What if the TV does not play videos from a USB flash drive?

Recorded video on the flash card with a USB port, put it in the appropriate connector on the TV, but the program shows that there is no video. Or simply does not play video specifically on the TV. Such a problem – the case is not rare. There are several possible causes.

Problems and their elimination

One of the most popular and, unfortunately, insoluble options – USB input is simply not provided for service flash card. It’s hard to believe in it, but it happens. Such an input on TV makes strictly to update the device software.

Unsuitable model

If the TV does not play the video from the flash drive, most likely, the input for flash card is really not intended for this purpose. The model of the TV does not provide such functions. The newer device, the less chance that this reason explains the inability to view the video. But the output still has.

  1. You can reflash the device. True, not every TV is suitable for such an upgrade, definitely, the user himself is unlikely to cope with it. But the master can take the case and turn a hopeless case at first glance to solve the situation. The flashing itself is better not to climb, the consequences may be irreversible.
  2. Contact the engineering menu. But it is not very simple, because you can take such a step only with the help of a special service point. On the forums you can read the Hacker Tip: Make an entrance with the help of two infrared diodes. But this is a very dangerous step. Engineering menu should trust professionals. If the user itself accidentally chooses the wrong function, it may accidentally knock all the settings.
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Therefore, it is worth interfere in the work of the technique worth only those who have solid experience in this and clearly understand what he does. The rest is better to turn to the experienced master.

Does not support this video format

Another option explaining the problem when the TV simply does not see the video and in the end does not show a movie or another video. In such a situation, you can correct the situation so.

  1. The video file should be processed on a computer with a special program, t. E. Subject to its conversion. That is, the roller itself needs to be translated into that format that the TV supports.
  2. You can use the HDMI cable connected to the computer. So it is possible to ensure that the TV will perform the function of the monitor. It is important to competently configure the video card by checking the installation on the device.

    Finally, Start with the instructions – read what formats the TV is supported, and download only these formats video. Either to pre-convert video to the desired file so that there are no difficulties with viewing.

    Old software

    Here the option except Update Software, No. If the TV has a function of accessing the Internet, then you can do it yourself, quickly and without problems. But there is another option: Download from the manufacturer’s site official instructions and set by manually, Checking with instructions instructions.

    If there are problems here, you need Call the service center, and operators will explain how to solve the issue. Very often the TV does not lose video on the flash drive precisely because of the unnecessary software, therefore it is worth it to make a useful habit Regularly check updates. It happens that the user simply discounts service degradation services and does not know that the TV is ready to work in a more comfortable mode.

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    Other reasons

    There are modern LCD TVs that basically save the video playback limit parameters. For example, and LG, and Samsung, and Sony, and Philips work with a limited amount of video sizes. And get around such a framework impossible. Because owners of such TV models most often acquire HDMI cable and connect the computer to the TV directly.

    What else could cause video playback?

    1. Maybe the file name is incorrectly indicated. Some TVs do not “understand” Cyrillic, and therefore files should be called numbers or latin.
    2. File system errors occur. For example, if earlier the TV read the flash drive without problems, but suddenly stopped recognizing it, it indicates errors on the drive itself. You should connect a flash drive to a computer, call the context menu, press the right mouse button and go through such a chain: “Properties – Service – Disk Check – perform the check”. Next will need to put “birds” in the string “Automatically correct system errors”.
    3. USB port is faulty. Maybe from checking the port of the port and it is worth starting. If it does not see any flash drive, the cable may need to contact the service center to correct the problem.

      It happens that the TV does not recognize audio tracks of video files (does not support specific codes). In this case, it is also necessary Discontend video or download the same movie in another format.


      Be sure to follow Check how much film weighs. If on the video flash drive, which weighs 20.30 and even 40 GB, not all TVs will be able to support such a video size. Old models are rarely equipped with such capabilities. Files from 4 to 10 GB are most convenient in this regard.

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      If there is no USB port on the TV, you can take Old DVD player or digital console. They usually have the right entrance. To connect, it is enough to make switching to the console or DVD. And then, taking the remote control from this device, select a USB connection. That is, the launch will be actually the same as on the TV.

      On the video below, the reasons for not playing video from the USB flash drive and the ways to eliminate them.

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