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    Modern people conducting a lot of time on the way, do not imagine their lives without headphones. At the same time, a rather large number of them still remains faithful standard wired products that will never let. In the article we will present the rating of the most popular models from different price segments and give useful tips on choosing.

    Rating models for the price

    Modern shops are offered Wide range of wired headphones. Below will be a review of the characteristics of the most popular products in a different price range.


    Let’s start with affordable models.

    SmartBuy Fit

    Cheap sports headphones are perfect for lovers of jogs or fitness outdoors. Interesting design looks attractive, and special towers improve fixing products on the ears. Built-in microphone allows the use of a product as a headset for conducting telephone conversations. Loud and clear sound, as well as spray protection make the model optimal for those who do not want to spend a lot.

    Of the minuses, the absence of sound adjustment should be highlighted (it is possible to do only through the phone) and a small amount of bass. But if you are not Meloman, you do not need it. Headphones cheap, price – 249 rubles.

    JBL JR300

    Overhead model of closed type It has a wide palette of beautiful shades from heavenly blue to pastel pink. Foldable design ensures simplified storage and transportation of headphones.

    Volume level is limited to 85 dB, which is optimal for children and adolescents. Speakers unfold out, so you can give listen to music to a friend. The cost of the product is 1100 rubles.

    Lenovo Y Gaming

    Full-sized closed type headphones possess the original design. The predominance of black makes the appearance of the model more stringent, and the bright inserts of the red give the highlight. On the cups there is a geometric shape that glows in the dark. The product has folding design and rotary speakers.

    Wide frequency range and removable microphone in combination with Virtual 7 function.1, providing sound with seven different points, will allow you to enjoy the sound as much as possible. This model is optimal for computer games. Price – 2499 rubles.

    Average price segment

    Now consider models with an ideal combination of price and quality.

    Apple Earpods

    Perhaps, Most Popular In-Ear Headphones Compared to other models of this type. Products have a saturated bass and a good frequency spectrum, which allows you to feel all the depth of the sound. The control panel is on the wire and allows you to adjust the volume and connect to voice assistant.

    Built-in microphone has high sensitivity, so the interlocutor will be great to hear you. Unfortunately, the “apple” products have one substantial minus – They are only suitable for Apple smartphones due to Lightning-connector. The cost is 1490 rubles.

    Urbanears Plattan 2

    Overhead closed headphones possess stylish, elegant design. The main advantage of the model is a removable wire, which allows it to be used as a wireless product. An additional connector is designed to connect another headphones – in this way, you can watch a movie or listen to music together with one device. Foldable design and adjustable bezel make it easy to store and apply the device. Cups are tightly adjacent to the ears, providing reliable noise insulation.

    Wires themselves have a fever that increases their operational period. Thanks to the built-in microphone, the model can be used as a headset. Price – 2550 rubles.

    Sony MDR-7506

    The model is designed for professional work in the studio. Loud sound and high quality allows you to hear any defect. Gold plated connectors, genuine leather on headband and cups give headphones status and stylish view. Foldable design will provide simple storage. 6.3 mm connector optimal for studio use.

    Unfortunately, because of good audibles for music lovers, this product does not suit. Price – 8670 rubles.

    Premium class

    These are the most expensive, but also the highest quality products in the category of wired headphones.

    Xiaomi 1more Dual Driver In-Ear E1017

    Pretty expensive headphones possessing High quality performance and good technical characteristics. Inserts of intracanal type are firmly fixed inside the ear shell and do not fall out. Elegant metal case is performed in black and silver or white-gold performance. Wide frequency range and deep bass allow you to mostly enjoy your favorite tracks, optimal for any music genre.

    Reinforcement products have a long wire, Accordingly, the phone can be placed not only in the pocket of the jacket, but also to remove the backpack so as not to interfere. Using the control panel, you can adjust the audio volume and respond to an incoming call. The cost of the audio device is 2499 rubles.

    1more Triple Driver Over-Ear H1707

    Another new Korean brand, which has already managed to receive rewards as the best device listening to music. The reinforcement design of cups in combination with three built-in drivers provides a high-quality sound supply without frequency drops. The product is optimal for music alphas and professionals working in the field of recording. Inner parts of the rim and cups of upholstered artificial leather.

    Loud sound – another plus product. Rotary speakers allow you to use the device as a DJ headphone. Original design in combination with black color gives the device muster and stylish look. The cost of the model is 8570 rubles.

    Master & Dynamic MH40

    Elegant design and expensive terracotta color leather finishes give this model status and rich species. The product is made in a classic style. Large membranes and neodymium magnets provide the highest sound quality.

    Thanks to the metal inserts, the product has a long service life. Fabric cord does not twist. Price – 14899 rubles.

    The best headphones by type

    Wired headphones differ in the type of construction.


    This type of audio devices is a small intra-channel type. Headphones inserts are inserted into the ear and serve sound directly into the ear shell. Pluses in such devices enough. They are optimal for listening to music on the way to work or study. Compact plug-in products are placed even in jeans pocket. An important plus of liners is a wide frequency range, despite small dimensions.

    Some of the best in this segment are Apple Earpods, Beats UR3 and Korean 1more Dual Driver In-Ear E1017.


    Headphones of this type are similar to design with full-size products and are medium-sized cups, combined by a handicuit. Compact devices possess Folding design, which greatly facilitates storage and transportation. A big plus of this species is good fixation on the head – The product will not fall even during sports, so you can take them on a jog. Thanks to the tight fit to the ears of the cup Provide good noise insulation, which prevents extra sound.

    There is another subspecies of overhead headphones – open. These are small intra-channel products equipped with assholes. They are well fixed on the ears and, unlike inserts, do not fall out. Compact size allows you to transfer them in your pocket jacket.

    Best Overhead Headphones are considered Beats by Jordan, Philips Shl3070mv and Sony MDR-7506.


    Large closed-type headphones are suitable for home or office applications. As a rule, full-size products are equipped with a removable adjustable microphone. Audio devices have a wide frequency range and deep bass, passing all the sounds as accurately as possible. Real music lovers will define the saturation of music. Instruments with folding design and floating cups can be used as DJ. They fit perfectly for computer games.

    Of the minuses, you can note the overallness of the headphones, which does not give comfortably using them outside the house. The rating of the best models of this species is represented Sennheiser HD 800, FOSTEX TH 610 and MASTER & DYNAMIC MH40.

    What to choose?

    When buying wired headphones, it is recommended to pay attention to some details that will help make the right choice.

    • Microphone. Usually headphones are intended not only for listening to music, but also for conducting telephone conversations and voice assistant management. Quality professional products of full-size type have a removable microphone with adjustable position. Other models are equipped with a built-in highly sensitive microphone located on the control panel.
    • Noise insulation. A good sound is provided with high-quality noise insulation, which prevents the penetration of external noise. Full-size and overhead models of a closed type have natural noise insulation, which is ensured by tight fit to the ear. Open overhead headphones and liners are not so practical in this regard. The exception is the models with the built-in noise cancellation system. Thanks to the additional microphone, which monitors external sounds and blocks them using a special technology, isolation is insulated. This will not interfere with listening to your favorite tracks. The only minus is their high cost in comparison with ordinary products.
    • Connectors. Explore the purchased headphones for the presence of wires with connectors for different samples. To connect the items to the smartphone, a cable with the corresponding connector is required. For synchronization with a TV if you are going to watch a movie and do not want to interfere with households, you need a USB connector. For a computer suitable both USB and Jack 3.five.
    • Management type. To facilitate the use of audiopers, manufacturers provided wired headphones with a small control panel, on which the buttons are located to adjust the sound volume and response to the incoming call. Some models allow you to directly connect to voice assistant, turn on and off the composition, as well as rewind the tracks and back tracks.

    There are products combining both wired and wireless model. In case of disconnecting the wire, they continue to work if the battery is charged. Similar audio devices are equipped with a pair of buttons on the case for convenient settings management.

    How to distinguish the original Apple Earpods headset from the fakes See in the following video.

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