impossible to say with complete confidence that the replacement of the letter will give the necessary result.

      Only some users confirmed that it was suitable for them. This menu is unwanted to look just like this – out of curiosity.

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