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Every year the virtual world takes an increasingly significant place in the life of a modern person. It is not surprising that in this situation the role of technical devices, which allow the user to feel in the game, if not at home, as in the improved version of real life. Particular attention to the lovers of cyberspace should be given to choosing suitable headphones.

Top manufacturers

Often gamers worries the question – the manufacturer’s headphones to choose for games. The modern market of devices is largely crowded, this segment covers hundreds of companies. On the one hand, it is bad because to make the right choice, especially without technical knowledge, it is difficult.

But if you try to look at the situation on the other hand, you can find in it and your positive moments.

In the conditions of acute competition, manufacturers invariably improve their products to stand out from the total mass and attract their buyer. To date, unambiguous leaders in the headphones segment for gamers are several firms.


This is the Taiwanese manufacturer of the game periphery. Company specialists know that you need to modern people. The devices of this brand have a high-quality microphone, besides, they are very convenient to use. Such headphones are distinguished by relatively small dimensions, so that the back and neck do not get tired even with long gaming sessions. Benefits can also include a wide variety of models: in the assortment portfolio there are both expensive headphones and more budget models available to the ordinary user.

However, they have their drawbacks, one of them is associated with poor reproduction of low frequencies.


The domestic trademark, which in the conditions of acute competition managed to break through into the masses and even won his fans. This was made possible thanks to the excellent Ergonomics of headphones. We are quite simple to use, in addition, in comparison with many other budget models, Defender provides a very decent sound. You can make an unambiguous conclusion that Products of this brand definitely deserves attention from computer games lovers.


Another Russian firm specializing in the release of gameiman devices. The headphones of this brand are characterized by an optimal price ratio – quality, due to which we are consistently high demand among gamers. The headset issues high quality sound reproduction even at the lowest frequencies. Special attention The manufacturer pays to the assembly, so the screenshots and backlays for the data of the headphones are atypical.

Although there was no shortcomings. In the products of this brand, weak sound insulation, so those surrounding can hear what only gamers are intended.


The young brand that began to master the market of devices for computer games relatively recently. Despite the high cost of products, the headphones of this brand have already won their army of fans.

When creating a headset, the most advanced sound technologies are used, the headphones do not simply provide complete dignification of sound, they also create a surround sound.

The list of advantages also includes device ergonomics – Manufacturers have thought out the design to the smallest details, due to which the headphones have become extremely comfortable in operation and comfortable in the sock.

Among other well-known manufacturers of headphones for gamers, you can allocate a few more brands.


It should be noted that this company has advanced primarily due to active marketing. In fact, in this company there has never been its own unique technical base and its own engineers, nevertheless, headphones have remained one of the best-selling. All the company shows how important the organization’s organization is the right approach to advertising, because at the ratio of the price – Quality These products are clearly overvalued, but still many users without oscillations pay considerable amounts for them and while they are satisfied with the purchase.


Famous worldwide manufacturer of audio engineering from America. The principle that the company adheres to: The main thing is the quality of products, which is why the sound and assembly remain unchanged at the height. This directly affects the cost of products, brand headphones are on average and expensive price segments.


This company does not need advertising, the manufacturer is known worldwide due to its budget headphone models. Firm Represents the widest range of gamers for gamers. Panasonic headphones combine pretty high-quality sound, while low cost.

However, they will not serve for a short time, but for such a price you can always change without any problems and delays to change them as you fail.


One of the most popular brands from Japan, although the company’s products are in demand far beyond their homeland. All models of headphones of this company Qualitatively collected and have a long period of use, while quality sound reproduction is comfortable for most players.


Chinese company, whose headphones combine decent quality with the budget value, seasoned by some of the interests of innovative solutions.

The manufacturer received worldwide fame after the start of the mobile phone is released, but today the assortment list contains a lot of devices.

Headphones occupy a special role and place in it. The quality of these products has proven that not always Chinese gadgets fall apart in their hands, and that the usual expensive technologies can have a low cost and at the same time give a good result.

Rating models

We offer an overview of the most popular models.


Cheap devices head our list.


Pretty interesting model with 3D sound playback effect in format A distinctive feature is a USB plug, due to which the headphones can be worn for PC games. To the undoubted advantages of the model include the brightness of the sound, stylish design and soft comfortable ambules – they are covered with elastic material Soft Touch, thanks to which the wearing of such headphones is significantly facilitated and their use is possible in children and adolescents.

The sound frequency range varies in the range of 20-20000 Hz, the impedance is 32 ohm with a sensitivity parameter 108 dB.

Cord with a length of 2.2 m, the supply is one-sided. The advantages of the model include High sound quality, cable and strip, as well as a good microphone at a fairly low cost.

From the disadvantages noted non-ideal landing – The fact is that the model is suitable only for a small head.

A4 Tech Bloody M-425

Comparatively good devices for cyberspace lovers. The headset has Good quality sound with stereo effect, most often used for games, but also suitable for watching movies from a smartphone or tablet. There is a built-in noise cancellation option, thanks to which the technical capabilities of the model are significantly expanding – Skype conversations become available, as well as amateur sound records. Such a model often buy For a gift to young gamers, But at the same time it should be noted that it is not necessary to wait too much from the model.

Supported frequency of 20-20000 Hz, impedance is 16 ohms at a sensitivity of 123 dB. Presented in three variants of color. There is a comfortable eye backlight and the ability to adjust headphones on the case.

A weak microphone is celebrated from the disadvantages, as well as too marks the surface – it entails the need once a month to clean the equipment.

Jeta GHP-400 Pro

One of the most advanced models, which in its quality and parameters of the sound card significantly Exceits all previous ones. Gadget is equipped with a powerful video card. If necessary, the microphone can be adjusted in height or disconnect. In its price segment, these headphones claim on one of the best models that give real pleasure from passing the game.

Supported frequency range in the corridor from 20 to 20,000 Hz, impedance – 32 ohms with sensitivity 112 dB. Cable Length 2.2 M. The headset allows you to adjust sound effects, gives high-quality surround sound. The pluses include a soft headband, a comfortable landing, a good microphone and the presence of LED backlight. Within its price segment disadvantages as such were not found.

Average price segment

These products have an ideal combination price – quality.

Logitech G233 Prodigy

Distinctive characteristics of this model – Removable cable, thanks to which the gamer can use both short and long cord, connect their headset and to the smartphone, and to a personal computer, if necessary. You can also connect a cord with any other connectors. An additional adapter is attached to the headphones of this model, and the microphone can be removed from the housing at any time. Contains the built-in Pro-G sound driver, which provides an increase in sound quality both at low and high frequencies. Ambushura is made of high quality wear-resistant plastics. They are light and compact, very comfortable.

Frequency range ranging from 20 to 2000 Hz, impedance is 32 ohms, 107 dB sensitivity parameter. The cable has a length of 2 m, and additional – 1.5 m.

The system allows you to perform fine sound settings. When you turn on the microphone Works noise protection. For maximum use of use Soft lining on nylon’s ear shells with polycarbonate are provided.

The disadvantage is associated with a short cord: long running with a tissue braid, and the short is a conventional rubber cord, so in the movement it turns about clothes, and it can lead to the appearance of unnecessary sounds.

A4 Tech Bloody M-615

The model is characterized by the highest quality of sound reproduction in a variety of ranges. This was made possible by using a 2-nuclear membrane made In accordance with Mycelium of Carbon IT technology.

Products provide 2 cable variants, as well as an adapter, thanks to which the headphones can be done truly game.

Supported range ranging from 20 to 2000 Hz, impedance is 16 ohms. Cable size – 1.3 m, additionally provided extension cable per 1 m.

There is a backlight. Mapps are made of breathable material, so the ears do not foggle.

Razer Kraken 7.1 v2

This product with increased sensitivity is intended for professional players. The device features branded sound technology in virtual audio format and increased frequency response.

In order to achieve sound in maximum quality, this gamer device needs to be connected to branded by Razer SynaPSE 2.0.


Ambushura is very comfortable, filled with polymermeter, so that the pressure on the ear shells and the player’s head is minimal. There is a signature backlight that provides over 10 million different shades. This is a homely version of the professional headset intended to go out in high quality cyberspace.

The frequency range ranges from 12 to 28000 Hz, the impedance is 32 ohms with a sensitivity of up to 118 dB. 2 m cable, has a tissue braid.

Of the disadvantages, some heavyness of the model are noted, as well as the need to install branded.

Gamers of the latest generation, equipped with the most reliable ESS components: There is a digital ES9018 digital converter, as well as the amplifier 9601K. Devices provide perfect virtual audio reproduction in format The option of the sensory control of the sound volume is provided – this allows the gamer not to be distracted from the game, and the multicolor backlight gives reality and entertainment in the game of events, in the literal sense of the word “immersing” in a new reality.

This model can be used for listening to audio recordings.

Frequencies are maintained in the range from 20 to 20,000 Hz, the resistance is 32 ohms.

Of the disadvantages, the cost is high for this segment.


We will get acquainted with popular models of the highest price category.


This model is optimal for computer games, because it is completely closed. The option of turning the microphone, the ability to adjust the volume and active suppression of background noise. Turns on through adapter. The headset provides a clear detailed sound, has a stylish appearance. Soft and anatomic amop, create maximum convenience while playing at home. However, do not provide complete sound insulation. Such models most often buy for newcomers in the world of computer games.

Frequency range ranging from 10 to 22000 Hz, resistance – 32 Ohms, sensitivity parameter -105 dB. Cord Length 2.1m.

The minuses include a harsh headband and the need for additional microphone setting in a personal computer.

Canyon CND-SGHS3

This headset, the diameter of the speakers of which is 5 cm. Has an option to adjust the volume, as well as a microphone. Headphones allow you to create a maximum immersion in the atmosphere of the game, differ in high sensitivity and natural clear sound. The handle and the amop are decorated with soft materials that possess property to memorize the shape of the ears of the shells and heads, so when used during long game sessions, they create the user maximum comfort.

These wired headphones are considered precisely game, for listening to melody or recording they are not quite acceptable.

Criterias of choice

Select headphones for the game need to consider the most different parameters.

  • Sensitivity – one of the relative characteristics that affects the volume of the sound. The optimal parameter will be the indicator in the corridor from 90 to 120 dB.
  • Impedance. This parameter does not affect the clarity of the sound, but at the same time directly affects its volume. To connect enough parameters from 32 to 40 ohms.
  • Power – characteristic that affects not only on sound quality, but also on his saturation. The power range is between 1 to 5000 MW, if this value is exceeded – the headphones are simply broken.
  • frequency range. Human’s ear can perceive sound oscillations with frequencies from about 18 to 20,000 Hz. If you are offered a model with a wider corridor, then it makes no sense for it – the human ear such frequencies simply will not be perceived.
  • Distortion. This parameter is also called the degree of nonlinear distortion, and the lower, the better. The optimal received range from 0.5 to 2%.
  • 3D Sound Support implies use in the work of technology 5.1 or
  • Noise suppression. Such an option is provided for a small number of models for gamers. Gaming headphones with active noise reduction – it is obviously high-quality devices. However, most of users, especially those who have problems with the vestibular apparatus, will carry this headset – it causes headaches.
  • Insulation from third-party sounds largely depends on the material from which the ambushory is made. So, made of foamed or soft materials give pretty good sound insulation parameters.
  • The list of the most important for gaming headphones characteristics also refer them Ergonomic, Since in such devices, as a rule, the player freezes for several hours and even half a day. From their comfort will largely depend not only success in computer games, but also health.

    If you are dealing with overhead models for gamers, then the key factor will be The method of fastening them on the head. Most often on sale you can find products with arc fasteners, which keeps through the headband. Arc, which connects the right and left cups, goes head on top, and if the headband will lay down too much and press up on the temple area, then a few minutes after the start of use, the player can start testing headache and even nausea. And there are models that are used for fixing hooks, clinging them for ear shells like glasses. For people who use real glasses, such structures are extremely uncomfortable.

    Whatever parameters are indicated in the technical documentation, the final decision can be taken only after the trial testing of the model. Very important option was the headphone volume switch. Optimally to adjust the sound could not be distracted from his game and without removing the device from the head.

    Top game headphones Looking further.

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