TVs on Android: pluses, cons and rating

TV is an indispensable household device that can be found in every home. Wherein To date, televisions are performed not only by their standard functions, but also solve additional tasks that are usually inherent in a personal computer. For this, TV receivers are equipped with operating systems. The most common of them is Android. Consider the features of such TVs, their main characteristics, as well as the rules for choosing such devices.


TVs on Android – These are sought-after devices that are very popular among consumers. Accordingly, you can find this technique in almost every specialized store. This OS in production uses a large number of brands, including such well-known companies as Sony and Philips.

Android TV is a device that can perform the functions of not only a regular TV, but also a personal computer. This means that you can use the Internet and view video online from the big screen with the whole family. Despite the fact that such household appliances are not perfect (possessing both pros and cons), they enjoy great love among consumers.

Inside Android TV contains a large number of opportunities that all members of your family can enjoy: and adults and children.

Main characteristics

Android TVs are devices that possess a number of characteristics that distinguish them from competitors. Consider key features of Android TV.

Unified Google Account

Due to the fact that Android TV, in its essence, is Specialized version of Android, users of this system can enjoy the function of the Unified Authorization. This means that during the operation of the household device you will have to log in only 1 time. After that, all Google services will be available to you: YouTube, Mail, Maps and Much. In order to log in, you need to select the appropriate menu item, go through the specified address and dial in the 6 digits window that you will see on the TV screen.

Large selection of applications

The owners of Android TV can use the most demanded applications, including – games and video service. Since Android is one of the most popular operating systems, software is characterized by the largest number of television applications among all other programs.

Amenities for games

If you are the happy owner of the device whose work is based on the Android system, then you can play your favorite games on the TV. So, the list of available game options includes all genres: arcades, races, others. At the same time, it is possible to play both independently and together with several other players. Due to the fact that the devices have a special USB connector, You can connect to the TV joystick and gamepads.

The newest technology, which today is equipped with a variety of devices – this is a voice search. Android TV developers did not remain aside from this trend and provided for a similar function in their devices. Using voice search you can run applications, search for films, as well as get answers to your questions. This function saves your time significantly, and also contributes to the possibility of performing several tasks at the same time.

Connecting devices

Due to the availability of USB and Bluetooth to Android TV You can connect a variety of devices. For example, game fans can easily connect to the game Gamepad. And also for ease of use of the device, you can connect such devices such as mouse and keyboard, hard drives, flash drives, headphones (both wired and wireless), different periphery.

Google Cast. broadcast

Android TV excellent Combined with Google Cast technology. Thanks to this, you can easily send photos and video from your mobile device to the TV.

Thus, Android TV is a multifunctional device. Its owners will be able to enjoy a large number of modern functional features.

Rating the best models

We suggest to consider the top models of Android TV. Among them there are several copies.

  • Philips 50PUH6400. The diagonal of the TV screen is 50 inches, and the resolution is 3840×2160. Supported broadcasting in analog, digital and cable formats.

  • Philips 48PFT5500. The device supports the SMART TV function, in stock Specific LED backlight.

  • Sony KDL-43W809C. TV is usually installed in large areas, it is equipped with two powerful speakers.

  • Sony KDL-43W808C. The viewing angle is 178 degrees, there is a double tuner.

  • ERGO LE43CT2500AK. It has the perfect value for money, a 43-inch screen with a LCD matrix.

In connection with the variety of models, each user will be able to select a device that will meet all its preferences.


Depending on the specific model, as well as the manufacturer, TV, the basis of which is Android, can be sold independently or complete with various accessories. So, the standard package may include:

  • Universal remote;
  • Media player;
  • mini computers;
  • Media Center and others.

It is important in advance before buying a device to clarify the seller-consultant, which is included in the set with the TV. In addition, this should be written in detail in the instruction manual.

How to choose?

The choice of TV on Android should be approached seriously and responsibly. It is recommended to take into account several key factors.


Due to the fact that Android is one of the most popular operating systems for the TV, many manufacturers produce devices with such software. When buying it is recommended to pay attention only to well-known and proven brands. In this case, you will acquire a TV that meets all international standards, as well as based on the latest technological trends.

Screen diagonal

This parameter affects the comfort and convenience of viewing the TV. This should also take into account the size and purpose of the room, in which you will install this household device. For example, a TV with a large diagonal is suitable for the living room (43 inches), and in the kitchen you can put a household appliance compact (32 inches) size. Besides, It should be relying on the individual characteristics of households, in particular – quality of view.

Functional features

Despite the fact that all the TVs on Android – These are modern devices with an extended set of functions, each specific model differs from another. So, televisions can have a different number of available services and suggestions, an unequal control system, interface. Choose such a device that Maximum conforms to your individual needs.


It is no secret that modern TVs are quite expensive (this applies to devices produced by well-known companies and possessing advanced functionality). Understated value should cause suspicion, Since this is evidence that you offer low quality goods.

Exterior decoration

In the process of buying a household device, it is important to pay attention to not only on its functional characteristics, but also for external registration. To date, manufacturers work to develop modern and original design decisions that will become an excellent addition to any interior.

Place acquisition

To date, Android-based TVs are sold in network and specialized stores, as well as online. In this regard, you should choose Specific place of acquisition and seller with special attention. So, contact only the company stores and official representative offices. Otherwise, you can get low-quality or fake products that will not correctly fulfill all the stated functions.

User manual

Operating Instructions are an official document that is mandatory to be included in the standard package together with the TV. In the process of buying a household device, be sure to pay attention to its availability. Without her careful and attentive study, it is not recommended to start exploiting Android TV.

All information in this document is clearly divided and structured by sections, so You can easily find the answer to any question of interest.

So, you can disassemble the control principles of the TV from the phone, the rules of operation of Android, learn how to configure or update the system, as well as understand how to watch IPTV.

Review reviews

It should be noted that users leave quite a lot of positive feedback on devices such as Android TV. They inform that this device becomes the favorite of the whole family. Now you can collect all together in front of the TV and choose only those transmissions that are interested in each.

At the same time, some consumers indicate a quick breakage of devices. However, most likely, this is primarily due to the fact that televisions were purchased from unscrupulous vendors or were produced by unprofessional firms. Anyway, But the choice of Android TV should be approached as seriously and responsibly.

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