Varieties of semi-colonne and their use in the interior

Semi-colonna is often used as a decorative element of apartments and houses with high ceilings. It can diversify the overall picture of many classic styles and add a note to the interior solemnity. The applications of the semi-colongen are extensive, so that they can carry not only decorative, but also practical functions.


The classic column in the architecture was distributed in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. Then she was primarily a support for antablemer or arch. The semi-colonges were most often used when building buildings as a supplement and carried more aesthetic load.

Half-colonna is half a cylinder, which protrudes from the wall plane and thus increases the fundamental stability of the structure, and also creates a certain optical effect.

Like a classic column, it has a cap at the top, which provides a smooth constructive transition to the ceiling or the standing of the building.

Often half-colonna confused with pilastroy. The main difference is that the pilaster is a flat protrusion from the wall, while the semi-colonna does not lose its cylindrical.

Half-colonna can be made in a traditional classic or modern style depending on the decor of the room.


Modern houses and apartments in most cases no longer need additional points of support, so half colonents now carry mostly aesthetic function. For that To properly integrate the semi-colonel in the interior, it is necessary to determine its role in the organization of space.

This is a rather massive decor element, so designers recommend building a construction in the rooms of a large area and with high ceilings. Half-colonna helps with zoning and distinguishing several functional areas of the room. And also she often becomes the main bright accent of the room, allowing you to achieve the effect of luxury and solemnity in the interior.

Depending on what style the house is made, semi-column can differ significantly in appearance and general design.

To the most popular destinations in which designers successfully include this decor element, several styles can be attributed.

  • Ethnic. With this design it is easy to emphasize the traditional decor of the house. Most often occurs when decorating rooms in Egypt, Roman and Scandinavian styles. Half-colonne in this case have their own classical structure – base, base and cap.
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  • Baroque. The style combines the greatness and pomp, so the type of half-colonge here must be solemn. Often it is accompanied by a variety of additional decorative elements, such as gold embossed or tissue rollers.

  • Rococo. Tenderness of the decor can emphasize the classic Roman semi-colonges made in one color. The most suitable option will be the decor element decorated with stucco.

  • Modern. Large residential premises often require additional elements that visually enhance the decor. A semi-cylindrical design in this case is designed to make a classic modern one-grained.

  • Grunge. The characteristic feature of this style is the minimum wall decoration, so the majestic semi-colonges will help to avoid unnecessary brutalism. The room will visually become less coarse and more cozy.

  • Art Deco. Antique semi-column as it is impossible to emphasize the glamorous style of this direction, adding even more luxury into it.

  • Loft. Designs made of wood or stone will be an additional opportunity to diversify the non-standard modern style of the room and emphasize the high ceilings of the former industrial.

  • Underground. Breaking stereotypes direction that successfully harmonizes at the crossroads of a plurality of styles, with ease, will take the classic semi-colonges with a stone facing as a universal zoning method.

  • Neoclassicism. Palace chic together with fashion elements of the decor requires competent space management. A half-cylindrical design will help smooth this transition and collect together the decorative elements of the past and the future.

  • High tech. Minimalistic modern design will be interesting to look at the contrast with traditional monophonic semi-column.

    Thanks to the varieties of design and materials, the semi-colonne is currently possible to fit into any style, making a winting room.


    Manufacturers can use various materials in the manufacture of this decor element. The most common to decorating the interior are several species.

    • Polyurethane. Reliable synthetic material with dense texture and high stability and wear resistance. Can take any form, so actively used in the manufacture of complex carved columns.
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    • A rock. Stone design is distinguished by special strength and is often used as an additional support of stability in the form of semi-column under the framework of the room.

    • Reinforced concrete. Durable material, due to which the design acquires a modern style. Actively applied in the manufacture of simple columns.

    • Gypsum lepnel. Expensive option, the designs of which are obtained, really solemn and elegant. Often it is used in aggregate with other materials.

      The least popular materials for the manufacture of high designs are metal, foam and plasterboard.

      Areas of use

      Semi-colonels are actively used as a means of decorating both outside and inside the house.

      In premises, designers recommend using more minimal design options in order to avoid interior overload. They will perfectly fit into the decor of the spacious hall or living room as an independent entourage or together with its other elements – doorways, windows or fireplace.

      Outside the house it is recommended to use more solemn majestic options that the architecture style is as much as possible. To decorate facades, classic carved structures with a capital, framing door.

      Beautiful examples

      The light motives of the Oboven interior in aggregate with pastel warm tones allow the classic semi-colonents to smoothly fit into the common style and become its full-fledged indispensable part.

      Dark half-cylinders for marble perfectly harmonize with the main shades of the room. In combination with the ethnic decor, the design looks quite solemnly, but at the same time elegant.

      How to mount the arch with half colonels, look next.

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