We choose and connect the Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

Bluetooth adapter is an indispensable attribute for those who are tired of the wires. The device has the ability to connect to various types of headphones via Bluetooth interface. This article will deal with the best models of the transmitter, its choice, configuration and connection.

What it is?

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter Suitable Not Only Computer users. Recently, some manufacturers of smartphones refused to equip their devices Mini Jack Connector. Users of such brands like Apple and Xiaomi offer to use wireless headphones via Bluetooth interface.

Therefore, the device will also like to taste those lovers who do not want to abandon wired telephone headphones.

The adapter is a compact device with various connectors (Jack or AUX), which itself connects to a wired connection devices. The process of operation of the transmitter is based on the receipt of a wired connection and transmission over a wireless via Bluetooth.

It is worth noting the following features:

  • connection with phones without MINI jack connector;
  • transmission of the signal from the phone to the computer;
  • To conjugate a computer with another device with a built-in wireless transmitter (in this case, it can be headphones, modern models of printers and other devices);
  • Many models have the ability to conjugate with car radio or speakers that have no wireless connection technology.

Best models

Overview of the best models opens a Bluetooth transmitter Orico BTA 408. Adapter is designed to pairing with a computer. Compact device Has support for Bluetooth 4 Protocol.0. The version is not new, but the signal is enough to transfer data at a speed of 3 MB / s. Radius of signal up to 20 meters. With this transmitter to the computer Multiple devices can be connected immediately. From the advantages noted Fast connection and energy savings Due to the functions of smart sleep and awakening. The cost of the device from 740 rubles.

More budget option is the model Palmexx USB 4.0. This device can be attributed to the category “cheap and angry”. The adapter does not have an excess functional, compact and quickly connects. Device Has support for Bluetooth version 4 protocol.0. Device price – 360 rubles.

Bluetooth Adapter Quantoom AUX UNI. Device has aux connector (jack 3.5 mm), What makes it possible to connect to many devices. The model can be connected to wired headphones, automotive radio, home cinema. Supports version Bluetooth 4.one. Therefore, listening to music in various formats will occur without distortion and stuttering. The main thing is that the device coming from the signal is recognized by the Bluetooth version.

Quantoom AUX UNI can be used as a headset, as the device is equipped with a microphone.

The case of the model has moisture protection, clip for attachment to clothing or bag and control keys. Without recharging, the adapter operates for 11 hours. Has a USB port for charging. Cost of the device from 997 rubles.

How to choose?

To make the right choice, when buying, you need to pay attention to the following aspects.

  1. Protocol. When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to the version of the Bluetooth protocol. Than it’s newer, the higher the quality of data transfer and the interface range.
  2. Codec support. Signal transmission is carried out in three types of codecs: A2DP, SBC, ACC. In the presence of the first first types, strong compression of files is carried out, which leads to a low sound quality. To play it is better to choose a device with ACC codec.
  3. Entrances and housing. Device body can be metallic or plastic. Some models look like a plain flash drive, others have a key fob. Included with the adapter can be pair of wires: for charging and wired pairing. Flash drive devices have a special charge plug.
  4. Battery type. Power supply plays an important role when choosing a Bluetooth transmitter. The most optimal option will be models with lithium-ion and lithium-polymer battery.

How to connect?

Connect the adapter is very simple. If the device must be connected to a computer, To do this, insert a device into a USB connector. Configuration Setup Depends on OC version PC. As a rule, the connection is performed automatically. In the lower corner of the screen, the window will pop up in which you only need to confirm the connection.

If the automatic setting did not happen, then Connection can be done manually. To do this, go to the control panel and open the “Devices and Printers” section. It is necessary to make sure that the adapter is connected. Then click on “Adding a Bluetooth or other device” and select Bluetooth. You will then find a list of connected devices where you need to select the desired device and confirm the connection.

Setting Connections to smartphones Even easier. Procedure Next:

  • Activate the Bluetooth adapter by clicking on the key on the housing;
  • Activate Bluetooth on the phone;
  • In the list of devices found, select the transmitter and confirm the connection by entering the password.

Possible problems

When connecting a Bluetooth adapter, some problems may occur. If the device to which the transmitter is connected, it does not see it, then reasons may be set. For example, The transmitter can be discharged. In this case, we are talking about flash drive adapters.

Included to the device there is a USB cord, by which the device needs to be charged.

Music does not play through headphones. You must check the detection button on the transmitter housing. It should be included. Same Lack of drivers can serve as the device does not see the transmitter. To solve the problem, you must download software for the PC or smartphone operating system.

When connecting to a PC, a possible reason may be the presence of a virus. It is necessary to check the OS and re-connect.

Procedure for downloading drivers for PCs:

  • In the Device Manager section, you need to click on Bluetooth item and click “Update”;
  • The system will start automatically updating the required.

With a problem Driver updates on the phone Android users face. When connecting the transmitter, the system will start to install automatically, but the Android platform may not detect the adapter. Installation of drivers must be canceled and pre-download software from the Internet. After installing the software you need to go to the “Wireless Network” section and select Bluetooth. Opposite Icons need to be tick. In the future, the phone will automatically connect to affordable devices.

In the next video, you will learn how to install a Bluetooth adapter on a computer or laptop.

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