The main characteristics of desktop fans and the subtleties of their choice

The modern household appliances market is filled with various air cooling devices, the most popular of which are considered desktop fans, which are characterized by a minimum level of noise and a wide feature functionality. When choosing such devices, you must familiarize yourself with their positive and negative features.

Principle of operation

Desktop fans – devices for creating a comfortable microclimate indoor. Modern models have a speed mode switch, turning the blades and angle of inclination. Desktop fans can be adjusted to blowout a specific zone. All devices are quite compact and easy to operate. There are devices that are performed in the original style decision. Thanks to this, the room becomes more interesting and colorful. Design features of desktops:

  • Support leg;
  • engine;
  • cord with a fork;
  • Control block;
  • blade with protective covers.

Fans for home are highly productive and designed to cool air. The principle of operation of such devices is as follows: the electric current enters the engine of the device, thereby begin to rotate the blades, creating air flows. The zone where the fan is directed, begins to gradually cool.

Advantages and disadvantages

Maintenance Benefits of desktop fans:

  • compactness that allows you to move the device from one place to another;
  • Democratic cost compared to outdoor fans and expensive air conditioners;
  • simplicity of installation and operation, after purchase it is enough to put the device on any surface, include on the network and enjoy cool;
  • Small overall dimensions and ease make it easier to move and store the device.

Revealed disadvantages of desktop cooling devices:

  • low power compared to outdoor devices;
  • Small radius of the cooled zone.


Like any household appliances, fans are classified depending on the design features and type of working body.


The most popular options for air cooling devices. At the heart of the device – moving air flows along its axis. Of all the modern models, this is the easiest device. Due to the ease of execution, a low price and good technical parameters, axial fans have gained wide fame among buyers. Used not only for domestic purposes, but also in the industrial segment. Models are produced with a small and maximum power, providing a large head of the air masses.

Different with high performance, because the blades of the device on the clothespin are minimal resistance to air. It provides low electric power consumption with rapid rotation of the blades.


Such models of fans are working due to the formation of centrifugal force. The principle of operation is: the air enters the rotor, from where as a result of centrifugal force, it acquires a certain speed. Most often, similar ventilation devices are used in an industrial segment, but are produced and small-sized powerful models for household needs. The main advantage of such devices should be considered their larger load on air consumption. The minus centrifugal fans is the complexity of the design.

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Such devices are considered the second in popularity of air cooling fans. Designed for installation in supply and exhaust ventilation circuits. The principle of operation includes two previous principles of the fans described.

The main advantage of similar devices – efficiency reaches 80%, small-size, metal performance and silent operation.


These ventilation devices with the turbine began to be produced more recently. Their main feature is the presence of an air accelerator that is capable of speeding up the flow movement up to 20 times. Works on the principle of the aerodynamic effect, that is, the fan frame increases the amount of air coming from the turbine due to the capture of additional air molecules from the outside. Negative characteristics of blind-free models include high cost and noise formation during operation. However, the positive features of the devices fully justify the disadvantages: Minimum electric power consumption, modern fashion design, uniform air supply, regulation of modes through the control panel and ease of operation.

Basically, light-blass fans with a turbine are designed for use at home and in offices.

How to choose?

Please choose the optimal device for ventilation at home, based on the popularity of the brand. Due to this, it is possible to acquire a really high-quality product from the world-famous manufacturer. Paying a little more money for the promoted brand, the buyer receives an excellent guarantee with the ability to repair in certified centers.

When buying cheaper devices, the likelihood of a poor quality fan is high, However, many modern manufacturers with less popular names are trying to produce good devices, so the cheapest is not always a sign of poor quality. No matter how well known the manufacturer, acquire the fan should be in accordance with the technical parameters of the device.

Criteria that modern ventilation devices must match.

  • Power indicators are the main technical parameters that affect the efficiency and the area of ​​the cooled room. For a large room, a fan is not suitable with a small power. It is recommended to choose the values ​​of this parameter that will be 2 times more necessary. This creates a small supply for cooling.
  • The noise of the device is the second important criterion when buying a fan. The parameter should not be higher than 30 dB, since at a high noise level people will have discomfort. The most silent devices are fans, in which the axes are installed on high-quality bearings instead of antifriction sleeves.
  • High-speed mode allows you to choose the consumer the required cooled air intake. Most models are equipped with regulators with which you can switch to two, three and more speeds.
  • Ability to regulate and steady work. It is necessary to pay attention to the adjustability of the main working part of the fan. Also, the device must steadily stand on the table even during the tilt of the blades.
  • Wireless management method allows to significantly facilitate the operation of the fan. Many modern devices are equipped with mini-consoles to enable and turn off the fan, switching speed and changes in many other parameters. However, the possibility of remote control increases the cost of equipment.
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When choosing a desktop fan, it is necessary to rely on all of the above basic criteria. However, this is not a complete list. For many modern devices, additional features are characterized, which makes fans as convenient as possible for use.

It can be:

  • illumination of the control unit, so that you can change the equipment parameters when the light is turned off;
  • timer that allows you to automatically turn on and off the device if necessary;
  • Motion sensor, with which the fan begins to function in any consumer movement;
  • Equipment with displays and mechanisms for moving the device.

The most prestigious models of fans are robotic mechanisms. The cost of such equipment is very high and not for the pocket to all buyers. A fan with a standard set of features is suitable for the usual consumer. The main thing is that the desktop fan regularly performs its function. And what fans do not take? Light desktop devices are considered less resistant and can often fall when the working body is rotated. Also, you should not choose very cheap models, many of them will soon be out of order.

It is recommended to stop your choice on popular brands.

Rating of the best models and reviews

Mystery MSF-2430

Model of middle power 35 W. Equipped with a mechanical control unit. Hong Kong manufacturer gives a guarantee for its products for 12 months. According to customer reviews, the following positive features of devices are revealed:

  • low cost for equipment with the possibility of installation on a written or dining table;
  • the ability to adjust the device head;
  • The service life exceeds 5 years;
  • Possibility of storage in a small package;
  • dimensions.

Negative sides:

  • discrete change of high-speed mode;
  • There is no function of smooth change in blowing;
  • During operation, vibrates, as a result of which the device moves on a smooth surface;
  • Material of manufacture – Low quality plastic;
  • Summer is very difficult to find in stores.

EG VL 5525 M

Model with a capacity of 30 W, performed from steel. Externally looks prestigious and fashionable. When touched leaves on its surface tracks. Sustainably works due to greater weight. Produced by a German manufacturer, the warranty period is 12 months. According to consumers reviews, this desktop fan has the following advantages:

  • Wide functionality of opportunities;
  • several speed modes;
  • the ability to adjust the slope of the blades;
  • fixation in one position;
  • Production material durable and durable;
  • low cost for steel equipment;
  • Original design.
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Disadvantages of the device:

  • high noise;
  • Glossy body surface quickly dumps.

Soler & Palau ARTIC-255 N

Produced by a company specializing in the production of cooling devices. It has a capacity of 35 W, the presence of 5 blades provides uniform air cooling. Equipped with a handle for the possibility of moving. Management – Mechanical, Number of Speeds – 2. Produced by Spanish company, warranty period 12 months. Consumers revealed the following positive moments of the fans:

  • ergonomics;
  • Designed for any surfaces;
  • High speed of blowing – 3.2 meters per second;
  • the ability to regulate the inclination of the work mechanism;
  • Production material – high quality plastic;
  • Low noise, quiet device operation;
  • Design in neutral shades.


  • not equipped with the possibility of alternating blowing;
  • high price.


Desktop device with overall dimensions, differing in original and modern design. In the configuration of the device there are three impellers. They are performed from soft materials to ensure safety. Special production technology provided blowing pure air mass without dust and dirt. Ease of operation is provided with autonomous operation of the equipment using the battery, that is, without connecting to the network. This allows you to function almost silently, with an average power with low energy consumption. Positive features of the equipment:

  • Fashionable appearance;
  • Turning head.


  • low performance;
  • Horregious.

Maxwell MW-3547

Budget desktop cooling device with low power in 25 W is intended for computer and coffee tables. In this case, the functionality of the possibilities is small: there are only two high-speed modes, the head slope is possible only for a direct angle. Produced in Hong Kong, the warranty period is 12 months. According to consumers, the Maxwell MW-3547 table fan has the following positive features:

  • compact dimensions;
  • the ability to turn off the head of the head 90 degrees;
  • adjustment of the direction of cooled air using the reversal or inclination of the case;
  • Classic appearance.

Main cons:

  • Low quality manufacturing material;
  • overestimated value.

Clever & Clean FF-01

Desktop with a large feature feature, it can be installed even on the wall. Benefits include:

  • Modern and interesting design;
  • adjustment of the direction of blowing in all directions;
  • Quality plastic.

Disadvantages of the device:

  • noisy work;
  • Poor-quality control panel.

In the next video you will find an overview of the Table Fan AEG VL 5528.

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