Timberk air conditioners: pros and cons, model, choice, use

Climate machinery increasingly poured into everyday human life. If on the street heat or cold, now there is no need to use ineffective methods to combat depressing weather. In the market such equipment, like air conditioners, there are many manufacturers, but I would like to review the Timberk technique.

Since the mobile monoblocks are becoming increasingly popular, then consider most of the models of this type. The main advantage of floor air conditioners can be called location. The thing is that they do not need to be mounted on a certain place, where in the future there will be a device.

If for some reason you need to cool the air only in one room or room, then you can transfer a monoblock there. Of course, the power of wall-mounted installations with external modules is much more, but the mobility of outdoor units allows them to compensate for smaller performance.

Information about the manufacturer

Brand Timberk began its work in 2003. The birthplace of this manufacturer is Scandinavia. The main direction of production is the water heating, thermal and climate technique. The main distinguishing feature of Timberk can be called manufacturability. This manufacturer creates techniques so that it brings comfort. It is achieved at the expense of aesthetic appearance and modern technologies. Thanks to collaboration with other firms, Timberk has factories that create unusual designs and systems for future aggregates.

It is worth noting that the individual line of this company includes their own production technologies that are no longer found anywhere. Timberk is on the Russian market for more than 10 years, that is, more time since its inception. During this time interval, the company has become popular among consumers and began to be a guarantor of quality.

Production base Timberk contains various research laboratories, own technical design and production factories. You do not have to doubt as products of this company, because the range of Timberk has more than 30 patents.

The lineup

Timberk AC TIM 09C P8 – Mobile monoom, which works only on cooling. The power of the unit is equal to 2630 W, consumption – 950 W. There are two additional modes: ventilation and drainage. Of the features, it is worth noting the ability to memorize the settings if you use the same parameters daily. There is an adjustment of the speed of rotation of the fan, with which you can specify a certain power. The whole design consists only of the inner block, which has a weight of 24.7 kg. Small dimensions, if compared with machinery from other manufacturers, small power consumption, the presence of wheels for movement – all this makes 09c P8 convenient to operate and quite productive air conditioning.

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The resulting noise of the device turned on – from 45 to 53 dB, so during operation you can hear a little buzz. Reviews say that this device copes perfectly with its main functions. The area being processed – 20-25 kV. M.

TIMBERK AC TIM 07C P8 – Air conditioning, which is similar to the previous model by the number of functions. The difference is only in characteristics, namely in power, which equals 2050 W. Consumption – about 785 W. In drained mode, it is necessary to supply with water 1.46 l / h. Weight is slightly smaller, namely 24 kg. In addition to cooling the air, this model can create a simple circulation. The installation of the air duct is possible without a hole in the wall – only the window space must be used.

TIMBERK TECHNO FREEZE P8 – an innovative model that is one of the most technologically. Energy Efficiency Class – A, there are three modes: cooling, draining and ventilation. Cooling capacity – 2050 W, consumption – 785 W. From the functions, you can note the degree of protection against moisture IPX60, class I electrical protection. Operating temperature range – 18-35 degrees. Air consumption – 330 cube. M. at one o’clock. Noise level – 48, 48 and 53 dB when working in low, medium and enhanced modes. The evaporation of condensate is automatic, that is, the excess fluid hits the heat exchanger, and then goes to a special tank. Air filter washable, attached installation kit Slider.

TIMBERK CITY-HALL CF3 – outdoor ceiling system, which has more attractive characteristics than previous models. You can set the direction of the flow of air masses, there is an additional protection against condensate flow, the system of automatic restart in the network failures.From operating modes, you can note the functions of the Intellect Auto and Night Care. The first allows the device to work automatically, and the second – creates special conditions for sleep. At night, it is much more pleasant to sleep in a coolness, so the air conditioner gradually reduces the temperature to 17-19 degrees. There is a 24-hour timer that you can program to turn on or off at certain times. The Anti-Rust system will be able to prevent the appearance of corrosion, the self-diagnosis function will protect against the electronics breakage.

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When finding a fault in the system, you will receive a digital error designation, the value of which you can determine by the list, because it is attached with the instructions.

Timberk Storm Wi-Fi AC TIM 18H S15 – long-known air conditioning in the form of a split system. The whole design is two blocks: external and internal. The unit is installed on the wall, the outer part – on the facade of the building or roof. Split systems can not only cool, but also warming. In addition to this versatility, they have more power compared to mobile analogues. It did not exception and this model, which has a cooling capacity of 5300 W, and heating – 5320 W. The processed area is about 53 kV. m, which is much larger than that of mobile models. Class Waterproofing External Block – IPX4, Internal – IPX0. Energy Efficiency Class – A / A (i.e. on heating and cooling).

Noise level outside – 58 dB, inside – 44-48 dB. The display has 6 indicators that give full information about the current state of the system. Moon Light highlighting makes the numbers visible even through the plastic coating of the case, Silence Dream function reduces noise level while working in night. Control is carried out through the remote control, with which you can adjust the air conditioner.

A large number of technologies makes this model practically autonomous, because the system of self-diagnosis will be able to identify and, if possible, eliminate the problem. As in cases with previous models, with a malfunction, you will receive an error code for which it will be clear which problem happened.

Storm Wi-Fi – This is a whole series of split systems that differ in their capacity, noise and treated area. The weakest and cheaper model – 07h, the most powerful and at the same time expensive – 24n. The big plus of this series is a variety, because you can purchase aggregates for both a small house or apartment, and for a fairly large production facilities. At the same time, you will get the difference only in characteristics, but the technological component will remain unchanged. This suggests that the manufacturer has taken care to please the buyer and make a pretty wide range in each series of air conditioners.

Timberk AC TIM 12C P8 – Another mobile system, which is similar to other models of monoblocks from the Scandinavian manufacturer. The difference is small, but she still has. The main difference is the mode of drainage, or rather, its power and consumption. Circulation force increased as water consumption, which is 2.33 l / h. Energy efficiency class – a, degree of moisture protection – ipx0, operating temperature range – 18-35 degrees, volume of a liquid tank – 1 l. Noise level – 45, 48 and 54 dB, depending on the speed of the fan, which is regulated by the 3rd modes.

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The weight of the whole design – 28 kg, additionally goes the mounting kit Slider, air filters (washable).

Timberk Laguna Art S10 – Split system, which is distinguished by its appearance. If most of the technique of white or black Timberk, then for this line, designers of the company created unusual coloring types. It can imitate a light tree, dark tree or have a red shade. Such a variety in the color scheme is suitable for those who have a special interior of the room. Qualitative operation of this device is due to the possibility of adjusting the shutters. So you can direct air flow vertically and horizontal. Display illumination control is carried out through the remote control. Additional TURBO Drive mode launches Laguna Art to maximum so that you can ventilate the room or clean the stagnant air after a long absence.

Noise level is regulated by the Silence Dream system, comfort during sleep is monitored by Night Care functions. Using the timer, you can set the desired time to turn on / off the unit. There is an indicator of the current temperature level on the inner block. The safety of the device is controlled by the autorun and self-diagnosis system. In this series, the models also differ in terms of power. 09N – a weaker variation, 12N – more powerful. Consider the view of 12n. Cooling capacity – 3200 W, Warring – 3500 W, Consumable Heating Power – 1025 W. Elektrical Class – I, Energy Efficiency Class – B / B. Waterproofing internal block – IPX0, external – IP24.

Noise level inside – 32-40 dB (depending on the mode of operation), outside – 54DB. Weight – 8 and 28 kg, respectively.

TIMBERK AC TIM 09H P4 – Outdoor model that is one of the most popular from this manufacturer. Energy Class – B, power in heating and cooling mode is the same and amounts to 2600W, from additional modes of operation there are ventilation and drainage. Weight – 23 kg. The price is very low, while quality is quite high. This unit perfectly copes with its main task – the spread of cold and warm air.

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