TVs Huawei: features and models review

Recently, Chinese-made TV models have significantly sweating from the market space of many popular trademarks. So, Huawei has released a line of televisions that will apply for the title of the best in the world. New equipment equipped with a combination of innovations and technologies from the Honor Sharp Tech area. Innovative screens are equipped with several processors. This is a processor for Honghu 818 intelligent screens, a processor with a neutral module for a smart camera and Wi-Fi-processor.


Huawei TV is characterized by a screen with a diagonal of 55 inches, and HDR support. The screen takes almost the entire area of ​​the housing ahead, because it has a thin frame. The equipment was created on the basis of the 4-nuclear Honghu 818 system and operates running a new Harmony OS platform.

Equipment has the ability to interact with multiple devices simultaneously and supports management with Magic Link special technology support, which makes it possible to simply exchange data, for example, transmit pictures from a smartphone.

One of the features of the device is extended Vision TV Pro camera. This equipment can follow the user’s person and when itemies occurs, it is cooled to switch between screens to make video calls, despite how far the user is from the screen. The device is equipped with 6 microphones that ensure the effective work of the assistant even at a considerable distance.

The equipment includes built-in columns, the power of which is 60 W, with Huawei Histen sound effects, which allow much stronger to tighten the viewer in viewing video footage. There is an automatic sound control system.

The device has the ability to leave the standby mode in a second and load in a few seconds. The metal case is quite thin, its thickness is not more than 6.9 mm. The product includes the Bluetooth console, you can use the phone for this purpose.

The main features and positive characteristics of the TV Huawei are:

  • Registration ingenuity;
  • Full coverage of the NTSC color palette;
  • Intelligent Sound System and Support 5.1 channel sound;
  • Entertainment Multimedia;
  • Ability to compatibility with other brand devices

Characteristics of the operating system

Huawei Harmony operating system is Huawei’s own software, while it is still impossible to find in free access. Thus, An overview of this product is based on the information provided by the manufacturer. Get some additional information and check how accurate the manufacturer’s information is not yet possible.

The main technical characteristics of the operating system, which should be taken into account, is a rather light microkernel equipped with a large number of modules. Thanks to this, software power will not be idle, and the effect of the equipment has increased. Thus, The time spent on the processing of information will decrease by 30%.

Summing up the above, imagine how the operating system will look, while it is difficult. Photos on which it would be possible to see her appearance, the network has not yet appeared. Download the program itself and its update to a computer or smartphone is also not possible.

It remains only to wait for further steps and messages from the manufacturer. There is a large proportion that the operating system will be loaded to televisions with the next update.

The features of the operating system include:

  • The operating system is available for free;
  • It differs in compatibility with any software;
  • Any application will be able to quickly remake under Hisilicon Hongjun;
  • The main purpose of the product is joint activities with intellectual devices;
  • The operating system can resemble and be an addition to other programs;
  • For the platform, its own application store will be organized;
  • For users, new opportunities for obtaining root rights are opened;
  • The effectiveness of Hisilicon Hongjun is much higher than that of existing analogues;
  • The operating system has good protection against external threats.

Review models

Huawei has released two models of Honor TVs. This is Honor Vision and Vision Pro. About these models from buyers some information, and on the Internet you can only find out surface information. About their products the company says about the equipment that will be coup in the field of television.

These two models have 55-inch diagonals. Characterized by the presence of 4K and HDR, maximum angles, in which the image on the screen is not curved. There is a function of changing color temperature and image modes. In addition, there is protection from the blue radiation spectrum TUV RHEINLAND.

The display in the frame of thin frames occupies almost the entire area of ​​construction. TV thickness 0.7 cm. On the back panel laid out a diamond pattern, even the gaps for ventilation fit well into general design.

The main feature of revolutionary products is the operating system. Honor Vision and Vision Pro carry out their activities on the basis of their Harmony OS operating system.

The latter includes the Magic Link feature, which is the latest developments in the synchronization of devices and an intelligent assistant YOYO. They will allow you to connect a variety of equipment into one system.

It is possible to connect a mobile phone using NFC, which makes all available applications available on TV available on TV. You can manage them directly from the phone.

    In both models, a new Hisilicon Hongjun is used as a hardware base, which supports multitasking, due to which the high responsiveness of the graphical interface is assumed. BUT Also Hisilicon Hongjun supports most technologies: MeMC – System Speaker Speaker Speaker on Screen, HDR, NR – Noise Suppression System, DCI, ACM – system automatic color adjustment, as well as several more technologies that improve image quality.

    Hisilicon Hongjun allows you to connect the HISTEN sound processing sequence. Honor Vision is equipped with 4 columns, the power of each of them is 10 W. In the Vision Pro model 6 columns, so it is not necessary to acquire some powerful audio system in addition to the TV. As for the cost, the price of Honor Vision – 35 thousand. rub., Vision Pro – 44 thousand. rub.

    In China, they went on sale in the summer, and when they appear in our country, it is not yet known.

    Honor Vision TV Overview on Harmony OS Looking More.

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