Varieties and features of the choice of fan on batteries

Everyone has discomfort when it is necessary to leave a cool room with a working air conditioning, and go outside the hot summer day. Not to mention the need to travel in public transport, where the stuffiness is so intolerable that many people faint.

To cope with similar problems and survive summer foolot, modern developers of portable devices invented a portable fan on batteries. This pocket device can be easily taken with me, going out, put on the table, if your room is not equipped with standard air conditioning, or put in the bathroom, where it is very important to have a forced ventilation system to protect the walls from constant wetting.

Let us dwell on the main types of wireless fans and consider the features of choosing such a device.


There is a rather extensive choice of various portable fans, and manufacturers of such devices do not stop there, constantly coming up with new and new samples.

Depending on the fastening method, such models are distinguished:

  • on the clothespin – similar products are attached to clothing or bag due to the presence of a special clothespin;
  • On the suction cup – such a device can be easily installed on a table top or on any other surface;
  • on the leg – this portable device is conveniently located in the hand, so you can take it everywhere.

Depending on the method of nutrition, such models of portable fans distinguish:

  • Fan on batteries – Most often to power this device uses conventional AA type batteries;
  • Wireless fan on a battery or on charged batteries – such a device can be connected to an electrical network for recharging.

There are also models of pocket fans that can be connected to a computer, laptop or even smartphone via USB port.

Due to this, such a road fan will be charged, and you can not worry about the need for its constant recharging.

Do not forget about special overhead models of fans in the bath. This device can be installed directly on the wall surface and used in order to carry out forced air circulation in the bathroom and toilet room.

Overhead models can also work from batteries, which greatly simplifies the installation process. After all, in this case, you do not need to look for a power supply or think how to connect forced hood to the electrical network.

A special kind of such portable devices are children’s road fans. They are also wireless models. In addition to the compact size, such a product is distinguished by bright color gamut or funny images of cartoon characters on this device.

On the market you can meet and unusual models of fireless fans. From other wireless devices, they are distinguished not only the absence of blades, but also completely silent operation. In addition, they look quite original.They can be used to give the raisin to the interior, setting on the surface of the table both in the office and in the children’s room.

Such models are safer for children, as the kid will not be able to borrow about the operating blade. In addition, the lack of a spinning mechanism for a child will not cause such increased interest as it happens with blade products.

How to choose correctly?

Planning the acquisition of a portable fan on batteries, it is worth paying attention to the following parameters.

  • Power. Power of such a road device should be enough to create a light cool around you.
  • Easy operation. The wireless fan should be easily turned on and off, so that with such actions can cope like a small child and an elderly person.
  • Compact dimensions. This is especially true if you plan to take such a device with you on the road or train. Pocket models do not occupy a lot of space, they can be worn in pants pocket or put in a small compartment in the bag.
  • Small weight. Such a parameter plays an important role, if you plan to constantly take it with you on the road.
  • Availability of comfortable attachments. If you need the hands to be free, and are not involved in carrying a portable fan, then pay attention to the mounting system. The portable device must be mounted without any problems to a backpack, bag or clothing.
  • Safety. This is especially true for children’s models. After all, the child can shove his finger to the blade and damage it. So that this does not happen, it is better to stop your choice on special fireless devices.
  • The presence of a removable battery or battery on charging batteries. This will help you save money on constant replacement of the power supply.
  • Fashionable and stylish design. Allow you to complete the image, giving it a highlight and originality.

Where to purchase?

A very important issue is the place of purchase of a pocket device. You can, of course, go shopping such a portable device to the household appliances store, but the range of the presented models can be quite limited.

The optimal option is to purchase a fan on the battery in the online store, which is engaged in the distribution of such goods. In such Internet sites, not only a wide range of model range is usually represented, but also more trademarks.

In addition, prices for these goods are much lower than in the usual stores, so you can buy a modern portable fan on batteries at an affordable price.

With such a compact device, you can safely go on the road, and even on a long journey, because the twinge of the cool breeze will be precisely guaranteed.

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