The best features for digital television

The term “digital television prefix” is widely used in relation to electronic devices capable of receiving a video content in accordance with the DVB standard and display it on the TV. The development of IP networks and broadband access ADSL made it possible to deliver good quality video, and accordingly the appearance of IPTV consoles.

Best manufacturers

Find today the TV receiver is not labor. TV consoles are sold in a large assortment on the market. There are cheap simple options and more expensive with automatic setup. Such gadgets were created specifically for digital television, which has recently crossed the whole country. In the top of the best manufacturers, brands from different countries have entered.


A rather well-known brand, under the brand of which the digital technique of various purposes. Receivers have a mass gain, including a pleasant value. All models are able to maintain widely used formats for photo and video, the adapter under Wi-Fi is built into them. Such aggregates demonstrate a steady, clean signal.

Users give their preference to these receiver due to their simplicity and flexibility of settings, as well as the clear menu provided in Russian. On many models there is an entrance for a flash drive, so you can view your favorite video directly from there.

In expensive consoles also present the possibility of recording TV program. It is very convenient if there is no possibility to look here and now.


The second most popular brand, which entered the market with compact on the size of the receivers. Their body in most cases is made from metal. The main difference of models is the presence of a large number of additional options, which could not not be noted the modern user. This is not only TimeShift, but also PVR, as well as the ACDOLBY option.

From other distinctive features, users around the world noted a bright display where you can see the necessary information on how the device is performed. If you make a choice in favor of such a console for digital television, you will not come up with a complex setting. Channel search can be made automatically or manually.


This company offers not only consoles, but antennas for them. More expensive models are made with the display, there is no option for the budget segment. The case is made of plastic or metal, from which the price of the receiver depends. Inside a built-in a modern processor – it is he who is responsible for the impressive speed of processing the resulting signal.

Power consumption is only 8 W. Even if the device has to work without a break, its housing remains cold. The video can be played with a different type of resolution:

  • 480i;
  • 576i;
  • 480p;
  • 576p.


The brand is engaged in the manufacture of both consoles and antennas for them. From the main advantages – compatibility, even with old models of TVs, regardless of the brand. As a filling – an operating system from all the famous Android. You can connect an external Wi-Fi module or use most popular Internet services such as YouTube and Megogo. The prefix comes with a control panel, which has very sensitive buttons. There is an HDMI cable.

DVB-T2 models are able to maintain almost all sought-after formats, including:

  • JPEG;
  • PNG;
  • BMP;
  • Gif;
  • MPEG2.


Receivers produced under this brand work in the DVB-T2 standard. Of the advantages that users noted:

  • good sound quality and image;
  • can broadcast more channels;
  • signal reception is always stable;
  • It connects simply;
  • no need to additionally attach many cables.

The manufacturer carefully thought out the menu and made it intuitively understandable, so even a child can control the prefix.


Devices demonstrate a stable signal reception, since all receivers have high sensitivity. This is one of the few receiver, where there is a function of “parental control”. Channel search can be carried out automatically or manually. Stuffed – the latest version software that can be updated regularly.

BBK Electronics

Mark appeared in our market in 1995. Most television prefixes can support only DVB-T2, but there are also those that can be used with cable TV television. Users such aggregates were popular for reliability, versatility. It is inexpensive, but at the same time universal models that, among other things, are also convenient to operate.

As a control device uses a remote control. The video recorded on the flash card can also be played through the console.


Produces T2 receivers used to broadcast digital TV. The built-in display appears during operation of the channel and how the signal is applied at what level. Durable plastic is used as the main material for the production of housing.

The console can work with the files of the most common formats, including MP4, H. 264. The manufacturer thought out such useful functions as “teletext” and “Guide on Programs”.


This brand is located in a premium segment in the modern market. Consoles are produced for vehicles.

Stable operation of the equipment is carried out at temperatures from -10 to + 60 ° C. Equipment can support the resolution of 720p / 1080i. Listening to music and even playing files from an external drive. The average number of received signals – 20.

Rating models

The rating of modern receivers presented below is the budget models of DVB-T2 and more expensive options.

Humax DTR-T2000 500 GB

Full-featured model for receiving a digital signal that has 500 GB of additional memory. This is an easy-to-use tuner, thanks to which you can watch and listen to hundreds of free channels, as well as access programs from Netflix. Whatever the television model either chose the user, the manufacturer has provided an additional place to store files and the “Parental Control” option. However, only 2 channels can be recorded at the same time.

The receiver has auxiliary equipment: Remote control, 2x AAA batteries, HDMI cable, Local network cable. There is an Internet connection via Local Networks and Wi-Fi. Number of USB ports – 1, service TV – YouView.

Humax HDR-1100S 500 GB Freesat with Freetime HD

This equipment is simple and understandable to use, the user can record 2 channels at the same time. The most successful purchase that could be dreaming about. There is access to online TV companies such as iPlayer and NetFlix. The “Parental Control” option is not as impressive as on the model youview from Humax, and the buttons on the remote control is quite rigid.

Humax HB-1100S Freesat

If you are not too worried about the ability to record your favorite show, but still want to access the channels through Freesat, then HUMAX HB-1100S will be the perfect budget console. Compact and easy-to-use electronic software guide still allows you to scroll through the program for seven days. Thus, it becomes very easy to find the desired video on request.

The receiver connects to the Internet via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, it is possible to watch Netflix, YouTube, iPlayer and much more. Hard disk is absent, TV maintenance is made through Freesat.

Humax FVP-5000T 500 GB

FVP-5000T – the best version of FREEVIEW from the above models, provides up to 500 hours of entry of your favorite channels. You can simply watch or record LiveTV, while do it immediately on 4 different channels.

The manufacturer has envisaged access to Netflix, All 4 and ITV Player. However, the receiver does not have an application NOW TV and the “Parental Control” options.

Manhattan T3-R FREEView Play 4K

If viewing shows and movies to the highest possible quality is important for the user, this prefix makes it possible to watch the video in the 4K resolution – the main thing is that there was a compatible TV.

Currently, this quality is available only in Youtube and iPlayer Catch-Up, although you can add additional services. There are on sale models with 500 GB of additional memory, as well as with a hard disk for 1 TB.

Manhattan T2-R 500 GB FREEVIEW

If the ability to record television programs is more priority than access to online services, then the fiscal version of the FREEVIEW may be the perfect solution. The receiver allows you to record up to 2 channels at the same time. With his 500 GB hard disk recording can be extended by 300 hours.


To make the equipment, it is enough to connect the digital prefix STB14HD HD to the usual TV with one of the many options. It is also convenient to record Live TV directly on the flash drive or external hard drive and reproduce popular multimedia formats.

Included there is a remote control that allows you to manage important TV functions. Of the technical characteristics:

  • Supported Standards – DVB-T (MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 / H. 264);
  • hardware scaling and decoding;
  • simultaneous analog and digital outputs;
  • HDMI output (up to 1080p / 60Hz);
  • YPBPR / RGB Component output (1080p / 1080i / 720p / 570p / 480p / 576i / 480i);
  • receiving audio and subtitles of the multi-language;
  • Teletext and subtitles (closed signatures);
  • software;
  • scheduled entry;
  • Supported Standards – DVB-T / MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 / H. 264;
  • File system – NTFS / FAT16 / 32;
  • CVBS output – PAL / NTSC;
  • YPBPR / RGB output – 1080p / 1080i / 720p / 570p / 480p / 576i / 480i;
  • Audio output – Stereo / Joint Stereo / Mono / Double Mono;
  • Power supply – 90 ~ 250VAC 50 / 60Hz;
  • Power – 10 W Max.

From formats:

  • Photo – JPEG, BMP, PNG;
  • Audio – WMA, MP3, AAC (. WMA,. mp3,. M4A);
  • Video: MPEG1 / MPEG2 / H. 264 / VC-1 / Motion JPEG, (FLV, AVI, MPG, Dat, Vob, Mov, MKV, MJPEG, TS, TRP).


SRT5434 High Definition with the recording function is suitable almost on any TV, even on the old, where it provides analog access to digital television. The user can record video directly to the USB drive (it is not included), and then play at any time. The manufacturer provided the opportunity to watch the video, photos and listen to music from a USB device. There is support for HDMI and RCA-output. There is compatibility with MPEG4.

When using the prefix, you may need to customize the output channel for each SRT5434 unit. Changing the channel on the remote control will affect all blocks. To solve this problem, the prefix has control buttons on the front panel.

Android Smart Media Player UHD HDR 4K2K

Stunning clarity, bright color gives this prefix of a new generation. The receiver also supports HDR and HDR10 + content, additionally it adjusts white and dark tones, which improves image quality. Thanks to the 4-core AMLogic S905x processor, 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB flash memory films will be played without delay and load faster. All sound formats from 2-channel stereo to 7.1 Dolby Digital provide high quality sound.

Android OS has unlimited extension, USB, HDMI, LAN, DLNA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network. All this gives the user limitless possibilities. With this receiver, any TV is easy to turn into a smart device. In addition, the 2-band AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth means that you can easily connect to wireless networks or media player.

How to choose?

To choose a good television console, it is desirable not only to rely on feedback, but also to view the technical parameters of the receiver in more detail. The choice largely depends on the quality of the received signal, additional functions, simplicity of the menu and other characteristics.

There are 3 main types of telepoxts to choose. YouView and FreeView use a digital antenna for receiving broadcasting, while Freesat requires a mandatory satellite plates.


FreeView offers about 70 standard clarity channels (SD), 15 high-definition channels (HD) and more than 30 radio channels, depending on where the user is. If there is already an antenna, it is the most unproofy for the wallet version.

Two versions of television prefixes FREEVIEW have been developed:

  • FREEVIEW PLAY BOXES has additional services such as iPlayer and ITV Player, integrated into the program management, thanks to which you can quickly play a previously broadcast show, even if the user has not recorded it (if the box is connected to the Internet), as well as other streaming applications;
  • FREEVIEW + TV show – As a rule, a more accessible option, but does not offer the ability to scroll back and does not provide some additional services.


Designed in 2012, Youview was the first option that launched a telecase with additional features and television services integrated into the program management. Youview Receivers still have one advantage that is not enough in FREEVIEW – Enable TV applications. That is, the user can watch the Sky On-Demand online TV service (if signed on it) without the need for additional installation.


Free digital television service that offers the same digital channels as FREEVIEW, as well as several additional – for example, HD, music. Be sure to use satellite antenna for receiving gears. This is a cheaper option, if there is already such an antenna connected to the house. Ideal if the user used to be a satellite television client.

Most of the Freesat television prefix allow you to scroll back and forward through the program’s guide and quickly access the show on additional services.

Also when choosing a console for digital television worth considering other functions.

  • HD or SD. Most modern television consoles can play HD channels, but not all. Some of them give access only to the SD version.
  • HDD. If the user wants to record telecast for viewing in his free time, he will need a prefix with a built-in hard disk. Such options usually include 500 GB, 1 or 2 TB memory of the storage device. In the simplest version, you can burn up to 300 hours of SD-show or 125 hours HD video.
  • Online TV services. Some consoles allow you to watch online TV without the need for an additional internet connection. Services vary depending on the brand of the receiver.
  • Internet connection. Most modern consoles have an Ethernet port, so you can always pave a cable between the router and the box. So organizes the easiest connection to the Internet, through which online television services are available. However, if the router is not next to the place where it is planned to place the console, it may be necessary to pave the cable throughout the house.

Some receivers are also equipped with Wi-Fi – such models are allowed to install away from the router.

Review reviews

Users note that modern consoles allow you to watch high-quality channels. But before purchase, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics that manufacturer declares.

If there is no Wi-Fi distributor, then it is better to acquire a receiver with an entrance under the cable. The more modern prefix, the newer it should be a TV to which it is supposed to be installed. Inexpensive budget options will not give such opportunities as those for which the impressive means will have to pay.

About how to install, connect and configure Digital Essential TV DVB T2 receiver, see the following video.

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