Vinyl record players of the USSR: Features, Model Overview, Operation Principle

In the time of the USSR, disputes constantly went on how the vinyl player is better. Times have changed, but the barbing does not subscribe to this. At that time, the manufacturer tried to create a unique sound. That is why vintage audio equipment is in great demand and today. The conversation will go about the best players of Vinyl Times of the USSR, their features and principles of work.


Along with the existence of such devices, like portable cassette players, stereo plays, bobble tape recorders, vinyl record players in the USSR ranked first. It was all the case as a sound. Cassette and Bobin Records were low sound level. Another thing – vinyl records. One of the main features of vinyl electro players is the drive. It happens three types:

  • belt;
  • straight;
  • roller.

The optimal option is considered a belt or passic drive type. Thanks to its flexible properties, it is able to drown out extra vibrations and promotes the smooth movement of the disk.

However, it is worth considering that the belt drive has a property quickly. When wear, it is necessary to immediately replace the drive to the new.

    Another feature of the design of vinyl audio devices is the cartridge. It consists of the following details:

    • needle;
    • needle holder;
    • Generation system.

    Some lovers of vintage electric players use diamond needles. When playing through a diamond needle, the sound becomes much cleaner.

    Needles distinguish two types of heads.

    • MM. The heads of this type have a moving action magnet. Handins with such a magnet have mini magnets that are attached to the needle holder and move in a special coil. The fixed coil is located in the device case. The movement of these small magnets forms a magnetic field. It creates a voltage in the coil, thanks to which the sound appears.
    • Ms. MS heads have similar features with type mm. The difference consists in a movable coil and stationary magnets. This feature provides a smooth slip on the grooves of the gramplasty and reduces the weight of the mechanism.

    It is also worth focusing on the needle sharpening types. The optimal and more popular type is considered to be a spherical shape with a diameter of 15 microns. But it is worth noting that the spherical sharpening is in great demand due to low cost. Hyperelliptical and elliptic sharpening have better needles. These types of needles require more accurate settings, so newbies should stop their choice in cheaper.

    Vinyl players are equipped with antiskooting, which also consider one of the main features of the technique. Many models have a start and stopping of compositions in automatic mode, the ability to listen to all types of records and the presence of several rotational speeds.

    Review models

    Overview of the best Soviet players for records worth starting from the model of the highest class. Electrical Player “Electronics B1 01” By right, it ranks first in the ranking of old vintage devices. The model was released in the 60s of the last century. Of the advantages worth noting a pretty heavy zinc disc. At that time, the development of this device was carried out in Georgia, and this in good sense affected the quality.

    “Electronics B1 01” has a belt transmission and an inertial motor at low speeds. Also, the model is characterized by its excellent mechanical junction chassis and a fixed electric motor. Aluminum top panel equipped with rigidity ribs.

    It is believed that this player has a sound several times better than its Western analogues of the middle segment.

    Electrical Player “Electronics 017” Equipped with high speed of rotation, creates a minimum of noise and detonation. The model has a high quality engine that is used on more expensive devices. Of the advantages worth noting direct Tonarm and the unique technology of electrodynamic damping.

    Thanks to the direct equipment of the equipment loses even curves.

    Vinila player “Corvette 038” Sometime had the cost of half of the car. In the time of the USSR, this model was difficult to get. Even in our time, such a technique costs more than 60 thousand rubles.

    “Arktur 006” – medium segment player. S-shaped Tonarm and direct disk drive make sound better and voluminous. This model was also difficult to get. However, the cost of the device was much lower than that of Corvette 038. To this day at various auctions you can find the “Arktur 006” electric player.

    It is worth noting that after some modernization, the device began to sound even better. The sound of the player equates to good Hi-Fi techniques.

    Players “Radio engineering 001” and “Radio engineering 101” refer to one category. The general advantage is an excellent engine, a tree body and a flashlight table.

    “Estonia EP 010” Great looks in the interior. The model has a rich appearance due to a thin case, which is closed with an elegant, protective lid of a dark color. The technique has the ability to switch the songs that is carried out using the button.

    “Estonia EP 010” It has a couple of Tonarm. One is an ordinary Tonarm with a needle, the second – with the tracking sensor for compositions.

    Despite the fact that in those days this model was “on an amateur”, the device still produces an excellent impression.

    Vinyl player “Vega 109” equipped with timbre and balance regulators separated by each other. There are also low and high frequency filters, thin administration and a step volume control.

    Vintage model “Youth 301” The suitcase was released in the USSR in 1970. The device was an analogue player “Youth”, the release of which came in 1967. Youth was slightly modernized and improved to a more improved model.

    At the top of the suitcase are loudspeakers, in the lower – the player itself. Loudspeakers had an output power of 1 W. Consumption from electricity was about 50 W. The sound frequency is from 150 to 7 thousand Hz. The device made it possible to reproduce all types of records at three speeds: 33, 45, 78 revolutions per minute. The technique was completed in the 80s of the last century. However, I Now you can find the rare vintage technique “Youth”. Cost varies depending on the state of the device. More supported devices cost 500-700 rubles. For models in good condition can request from 2000 to 5000 rubles.

    How turns on and works?

    Typically, the electric player includes 4 devices at once:

    • vinyl player itself;
    • phonocorrector;
    • amplifier;
    • acoustic system.

    When playing a needle reads the grooves record. These fluctuations in the needle of the mechanical properties The device turns into an electrical signal that falls into the phono-director. Sound recording on vinyl is distorted.

    This method makes audio tracks narrow to record a whole album. The phono-director restores distortion, and the sound returns to its source.

    After that, the sound goes directly to the amplifier, which helps the star of the player columns. Next, this enhanced signal enters the acoustic system that returns it back to mechanical oscillations. The effect of mechanics on sound makes it more voluminous.

    Before listening, the recorders must be sorted out how the player turns on. But first of all For equipment you need to find a suitable place. Vinyl devices do not tolerate frequent movement. Therefore, it is worth choosing a permanent place, which will benefit and on the sound of the records, and on the device service life.

    After the player is installed, you need to configure the optimal level. The disc on which the plates play should be located strictly horizontally. Adjusting the right level can be performed by screwing the legs of the equipment. Next, you need to make sure that the device is properly configured and connected to the network. After that, you need to open the protective cover and put the plate on the disk. Put the record need it so that it fits tightly to the disk, and the end of the disc pin was in the harden.

    The engine turns on. Various models have their own management system. In some devices, the switch has three positions.

    1. Turn off (OFF).
    2. Rotation 33 turns per minute (33 RPM).
    3. Rotation of 45 revolutions per minute (45 RPM).

    If you have an automatic switching on, the player will turn on when the Tonarma moves. In this case, you should only choose the speed of rotation. Next, you need to raise Tonarm and install it above the initial track of the record. With the correct installation, several grooves remote from each other will be located along the perimeter of vinyl. Then you need to lower Tonarm. It needs to be done smoothly. When you need to get into the track will start playing music. After the end of the audition, it is necessary to return the Tonarm to the parking focus.

    Vintage Players of the USSR did not lose their charm. Rich history, warm sound, excitement of the search for vinyl records – all this makes the technique of popular and these days. Some Soviet models can be found on various auctions or in collections of true connoisseurs of antiquity.

    This article will help to deal with the device and configuration, and the view of the models will open to the correct selection of the vintage device, which in Soviet times was a dream of any audiophile.

    Overview of the USSR vinyl record players in the following video.

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