Varieties and nuances of the choice of projectors

Projectors form the basis of home theaters, but quite often used in offices with different companies. A lot of varieties of such equipment are offered on the market, which is divided into several categories, each features its characteristics, principle of work and appointment. You can familiarize yourself with the ranking of the best projectors in your field, as well as learn the basic recommendations that will help determine the choice of such equipment.

Device and principle of operation

The projector is an autonomous device, the main task of which is to transfer information coming from an external source to a large screen. An optical device is able to convert a signal from cameras, camcorders, computer equipment, video player and television tuner. The main advantages of equipment include compactness, low weight, convenience of control and connection, ease of transportation, as well as the ability to replace them with a bulky TV.

As for the functionality, their quite a lot. The projector can be controlled by remote control. Most models support the cursor control at a distance from a computer with a laser pointer. Equipment has various settings that allow you to select brightness, contrast, color reproduction and other indicators. Most modern devices support 3D technology. Some models have an interactive mode that is a big plus.

The image can be transmitted both horizontally and vertically, so it is possible to projection even on the ceiling, if this delivers us to the user. It is possible to select a language in the menu, as well as automatic settings, which is quite convenient.

It is worth noting the distinctive characteristics that are not in all projectors, but make them more in demand, as they meet high standards. Additional facilities of the unit include the presence of interchangeable lenses that may be included in the kit, due to which it is possible to use a short or long-focus option. Projections can be carried out not only on a white surface, but also on dark. When watching movies a big plus will be a feature of a stop frame. In the models there is a socket for connecting a flash card. Separate sections of the screen can be repeatedly enlarged using an electronic magnifying glass.

Inside the equipment case there is a lamp that performs the role of a light source source. The beam passes through this system and is divided into three main colors, after which a pixel structure is created in the modulator. The control unit receives a signal, regulates the direction of functioning of the matrix. After that, the lens remains to collect flows of different colors, so that the image is formed on the screen. Lens performs the task of scaling the picture.

However, each type of projector is arranged differently and works with some differences, which can be found on.

What is it needed for?

The purpose of the projectors and their numerous functions attract different consumers. Equipment is very popular, because thanks to him, it is possible to carry out professional presentations, to demonstrate commercials, texts, to consider graphics with tables in more detail. In many educational institutions, projectors are actively used for lectures and seminars. And also often such equipment is applied on presentations to show slides.

Cinema lovers acquire units for personal use, to enjoy the viewing of cult paintings at any time in comfortable conditions. Therefore, it is safe to say that such equipment will be useful both for educational purposes, in offices and entertainment.

No plasma teleexer is capable of competing with the projector, because it cannot pass this image size.

Types and their characteristics

This device is divided into types with different characteristics, principle of work and appointment.


In such a device, images are created due to diaprosection. This means that the rays of light pass through the traffic carrier.

This type of projectors is one of the most common.


Here is the transfer of reflected light, thereby creating a picture of opaque items.


Such an aggregate combines transparent images with opaque.


This device appeared and developed due to advanced developments. The unit takes a video signal in real time, after which it transmits it to the surface, be it wall or a special screen. There may be a sound canal.

Another class of projectors of this type receives a file from a local network by means of a built-in or separate media, after which it decodes it and transfers the image to the screen, while there is also audio. Thus, this device combines the player and the projector itself.

Most often, the device is operated in universities, scientific institutions and offices.


Already from the name it becomes clear that the image is displayed using a laser beam. This device refers to the discharge of liquid crystal equipment. The uniqueness of the unit lies in the fact that the quality of the projection does not depend on the form of the screen surface. Each separate point of the image is drawn by laser pulses that do not require focus. Thus, this type of projectors does not require a lens – the picture will be cut in any case.

Installation projectors have absorbed all modern developments in the field of such equipment. Such devices are characterized by functionality and reliability, also have unsurpassed color reproduction. Such a powerful projector will be an excellent choice.

Sensory devices are suitable for operation in large audiences, where there are large walls and boards, where you need to do high-quality image. This technique is easy to use and versatility. The main advantage of the apparatus is that it supports the work of the screen with the hands, which ensures interactivity. Some models in the kit have feathers that can be drawing and writing during presentations. As for sound and brightness, these indicators are at the highest level.

The video projector of this type can be widescreen, which is a big advantage.

Separately, it should be noted ultra-threaded devices. They are created for meeting rooms and learning audiences of small sizes. The protruding does not fall into the beam thanks to the close installation of the aggregate. Such a distance is available with the help of a mirror system, so you can forget about the blinding area and shadows on the screen.

Many devices include a TV tuner, which is quite convenient, but this characteristic is far from all models.

3D projector

The device allows you to watch sports broadcasts, movies, passing game with the effect of presence.

For the manufacture of such equipment, advanced technologies are used, and the devices are characterized by excellent contrast, high brightness, and often support Super Resolution, so the image will always be clear and sharp.

Types of designs at the placement

Ceiling or suspended projector enjoys in great demand in the overall halls, as it is easy to fix it, and you can adjust the direction of the beam. It is worth noting that Such equipment is conveniently serviced if you decide on the location of the lamp and filters in advance. Such devices are mounted in close proximity to the ceiling.

Long bracket holds equipment on a suspended ceiling, while hiding behind the cloth.

Some types of equipment are enough to put on the floor to arrange home theater. Such outdoor projectors are considered more mobile, they can be transferred to any place, take it out, arrange directly right in front of the web screen.

The desktop unit is used in educational institutions and often transfers excellent picture in any lighting conditions. Such equipment can be easily installed and configured yourself. This type of projectors is also portable.


Depending on the dimensions, the projectors have different parameters that affect their mobility and practicality of application. For instance, The portable projector is considered a pocket version of technology, as it can be easily transferred, take with you on trips.

Of course, it is worth noting that such a type of equipment is not always distinguished by high-quality characteristics, but for personal use it is quite suitable.

The large projector is most often installed in huge halls where a widescreen screen is located, and high quality picture is required. Such aggregates are quite expensive, but the cost is justified by the presence of excellent characteristics.

In addition, the overall projector has a capacity, it is more reliable and durable.

Top modern models

With all the variety of products, everyone does not work from the first time to understand which option to choose for certain purposes. Therefore, it is useful to know the ranking of the best aggregates, which has already managed to earn popularity for a number of reasons.

The projector Xgimi H2 refers to the average price category, but is considered an advanced model of LED devices. The quality of the picture at the highest level, since the unit gives the resolution of 1920×1080, which is already striking. It is important to note that the owner does not have to worry about the resource of the lamps, besides, the projector can replace the monitor due to the reduced focal length. The picture will not be just a clear but contrast and bright.

A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of built-in speakers, operating system and autofocus.

If you are interested in a budget option, you can safely consider Unic GM 60, which is sold at an affordable price. This portable unit offers low resolution, the presence of a simple player, and it supports the most common formats.

Product assembly is excellent, however, it should be noted that the fan works noisily, but if there are columns, this flaw will be insignificant.

It is impossible not to note the popular manufacturer of projectors Epson and one of the EH-TW5650 models. This representative of such equipment is able to attract consumers. To create a light source, branded technology was used – we are talking about a projection lamp that has increased brightness and is characterized by efficiency, while economically consumes energy. The picture quality is so high that when viewing the film will be created a sense of personal presence. The device of this company is in great demand among gamers, as they high appreciate a good image.

The manufacturer represents a lot of other options that can be safely regarded due to the company’s excellent reputation.

Cinemood filmubik Ivi Cinemood became a product of Russian development. This device is not the cheapest, but a big advantage is its light weight, so it can be transported without problems. Specifications indicated deep integration with the IVI service. In autonomous mode, the filmube can work up to 5 hours. And also the projector has a built-in memory of 32 GB.

This is a budget option for those who do not require high permission, but wants to purchase an affordable device to work in the office or home use.

Office equipment can be counted Model ViewSonic PA503W, which refers to the average price category. Right source resources reach 15 thousand hours. Resolution 1280×800 gives brightness and contrast, even if indoors are quite light.

It is worth noting that this model has a connector to which old computers can be connected, and this is a plus.

Taiwanese ACER company can also please their user projectors. For instance, Model h6517abd Suitable for domestic use, it is often used to arrange home kinoson. 1920×1080 resolution will give a good picture.

Special chip is the support of three-dimensional content, but for this you need special glasses.

How to choose?

Despite the fact that projectors are not as popular among ordinary consumers, they attract enough attention to themselves and cause interest regularly. These devices possess many advantages even in comparison with the most fashionable TVs. However, to find the projector, you need to know several criteria that it is important to take into account during searches.

Mobile models can work in different conditions, besides, most have wireless interfaces and integrated memory with batteries. Therefore, if rides are planned to nature, and I want to grab several films with you, it is worth considering just such equipment, but at the same time examine the battery capacity. But it should also be remembered that compact models cannot provide a super comprehensive picture. For professional cinema and spectacular presentations, the overall projectors are better to consider, as their characteristics are noteworthy.

First of all, it is necessary to study the image formation technology, learn about the light source, since these characteristics affect brightness. Everyone wants to get excellent screen resolution, so this figure of digital technology plays an important role. It must be remembered that the video files must be the quality you want to see through the projector.

Brightness and contrast are not the latest properties, which affect the perception of equipment performance. Therefore, pay attention to the diagonal of the screen, because it is more, the less the lighting will be needed. With weak shadension, high resolution brightness is required.

Considering all these parameters, you can independently search for the projector for office, assembly hall, home, school, class or street view.

How to use?

Surely, this question arises from everyone who only acquired projection techniques and wants to establish it for further operation. Connect and configure the device is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance, it is enough to study the instructions, as well as follow the advice of specialists.

First you need to make sure that there are all the necessary wires. It is important to think over the applying to the device, solve the fastening issue, if we are talking about the ceiling device. After that, it remains to calculate the distance between the projection surface and the equipment itself – and you can start the installation. If we are talking about the suspension design, you will need to fasten the bracket to the ceiling, then reliably fix the projector on it.

The next step is to set the source of the image signal. Each projector has its own features of the connection, so you need to explore the instructions from the manufacturer. When connecting a device with a source of information, you will need to configure the clarity of the image using the aggregate menu. Perhaps you need to change the language if English is selected by default.

Throughout the entire period of operation, the technique needs maintenance and high-quality care, only it will last for quite a long time. It will be necessary to exercise external cleaning using a wet soft napkin, removing dust from the housing. As for the internal projector compartments, it is necessary to open the case, make the purge of the board and parts.

Cleaning lenses is also important, but it is important to ensure that the scratches do not remain, so use a soft cloth. Success!

About what projector to choose for home, look in the following video.

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