What is MFP with continuous ink feed and how to choose it?

Nowadays, printing various files and materials has long become extremely common phenomenon, which allows you to significantly save time and often finances. But not so long ago, in jet printers and MFPs had a problem with the rapid cost of the cartridge resource and the constant need to refuel it.

Now very popular MFPs with SNPH, that is, with continuous ink feed. This allows you to significantly increase the resource of the use of cartridges and reduce the amount of rewrong, which does not matter any comparison with conventional cartridges. Let’s try to figure out what kind of devices it is and what are the advantages of working with a system of this type.

What it is?

SSRs is a special system that is mounted on the printing device of the inkjet type. Such a mechanism is set to supply ink to the printhead from special tanks. Accordingly, such tanks can be easily fill in ink, if there is a need.

The design of the SSRC is usually included:

  • silicone loop;
  • ink;
  • cartridge.

It should be said that such a system with a built-in reservoir by volume significantly exceeds the usual cartridge.

For example, its container is only 8 milliliters, and the CNSH is 1000 milliliters. Naturally, this means that with the described system, you can print a much larger number of sheets.

Pros and cons

If we talk about the benefits of printers and MFPs with the system of continuous ink supply, then The following factors should be called:

  • relatively low pricing price;
  • simplifying the service that entails an increase in the resource of the device;
  • The presence of high pressure in the mechanism significantly improves the print quality;
  • Reducing the cost of maintenance – the need for constant acquisition of cartridges disappears;
  • Check ink required less frequently;
  • The presence of a mechanism of air filters makes it possible to prevent the appearance of dust in ink;
  • The multichannel cable of an elastic type allows to extend the life of the entire mechanism;
  • The payback of such a system is noticeably higher than that of ordinary cartridges;
  • Reducing the need for print heads.

But there is practically no disadvantages of such a system. Can be called perhaps the likelihood of paint overflow when transferring the device. And considering that it is often not necessary to do this, such a possibility is minimal.

Where applies?

Automatic ink feeding devices can be used in various fields. For example, Color print models are perfect for use at home, where you want to print photos and sometimes documents. In general, for photo printing such devices will be the most correct solution.

Also, they can be used In professional photo studies to get really high-quality images. They will be an excellent solution for the office, where there is almost always a stamp of a large number of documents. Well, in the thematic business, such devices will be indispensable. It is about creating posters, decorating envelopes, manufacture booklets, color copying or printing with digital media.

Rating the best models

Below is the top models of the MFP, which are currently presented in the market and are the best solutions for the price and quality ratio. Any of the models presented in the ranking will be an excellent solution for both office and home use.

Brother DCP-T500W Inkbenefit Plus

There are already built-in ink tanks that are reissued. The model has not very high print speed – only 6 color pages in 60 seconds. But the print photo is characterized by the highest quality, which can be called almost professional.

One of the distinctive features of the model is the presence of a self-cleaning mechanism that works completely silently. When working Brother DCP-T500W Inkbenefit Plus consumes only 18 W.

Printing from the phone is possible due to the presence of Wi-Fi, as well as special software from the manufacturer.

It is important that there is a good scanning module and a printer that have excellent resolution parameters. In addition, the feed tray is inside the MFP, due to which dust does not accumulate in the device and unauthorized items can not.

Epson L222

Another MFP worthy of attention. It is equipped with a built-in SSR, which makes it possible to print a large number of materials, the cost of which will be low. For example, one refueling is enough to print 250 photos in size 10 to 15. It should be said that the maximum image resolution is 5760 by 1440 points.

One of the distinctive features of the specified MFP model is Pretty high print speed. For color printing, it is 15 pages in 60 seconds, and for black and white – 17 sheets for the same time interval. At the same time, such intensive work is the cause of noise. By the cons of this model can also be attributed No wireless connection.

HP pagewide 352dw

No less interesting model MFP with SRSH. In its characteristics, this device is similar to laser variants. Here the print head is applied to the entire width of A4 format, which allows you to produce 45 sheets of color or black and white image per minute, which is a pretty good result. At one refueling, the device can print 3500 sheets, that is, the capacity of tanks is enough for quite a long time.

Model with double-sided seal or so-called duplex. This became possible thanks to the extremely large resource of the printed head.

Here are also provided wireless interfaces, which significantly expands the use of the device and allows you to print images and documents remotely. By the way, this provides a special software.

Canon Pixma G3400

Detention device equipped with continuous ink feed system. One refueling is enough for printing 6000 black and white and 7000 color pages. File resolution can be up to 4800 * 1200 DPI. The highest print quality causes its very low speed. Color images per minute the device can print only 5 sheets.

If we talk about scanning, it is carried out With the speed of printing sheet A4 for 19 seconds. It also presents Wi-Fi, which allows you to use the function of wireless printing of documents and images.

Epson L805

Pretty good device at the ratio of value and quality. It came to shift the L800 and received a wireless interface, Pleasant Design and Increased Fiction Details with 5760×1440 DPI indicator. The SSRC function is already built into a special block that is attached to the body. The tanks are specifically made transparent so that it is easy to see the ink level in the tanks and add them if necessary.

Print over a wireless interface can be Using a mobile application called Epson Iprint. According to user reviews, the cost of printed materials here is very small.

In addition, the EPSON L805 model has a lot of settings and is easy to maintain. It will be an excellent choice for home use.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 419

Another MFP model that deserves the attention of users. This is an excellent choice for applying at home. There is an option SHRCH, built into the case, modern wireless interfaces, a liquid crystal screen. The model is characterized by a very low level of noise while working. If we talk about the maximum resolution of black and white materials, then the value will be equal to 1200×1200 DPI, and in color materials – 4800×1200 DPI.

For wireless printing, there is an HP Smart application, and when printing via the Internet – EPRINT application. HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 also mark the convenient mechanism of ink fill, which does not allow overflow.

Epson L3150

This is a new generation device that provides the highest reliability and maximum ink savings. Equipped with a special mechanism called Key Lock, which provides excellent protection against accidental ink strait when refueling. Epson L3150 can easily connect with mobile devices through the use of Wi-Fi technology without applying a router. This makes it possible not only to scan, but also print photos, follow the status of ink, change the printing parameters of the files and make a number of other things.

The model is equipped with pressure control technology in containers, which makes it possible to get a wonderful print with a resolution up to 5760×1440 DPI. All component EPSON L3150 elements are made of high-quality materials, making a manufacturer with 30000 printing warranty.

Users rate this model as extremely reliable, which is suitable not only for applying at home, but will be a good solution for use in office conditions.

How to choose?

It should be said that the right choice of a device of this type is very important, because it makes it possible to choose such a MFP that the owner’s demands will be as much as possible and will be easy to maintain. Let’s try to figure out how to choose an MFP with SSRC for home use, as well as for use in the office.

For home

If we need to choose a MFP with SSRC for home, you should pay attention to the various nuances to have and saving money, and the convenience of using the device was maximum. In general, it is recommended to take into account the following criteria.

  • You should make sure that the model you chose gives you the opportunity not only to produce black and white, but also color printing. After all, at home often have to work not only with texts, but also print photo. However, if you are not going to do something like this, then overpay the money for it simply makes no sense.
  • The following point – availability of a network interface. If it is, then several family members can connect to MFP and print what they need.
  • The size of the device is also important, because too a bulky solution for using the house is simply not suitable, it will take a lot of space. So at home you need to use something small and compact.
  • Pay attention to the type of scanner. It may be tablet and long. Here you need to take into account, with what materials family members will work.

You should also clarify an important point about color printing. The fact is that simple models usually have 4 different colors. But if at home often work with photos, it will be better to give preference to the device where more than 6 colors are provided.

For office

If you need to choose an MFP with CSS for office, then It will be better to use devices where pigment inks are used. They allow you to better propagate a large number of documents and are not so affected by water, because of what the ink time will not be fused and there will be no need to redo the documents.

An important characteristic is the speed of printing. For example, if you want to print a large number of different files, it is better to choose devices with a high indicator, which will significantly reduce the print time. Normal will be an indicator of 20-25 pages per minute.

Another important point for the office – Print resolution. It will be enough to resolve 1200×1200 DPI. If we are talking about photographs, then the models of various manufacturers have permission to vary, but the most common indicator is 4800 × 4800 DPI.

About the configuration of colors has already been mentioned above, but for the office of models with 4 colors will be more than enough. If the office is required to print images, it will be better to purchase a model with 6 colors.

The following criteria for which you want to pay attention is performance. It may vary from 1000 to 10,000 sheets. It is already necessary to focus on the volume of documentation in the office.

An important feature for office use MFP with SRSH – the size of the sheets you can work with. Modern models allow you to work with different paper standards, and the most common is A4. In rare cases, it may be necessary to work with the size of the paper A3. But buying models with the possibility of working with larger formats for the office is not very appropriate.

Another indicator – the volume of the ink tank. What it will be more, the less it will have to re-install. And in office conditions, when a large amount of material is required, it can be extremely important.

How to use it?

Like any complex technique, MFP with SNSH should be used in compliance with certain norms and requirements. We are talking about the following points.

  • Capacities with ink turning over should not.
  • When transporting the device you need to observe maximum caution.
  • The equipment must be protected from the impact of high humidity.
  • Cheating ink should be made exclusively using a syringe. And for each pigment, it must be separate.
  • Cannot be allowed sharp temperature differences. It is best to use a multifunctional device of this type at a temperature of +15 to +35 degrees.
  • The continuous ink supply system should be placed on the same level with the device itself. If the system is located above the MFP, then the ink can pour out through the cartridge. If it is installed below, then there is a chance of air from entering the head nozzle, which will result in a damage of the head due to the fact that the ink is simply dried.

In general, how you can make sure to purchase high-quality MFP with continuous ink feed will not be difficult. The main thing is to pay attention to the mentioned criteria, and you will definitely choose a good MFP with SSR, which will satisfy your needs as much as possible.

MFP with SRSH for home presented in the video further.

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