What printer is better – laser or jet?

Quite often, users going over to buy a unique printer, confused in a wide range of printing office equipment. And the most interesting thing is that no one thinks in advance about the operational requirements for information conclusion devices, because of which they are lost, occasionally in a variety of functions and parameters of printers. Trades consultants, wanting to help the client, ask leading questions. Thus, it turns out to determine the type of the required printer, namely: inkjet or laser.

Description of types of printers

Users going on the printer or multifunction device pursue different goals.Photographers professionals Interested in the principle of high-quality printing images on paper of different textures and density. A similar requirement is advanced Photo laboratories and studios. The search for a printer for office operation is made according to several criteria, including the CHAR option, print speed, cartridge capabilities.

Nevertheless, most consumers stop their choice on universal models that can print both black and white documents and color images of different sizes.

Printers created to execute a small list of tasks do not cause any questions. You can find them at any point of sales office equipment. But the universal models of printers and MFFs with special characteristics will have to search. It is worth noting that such a kind of printers in the people is called “Combine”, since it presents modes of several devices at once, for example: xerox, printer, scanner and even fax. However, the presence of so many possibilities significantly increases the cost of the device. To work in the office, the printer must have a high print speed, scanning and copying information.

For professional designers, an important aspect of choice – high quality of the displayed color species images, which will easily provide a laser printer. For applicants who have to constantly prepare essays, draw up abstracts, make coursework and thesis, fit inkjet models MFP, capable of displaying textual and graphical information on paper.

For home operating Mandatory requirement is the printout of documents and any other text information, such as books or magazines. So, it is worth considering universal models with the required modes of work.

Deciding with the basic objectives of operation, you can understand what kind of printer is to consider: inkjet or laser. At first glance, it may seem that the difference between them is only in the supply of paint, but this is not so.

Only a detailed description of each species will help to know their similarities and differences.


The inkjet look of the printer is considered the most demanded worldwide. The presented models entered the daily life of a person thanks to the ability to derive color images. Having established such a device at home, the need to contact photosallons for filling the family photo album disappeared.

Next, it is proposed to get acquainted with the features of the work of inkjet printers. In familiar to all Matrix models The image is applied on a paper media by painting tapes and fine needles. Construction of inkjet models equipped with special elements called Duza. They are tiny holes. Consider them only under a magnifying glass or microscope. They are located in the printhead near the ink container. It is through these holes that the painting composition falls on the paper carrier. Each drop ink is negligible in volume. It is possible to compare it only with a thickness of the human hair.

If you take a printed image and put it under a powerful microscope, it turns out to consider that each element of the picture is complicated from a plurality of point drops. Under dunes, tiny holes, cavities are located, where ink drops are sent.

In the inkjet models of the printer, you can meet several ways to extrude ink from the cartridge.

  • Piezoelectric pressure method. Over the Duza there is a piezocrystall feeding with electric shock. After the voltage is supplied, the piezoelement changes its position: either lengthened, either pulls out. In the occurrence of pressure, drops of coloring substances are formed, extruded on paper carrier. Piezoelectric pressure system is economical and at the same time very reliable.
  • Thermal pressure method. In the models of inkjet printers, where this pressure technique is used, the process of education drops is built somewhat differently. The design is present a miniature heating element that issues the maximum temperature of 100 degrees. With this heating in the ink liquid, gas bubbles are formed, they also pushed drops through dubs on paper. This method of pressure allows you to display a paper on a few seconds. However, the print head due to rapid heating very often fails.

There is another feature of the inkjet printers concluded in the ink storage method.

  • Built-in paint tanks. Capacity is located inside the printed head, respectively, to replace the coloring agent, it is necessary to change the entire design.
  • Separate tank with ink. In these structures, the printer’s printer is filled with a coloring element using a capillary network. And to replace the cartridge there is no need to fully disassemble the device.


Laser printers involve a printout of information of multi-colored and black and white. As a coloring substance used Dry toner. The main detail of the design of the printers of the type under consideration is photosensitive photored. Externally, it resembles a cylinder made of metal with a semiconductor coating that is sensitive to light. It is based on the principle of operation of laser devices.

Photoraban can have a positive or negative charge. This indicator depends on the coronator. To be clearer, the coronator is a tungsten wire with a spraying of gold or platinum. Under the influence of the current, the charge occurs, a magnetic field affecting the photo washed.

In some models of laser printers instead of a coronator, a charging shaft is used. This is a metal rod, the surface of which is covered with rubber or foam material. And they, as you know, are excellent conductors.

Having understood with the structure of laser type printers, you can get acquainted with the step-by-step algorithm of his work.

  1. Laser and mirror optics create a sequence to display documents. Laser beam is fixed at a certain point where the charging changes. These points create an image.
  2. There is a contact between the magnetic shaft and the photo, and the required amount of ink occurs.
  3. Toner is fixed on charged sections of the photobraban.
  4. Under the drum placed paper sheet. Through small time intervals, the toner is applied on paper.
  5. After the first paper processing, the toner sheet is sent to the thermal furnace compartment, where heating is heated to a temperature of 200 degrees.
  6. After processing a sheet of high temperature, the image is sent to the tray for information output.
  7. In case of color printing, this process occurs 4 times. Speaking with simple words, a four-color toner is applied.

Comparison of advantages and minuses

On laser printers, the charge of the drum surface occurs under the sign “+”. The coloring powder is poured out of the cartridge in the process of its rotation, focusing only at the positive points. Next, the paper passes a certain processing inside the printer’s design, after which the finished pattern is made.

Next, it is proposed to get acquainted with the benefits of laser devices:

  • low cost of one printed page;
  • Fast application of paper on paper;
  • the possibility of printing of text materials of large volume;
  • ease of operation of the device at elevated loads;
  • no need to produce frequent refilling cartridges;
  • The coloring composition of finished images is not subject to negative impact of moisture;
  • Laser printers can print any information on paper of different density, textures and quality.

Along with the advantages of laser printers, there are some drawbacks:

  • high device price;
  • great power consumption;
  • the inability to serve the cartridge at home;
  • Toner is harmful to health, which is required to ventilate the room during operation.

Insert type printers applied Head with paint. The image itself is obtained from a set of miniature points. Next, it is proposed to consider the advantages that the fans of inkjet printers appealed:

  • low price compared to laser devices;
  • Low power consumption – speaking with simple words, the inkjet printer spend 10 times less than the electric resource, rather than laser;
  • All inkjet models are equipped with a cartrider, thanks to which you can print information from removable media;
  • high quality color images;
  • The coloring composition is not harmful to human health;
  • Wide assortment series, differing in design and color scheme.

But even inkjet models have certain disadvantages:

  • high price of each printed pages;
  • the need for frequent replacement of the cartridge;
  • With rarely using the ink device dry;
  • slowness of the output of each individual sheet;
  • Paint printed images is subject to negative impact of moisture.

Comparing between the dignity and disadvantages, you can decide which office equipment is better to purchase for personal purposes, and which is suitable for office use.

Differences in the main characteristics

Before considering which differences between embedded and laser printers are, it is proposed to get acquainted with a table in which a brief information is present with the difference in technical characteristics that can be compared with each other.

Laser printer

Jet printer

High Print Speed



Susceptibility of high-quality paper



Availability of double-sided printing



Print duplex

“+”; “-“


Long service life



Low price of the 1st imprint



Low cost device



Small size



Low power consumption



Quality glossy seal



Easy operation



First of all it is necessary to meet with price policy difference. According to the average indicators, decent inkjet printers can be found within 6-7 thousand. rub. But laser devices that support solely black and white print format have a price of about 9000 rubles. A laser device that also performs color printing is much different at cost, which fluctuates in the range of 15-20 thousand. rub.

Of course, such a price ratio makes consumers pay attention to inkjet models, but if you do further counting, it becomes clear that a one-time contribution to the road laser printer will be more profitable.

To understand what we are talking about, It is necessary to consider the cost of consumables. The original inkjet printer cartridge is able to print 30 color images or 400 sheets of black and white text. Laser printer cartridge is able to withdraw 150 color images and 1300 pages of black and white text material. At the same time, the cost of the cartridge for the inkjet system varies in the range of 500-600 rubles., Cartridges for laser printer cost 200-250 rubles.

See a huge difference when printing black and white information is almost impossible. That laser that inkjet printers are coping with this task without any problems. But if you consider the printing of color photos and images, then the inkjets have high superiority. And this is due to the fact that the ink of the liquid consistency is more intensely mixed between themselves, thereby ensuring: a wide variety of color palette, high drawing and detailing.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of the new cartridge for inkjet models of printers is approximately 500-600 rubles. It is present in it about 13 ml of coloring substance. When the ink end, you can purchase a new cartridge, however, in order to save it, it is preferable to make refueling of old containers. But unfortunately, Frequent reference of the cartridge negatively reflected on the print quality.

If the inkjet printer costs for a long time, ink dry. Respectively, have to acquire new cartridges. However, dried ink is not the worst. Much more serious if not only the coloring substance dries out, but also printhead, repair of which is very expensive pleasure. To avoid this, you need to make a color image output at least once a week.

For laser printers, the cost of a new cartridge is 200 rubles. At the same price Request refueling. With a long-term stitching device, the coloring substance does not dry, as it has a powder view. Some believe that it is possible to produce the refueling of the old cartridge alone, but it is not. It is important to observe precautions, as the toner is toxic and harm to human health.

Therefore, the master necessarily puts on gloves and makes refueling the cartridge in a well-ventilated room.

In the issue of environmental friendliness, inkjet printers wins laser models. Because of the high toxicity, the coloring agent, hitting the skin and mucous membrane, can cause an allergic reaction. If you breathe a small amount of dry paint, you can apply great harm to all health. In addition, when heated toner, ozone is allocated – a substance capable of imparting irreparable harm to health. Laser printers must be installed in the ventilated rooms. But the coloring stuff of inkjet models does not affect human health.

The volume of built-in memory from modern models of printers (inkjet and laser species) is quite high. If the indicator is 32 MB, it is impossible to guarantee the quality of the printed image.

The printing block of the laser printer works several times faster and better than in inkjet models. Unfortunately, in appearance to distinguish laser printers from inkjet models it is impossible. Both have a beautiful strict design that hides a unique printing “stuffing”.

Based on the information provided, to say exactly what printer is better, impossible. Both devices have both positive and negative sides.

The user before going off for the purchase of the office equipment provided, it is necessary to determine how the tasks should cope with the device, weigh everything for and against and after that, make decisions in favor of a particular design.

Which to choose?

Rules for selecting printers of a species of the same. The main thing is that the user needs to determine in advance with the basic requirements for the device.

  1. It is necessary to stop your choice on well-known brands that have long proven themselves from the best side. Do not buy a printer, liked in appearance, it is important to get acquainted with its technical characteristics.
  2. It is necessary to carefully read the manufacturer’s warranty conditions, as well as check the list of service centers in their city.
  3. It is necessary to find out the cost of spare parts for the printer and consumables in advance. It is important that the price of the question is not higher than the cost of the device itself.
  4. The factory package shows data with the maximum number of implications in a month. If a monthly printe is made 5-6 thousand. pages worth paying attention to devices that are withdrawing to 7 thousand. Sheets.
  5. When buying a printer, you should consider models with the necessary functions. Thus, do not have to overpay for unnecessary options.
  6. As you know, to refer to the cartridges of complex structures of printers, it is necessary to call a specialist what “strikes” on the wallet. To preserve the family budget, it is preferable to take a model where you can independently do ink refueling.
  7. For home it is more profitable to consider inkjet printers. They are more economical and acceptable to maintain. For office, professional photo studios recommended to take laser models.

                Choose the perfect printer model is easy, the main thing is to determine what purpose it is intended. If you need only black and white printout, it is worth considering laser samples. For color images will suit inkjet.

                Video about what better to choose a printer, look next.

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