What is a stabilized moss and how to care for him?

    Not only artificial decorative elements are used to decorate the house or apartment, but those who were created by nature are used. One of these examples is a stabilized moss.

    What it is?

    Stabilized Moss is a natural element that is used in decorative purposes for the design of residential and work premises. His feature is that all biological processes were stopped in artificial way. Therefore, it does not grow, will not dry and maintain its external attractiveness for a very long time.

    Decorative Moss has its advantages:

    • It looks attractive and saves a bright color throughout the service life;
    • The production of stabilized MCH does not harm nature;
    • The material is absolutely eco-friendly and harmless for both people and animals;
    • Unlike the living moss, he does not need practically in any additional care.

    But such a number of advantages does not mean that this material has no deficiencies. First of all, it is worth noting that the stabilized moss should be stored in special conditions. It is not suitable for too bright rooms or rooms with high humidity. If you store it in such a place, the service life of the MHA will be shrinking.

    For what is used?

    Decorative Moss Used For decorating various rooms. It makes large green panels and pictures on the walls, original crafts and compositions for home and office. But this material is applied not only for landscaping.

    It can perform some more important functions.

    • Soundproofing. MCH has a very dense texture, so it is a good sound insulation material. It absorbs sounds even better than wool products, for example, carpets. Therefore, it can be used to design walls or partitions in the house, office or cafe.
    • Heat insulation. The material is also great for decorations that need additional insulation. Plus the stabilized moss as a heater is that it is not formed by mold due to temperature drops.
    • Moisturizing air. Another unique feature of MCH is that it is able to stabilize the level of humidity in the room. If it is too low, this material is able to raise it to a comfortable level for a person. In addition, it can also absorb excess moisture. That is why the decorative panels decorated with moss are used in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
    • Air condition. Stabilized Moss cleans the air perfectly. For half an hour, it neutralizes more than 80% of odors. In addition, dust does not settle on panels or paintings. This makes this material ideal for allergy.

    Summing up, we can say that the jewelry from MCH is not just a decorative item, which will look good in any room, but also a great way to make the atmosphere in the room cleaner.

    Review of varieties

    To create products from this material, various types of decorative moss are used.


    This material is most affordable. Plasty moss is different Flame mass. It is usually used for wall decor. Also, the material can serve as a backdrop for a circular panel. Products from the reservoir moss are recommended to choose to decorate a bathroom and other rooms with high humidity.

    Reindeer moss

    This is the most popular kind of moss, which is used for decor. It is also known as “Deer Moss”. Its main difference is a fluffy and bulk structure. Mahl is mined mainly in Norway, growing it on special farms. This material has a number of advantages. He is soft, pleasant to the touch, elastic, easily absorbs unpleasant odors and is being repaired. By minuses include the fact that with improper care, it will quickly dry and crumbs.


    As it is clear from the name, this moss has a convex niccock structure. It is used To create volumetric compositions. It is perfectly attached to the surface and is well suited for forming relief paintings. The main drawback of the Kochkovoy Moss is its high cost. That is why it is not so often used for decor.

    For the decor of the rooms you can use both one type of moss and somewhat immediately.

    How to kp?

    There are two main ways to install a stabilized moss. First, it can be attached directly on the wall. In this case, high-quality Termoklay. In order for moss reliably fixed on the wall, it must be held for just a few seconds. The obvious minus of this method is that glue is toxic material. In addition, such a composition spoils the structure of the wall.

    Therefore, having decided to make repairs in the room and get rid of the panel, you will have to do the restoration of the walls.

    Secondly, moss can be consolidated on special plywood panels. In this case, the wall will remain unharmed. The picture will be still good. Stick moss on the panel yourself, and then attach the panel to the wall of the dowels will not be difficult.

    How to care for moss?

    In order for the products from the stabilized moss to be served as long as possible, they need to provide good care. To do this, you need to stick to simple rules.

    • First of all it is worth remembering that this materialAfraid of high humidity. Therefore, it is categorically impossible to water or spray from the sprayer. It is also possible to place decorative parts decorated with stabilized moss, indoors, where the level of humidity exceeds 70%.
    • Stabilized Moss is suitable only for home decoration or apartment from within. It is impossible to use it on the street; there he will not last and a few weeks. For decor of the room outside it is worth choosing some other materials.
    • Care for moss it is necessary very neat. In no case can not be wiped with a panel with a damp cloth or a napkin. It is also prohibited to use chemicals. They can significantly damage natural material.
    • Moss does not need additional processing. It does not need to wipe or fertilize – all the necessary substances it takes directly from the air. In addition, since it is actually in sleep mode, it does not need to trim it.
    • In addition to moisture, this decorative material is afraid and high temperatures. In a dry and hot room, products from this material will lose their elasticity. It is unacceptable to store decorations next to the instruments such as fans, hoods, heaters or batteries. You can return the soft texture, slightly sprinkling it with water mixed with a small amount of glycerol.
    • If the drawing from the moss was damaged and some parts were tremended, the situation is easy to fix. Just just replace these details new. The picture will remain as attractive.

    If you follow these simple rules, the stabilized moss will be able to preserve its attractiveness and natural aroma for more than ten years.

    Than paint?

    Initially stabilized moss has a rather rigorous color. Therefore, in order to make it more beautiful, masters who love to work with this material, additionally stain it. This allows you to make pictures and panels more diverse. As a rule, moss paint into different shades of green.

    In the event that the color of the material should be more delicate and watercolor, it is necessary Lighten in advance. Also before stabilization of the MCU you can give a brighter color. Material can be anything, even orange, even purple. An important point is that after stabilization, the color will not be lost, and the moss will not get a brown tint.

    Application in different premises

    Fitodizain elements can be used in different rooms.


    Very often stylish green panels used in the kitchen. There are several options for its location:

    • on the kitchen apron, but this option is allowed only if there is no hob next to the cooking panel, otherwise the moss will dry very quickly and starts down
    • in the dining area near the table and other furniture;
    • Next to windows in the original kashpo.

    Living room

    Basically, decorative elements made of stabilized moss are also often used. The most popular ideas for this room are quite easy to implement in reality.

    • The widespread way to decorate the premises is the use of phytostine from this natural material. As a rule, the wall is either moss, or the paintings or panels are attached to it, which they are finished.

    • You can also decorate the room usingPanel. In this case, the green base from the stabilized MCA is additionally decorated with other plants. Also Panel can serve as a basis for such decorative elements, like a clock, photos within.

    • In addition, using moss, you can not only decorate walls or wooden panels. This natural material can be fixed on the doors, decorate them lamb lampsor or coffee table. This finish is perfectly combined in a room with materials such as a tree, natural fabric and stone.

    In decorated, the room will be comfortable to relax in any company.


    If in the bathroom or bathroom good ventilation, then there too, there is a place for original jewelry from moss. You can decorate this material with space next to the bathroom, sink or mirror. It will be a very unusual stylistic solution that can surprise all guests.

    Excellent decoration will look in a bright designer pot on the balcony or veranda.

      Summing up, we can say that The cultivation of the MCH and the use of it in the decoration of the premises is a great trend that will only with time will only gain popularity. Therefore, pay attention to it is not only ecosil lovers, but also those who are generally interested in the unusual ways of decor of premises.

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