The TV turns on and immediately turns off: the causes and their elimination

The life of a modern man is inextricably linked with scientific and technical achievements, one of which is TV. It is without this type of technology that no residential and work premises do. Given the increased demand for televisions, manufacturers constantly work on their improvement and implementation of new features that make the device indispensable in the process of obtaining information and leisure activities.

The intensive level of operation often leads to the emergence of various technical difficulties and even to break the TV. One of the most common problems is to turn off the device immediately after its inclusion. This problem may have several reasons for the appearance, some of which can be eliminated independently, and after the elimination of other problems it is necessary to contact special service centers.

Possible troubleshooting

The reasons for the fact that the TV is turned on and immediately turns off, there may be a wide list of failures. Specialists recommend not to succumb to panic if the device turns off and goes off the device. In most cases, there are minor malfunctions, which can be quickly eliminated themselves. Television masters recommend paying attention to the following list of such factors:

  • intermittent software;
  • Pollution of internal parts and a large accumulation of dust;
  • Inverter breakdown;
  • voltage difference;
  • disruption of the power supply operation;
  • installation of sleep mode;
  • breakage of the control panel;
  • Output buttons on the panel.

Experts recommend paying special attention to the moments that lead to the inverter malfunction and the appearance of microcracks of the power circuit tracks:

  • sudden voltage drops;
  • high level of air humidity;
  • strong overheating of the device;
  • Mechanical wear of component parts.

Signs of the power supply failure are the following symptoms:

  • lack of reaction when pressing the buttons;
  • uncontrolled turning on and off the device;
  • Fast swelling and flashing information system.

Should not be ignored as a cause of a human error problem that includes Technical defect, drop in transportation, erroneous use of the device, damage to the mains cable and socket, as well as entering the liquid and foreign items. It is these factors that often become causes of device failures.

How to eliminate?

Before you go for help in specialized workshops, Specialists recommend trying to solve the problem on their own. Modern TVs – high-tech devices that have a huge number of settings, and understand them is not easy to use the usual user. If the problem of turning off the device in incorrect setting of the mode is needed to carefully examine the manufacturer’s instructions and correctly set all the necessary parameters. And it is also necessary to check the quantity and quality of automatic updates that the device independently performs via the Internet.

Despite the high level of demand, The device owners are very rarely monitoring the cleanliness inside the device, Considering that it is enough to just wipe the dust from it. This position is in the root of the wrong, and excessive accumulation of dust and dirt on the internal parts can provoke their overheating, as well as the formation of sparks and closures. To prevent and eliminate this problem It is necessary to regularly remove the dirt and clean the device inside.

No less common cause of the problem may be Fault of the inverter and the appearance of cracks on it. These problems can be caused by frequent voltage drops, overheating, high humidity, breakdown of outlet and electrical elements. To independently restore the efficiency of the device, it is necessary to check all modules and power outputs, as well as the integrity of the contacts.

If necessary, it is worth cleaning them from dust, dirt and corrosion deposits. Despite the technical primitivity of this type of work, specialists are not recommended to conduct them independently in the absence of practical skills.

Unstable voltage – a dangerous phenomenon that can provoke not only the device shutdown, but also its full breakdown. If the manufacturer has not installed special electronic protection on the acquired model, then it is necessary to purchase and install a special voltage stabilizer that controls the frequency of current to the instrument.

Restore the operation of the power supply is almost impossible, so Experts recommend for help contact specialized workshops. Only in case of the guard breakdown, you can solve the problem independently. If the element swelled, and his leg burned out, experts recommend neatly dropping it and install a new device. Carry out other soldering works categorically prohibited. The unpleasant handling of the soldering iron can lead to a violation of the integrity of the tracks, as well as to damage the adjacent elements. If the problem lies in incorrect setting of sleep mode, then You must use the instructions to make all the necessary adjustments in the TV settings.

Intensive use of the control panel often leads to different types of breakdowns. If the buttons are erased in the device, it is possible to reanimate it at home. Specialists are recommended 2 times a year to clean the contacts and tracks with a special solution on an alcohol basis. In case the events did not bring the desired result, then it is better to purchase a new control panel.

Only specialists of special service centers can restore the efficiency of the buttons on the device itself.

Prevention measures

In order to avoid problems during the operation of the TV, and reduce the number of breakdowns, experts recommend carefully examining the manufacturer’s instructions before starting its operation. It is also necessary to carry out the following preventive measures:

  • regular removal of dust and cleaning internal parts from contamination;
  • Installation of voltage stabilizer;
  • Extraction of the plug of the outlet during the period of the device.

Specialists categorically prohibit a long time to use a TV in a wet room, as well as clutter the space around it with outsiders, which prevent the natural circulation of air flow. Significantly reduces the period of operation of the device installation in special niches that provoke excessive heating of parts.

Experienced hostesses do not recommend putting near the instrument room flowers and pets with pets. Water, food and residues of vital activity will necessarily fall on the surface of the internal elements and will lead to a breakdown of the device.

Conducting diagnostics at least once a year not only helps to identify the problem at the very beginning of its appearance, but even once again remove dust and dirt from the details. These events will help to save a significant amount of financial resources for the repair of the device and the acquisition of new details.

Do not be installed near the screen, powerful acoustic speakers, inside which are located magnets. These devices can trigger the magnetization of the elements, which, in turn, will have a negative impact on the operation of the entire device. And, of course, we should not forget about the disconnection of the device from the mains before leaving the house for a long period. It is strictly forbidden to include the TV to the network, the voltage range in which is out of 170 … 260 volts, as well as trust the control of minors to children.

TV – demanded and popular development, which serves as a source of obtaining both entertaining and news information. Despite its long-term use, many owners still admit a large number of errors during operation, which leads to breakdowns and technical problems. Before turning on the new device, it is necessary to carefully examine the instruction manual and listen to the recommendations of specialists.

When a malfunction is detected in the operation of the device, specialists are not recommended to solve the problem independently, but at home can be carried out at home. It is prevention that will help extend the period of operation of the TV.

About how to cope with this problem in the case of LG 26LC41 TV, see the following video.

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