USB headphones: Review of models and connection methods

High quality and multifunction headphones in our time will not surprise anyone. Similar equipment for listening to music is presented in a huge assortment, and each consumer can find an optimal model for itself. In today’s article we will get acquainted with modern USB headphones and find out how they need to be correctly connected.


Previously, it was possible to meet headphones that are connected to audio sources using the Mini-Jack 3 connector.five. Today, consumers have the opportunity to purchase updated gadgets with USB cable. Such elements are relevant in our time, since most modern devices are equipped with appropriate connectors.

Consider how modern USB headphones are distinguished.

  • It is very convenient to use musical devices that can be easily enabled, connect to a variety of devices (sound sources) and configure correctly.
  • Most of these musical gadgets can boast excellent quality playback of music tracks. In high-quality brand models, Meloman will not hear any extra distortion, no extraneous noises.
  • Headphones of this type produce many brands, among which there are quite well-known brands, glorified by the impeccable quality of products. Brand products are distinguished by excellent assembly quality, attractive design. Usually such headphones are accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • In use, modern USB headphones are very simple and understandable. Coverage with such an accessory for everyone. If any questions occur, the user may at any time take instructions for use and find all the necessary information on its pages.
  • USB headphones are presented in a wide range. Current consumer is, from which you choose.
  • The design of modern USB devices is the most different. In stores you can find both strict and minimalistic and motley options that attract a lot of attention.
  • The cost of USB headphones is different. Many consumers mistakenly believe that such products can do the most expensive due to the presence of the corresponding cable of the type under consideration. In fact, many manufacturers produce comfortable and completely inexpensive USB devices for listening to favorite music tracks.
  • Considered devices can boast high functionality. There are many models equipped with a microphone, built-in Bluetooth module and many other useful components.

The musical gadget of this type is very convenient because it can be connected to a variety of products. It can be a personal computer, a modern TV model, laptop, netbook and many other devices.

USB headphones are very easily connected to the sound source. Deal with how to connect them correctly, it does not work out.


Today, USB headphones are represented in a rich assortment. The buyer has the opportunity to choose the perfect version of any type. Consider in detail how similar devices are divided into.

  • Wired. Classic models that produce many famous brands. For example, South Korean manufacturer Samsung offers to choose from buyers very good vacuum USB High Quality Headphones. Wired instances like many users, because they are easy to operate and do not need additional recharging. However, having a device with wires, Meloman must be ready for their constant unabank.
  • Wireless. Most often, wireless USB headphones are equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module, due to which they are synchronized with various sound sources. This is a suitable model for a computer, phone, tablet and other relevant gadgets. Such varieties are convenient because they are not “burdened” forever confusing wires. But such headphones require timely recharging.

Also, headphones are divided into various types, based on the form factor.

  • Overhead. This is usually full-size models in which the speakers close the ears of the listener. Popular computer solution. On the street, such devices are not recommended to use, since they are well suppressed noise around, and a person may not hear the rough danger (for example, an impending car). Otherwise, these are very comfortable products that can be used for a long time without feeling fatigue.
  • Insert. Headphones-arrogants will never lose their popularity. These are usually compact products that can be worn everywhere. Such instances are also available in the form of USB devices and are in great demand. In such products there are ambush, which should be inserted into the auditory channel so that you can listen to the music played from the sound source.


As mentioned above, USB headphones are produced in a huge assortment and many large manufacturers. We will get acquainted with some popular firms manufacturing such popular devices to listen to favorite tracks.

  • Samsung. South Korean brand has long been famous for high quality products. In the arsenal of the manufacturer, you can find many models of beautiful and functional headphones of various types. For example, under the brand AKG brand, high-quality USB headphones with active noise reduction were released. The novelty is easily synchronized with all kinds of smartphone and tablets.

  • Sony. The world-famous Japanese brand produces exceptionally high-quality techniques designed for a long service life. In stores you can meet many convenient and practical headphones of this popular manufacturer. For example, one of the state-defined USB device models is Sony MDR-1adac (Micro USB). Music device can be connected to the phone. Refers to the type of overhead headphones and gives a very good sound.

  • Plantronics. This is a well-known headset manufacturer for various areas of communication. American brand produces high-quality headphones, distinguished by interesting design and good sound. For example, the requested USB device GameCom 780 is full and is one of the best price / quality ratios.

  • Audio-Technica. Large Japanese company producing high-quality sound equipment. In the range of brand there are and high-quality USB headphones. For example, the ATH-ADG1 model uses a huge demand among playmen. These are gaming overhead USB headphones, issuing natural and purest sound.

  • Mads Cats. This is a well-known firm that has become famous for its innovations in the field of computer accessories and periphery. Mads Cats produces high-quality headphones with interesting and modern design, as well as high-quality sound. One of the top models of USB headphones is f. R. E. Q. 4d. This is a bright, but not frightened game device. Differs good surround sound. True, F. R. E. Q. 4D is a pretty expensive model.

  • SteelSeries. Large Danish company producing high-quality computer manipulators – mice, keyboards, rugs, as well as high-quality headphones. In the assortment of the brand you can find good USB devices. Attractive model SteelSeries Arctic Pro USB. The headset is a computer, refers to gaming type. Equipped with a high-quality microphone with noise reduction, built-in volume regulator. Connection of technology is carried out using USB.

  • Defender. Products of this famous brand are known to many PC users (and not only). In the assortment of the manufacturer, you can meet high-quality music techniques, including convenient, practical headphones. There are in the Arsenal Defender and USB-models, such as Redragon Aspis Pro. These are stylish wired type headphones, connect to the audio source using a USB connector. Give a good volumetric sound format Full-size device is in great demand, but it has a democratic value.

  • Kingston Technology. American international company that specializes in the release of computer components and memory cards. Brand can offer customers a good headphone model. For example, excellent quality can demonstrate USB devices Hyper X Cloud Revolver S. This is a popular compound closed-type device, it has an impressive weight. Frequency range: from 12 to 28000 Hz.

How to choose?

Consider what to pay attention to by selecting the optimal model of USB headphones.

  • Decide for what purpose you will use the device. Different devices for sale in stores. For example, for the games on the computer it is better to choose the game models of the false type. For listening to your favorite tracks during sports activities or walks, popular plug-in options will be suitable. Exactly knowing, in what conditions USB headphones will be used, the buyer will be much easier to quickly find the desired model in the store.
  • Select the appropriate type of device – wired or wireless. Some people believe that the future behind headphones without wires, while others are confident that wired products are the most comfortable and practical. Every buyer decides for itself, what option does he fit.
  • Carefully examine the technical characteristics of the selected music device with the USB port connection function. It is recommended to consider all the parameters of the devices, considering their technical documentation. Thus, you will save yourself from buying a product, well-advertised by the seller who has an important indicators of technology.
  • Make sure the technique works fine. Connect the headphones to the audio source (in the store or during the home check). Listen to what sound gives the product. If the connection occurs badly, with failures and distance, and the sound seems to you deaf, flat and noisy, from buying it is better to refuse and search another option.
  • Inspect the headphones before paying. The goods should not have damage, lined wires. On the case bases you should not find a single defect. Badly fixed parts should not be in no way.
  • Select such a model of USB headphones that will like you not only for technical specifications, but also by external data. Many users underestimate the role of design in the use of similar accessories and make it in vain. Beautiful things that like a person, use much more pleasant.
  • Buy Exceptionally Brand USB Devices of High Quality. It is not recommended to purchase cheap Chinese gadgets of medium and low quality in order to save. Good sound Such headphones will not demonstrate how long service life.

It is recommended to buy high-quality branded headphones in specialized stores or large trading networks (“M-Video”, “Eldorado” and others). Do not look for a good model of original production in the market or in street tents.

How to connect?

Connect USB headphones is not difficult. Each user will easily cope with this operation. We will analyze in detail how to do it correctly using different conclusions.

Through sound output

USB headphones can be easily connected to the selected device (audio source) using audio output. Here many users face ignorance of such a connection method, because there is no 3.5 plug in USB devices. In this case, the connection will be able to produce, using a special USB adapter. In such adapters, one end (USB) must be connected to headphones, and the second (plug 3.5 mini-jack) to the audio output of the selected source.

Through digital output

Thus, connect USB headphones is the easiest way. Today, almost all modern techniques are produced with a USB entrance (usually several of them). Most often, such devices immediately “see” connected accessories. The user is enough to connect their headphones to the source. Of course, you can subsequently switch the technique to another nest, but sometimes the previous settings are knocked down because of this, and the technique has to be adjusted.

By connecting the headphones to the USB port in the selected device (for example, a computer or laptop), you may need to install the required drivers of devices involved. Usually the necessary programs are included with the devices (recorded on a CD or a small flash card). If there were no drivers in the driver with headphones, they can be found on the Internet on the official website of the manufacturer.

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