Table Stands and Brackets for TV

Televisions have experienced evolution, turning from huge boxes in ultrafine models with the design name “Glass Leaf”. If the technique of the past could be put on a table or an end without a stand, then modern products with their fragile sophisticated form need support. Manufacturers of various companies independently develop stands for their devices, and today they are released as much as the TVs themselves. The article will discuss the desktop versions of support for modern television equipment.

Pros and cons

Flat TVs have a variety of dimensions of screens, for many of them, tables have to be ordered.

But the plus of modern electronics is its relatively small weight, which allows even impressive models to install, for example, on glass stands.

The most convenient devices for supporting TVs today are found on brackets, Since they have a lot of indisputable advantages:

  • Brackets reliably fix electronics on the table, it is impossible to move and smash;
  • their big plus – Easy, compact, But at the same time, strength and reliability;
  • Stands do not spoil the surface of the furniture, Since it is most often fixed at the table top with the help of clamps (clamps);
  • Desktop stand on brackets Allows you to install the TV under any convenient to view the angle;
  • It is so invisible, that absolutely does not interfere with correctly introduce electronics into the interior;
  • Special comfort deliver Rotary stands with rotational functions, With their help, the TV can be deployed to any part of the room;
  • Often the stand has Cable Channel for the convenience of laying the wire;
  • price such products are available to each.

    Cons of desktop structures are not so significant, but they still have:

    • Set stands only near the outlets;
    • Miniature brackets well hide behind the TV screen, But the wires most often spoil aesthetics, they have to invent masking boxes;
    • Over time, the elements of the stand under the load of the TV May be fed.


      All desktop stands can be divided into two types:

      • Decorative, adorning not only the table, but also participating in the creation of the design of the room;
      • Stands with brackets.

      To make it easier to understand the difference, we describe each view separately and give examples.


      From which material of the product is neither produced, they look wonderful. Glass Creates the effect of a guar of a TV in the air. Metal emphasizes the modern spirit of the interior. Wood introduces heat and comfort to the surrounding.

      Combined Products Platy are embedded in any design.

      Decorative stands most often produce fixed, located on them, TV is incapable of changing their position. But sometimes under the platform, the manufacturer sets the rotating circle, then the electronics can be revisted around its axis. This device is convenient for large rooms with the central location of the TV when the screen can be rotated to the viewer in any direction.


      Such supports are performed from superproof tempered glass and with confidence withstand TVs with a mass designated in the instructions. Products most often have a black, matte or transparent surface. Designs are equipped with small chrome legs or contain a flat foundation. Often consist of one or more shelves. A wide variety of glass stands can be seen on the examples.

      • Two-tier stand with chrome legs.

      • The simplest sample glass desktop stand. It is used when they do not want to focus on such an element of furniture, or when it is necessary to add to the airiness and light interior.

      • Elegant product using black glass and chrome details.

      • Small plasma stand with three transparent shelves and a mesh rack.

      • Stand in the style of minimalism of bent black glass.

      • Three-tier model of glass and metal.

      • Unusual stand under the TV, made entirely of glass.


      Aluminum and steel are most often used to create products with brackets. But of them may turn out and open elegant shelves under electronics.

      • Desktop stand Under a metal TV with stationery accessories. Compact, useful and multifunctional piece of furniture.
      • Aluminum stand Fellowes Smart Suites.
      • White Openwork Decorative Product Metal.


      Stands made of wood are pretty beautiful and fit into many interior styles:

      • Support – organizer from a natural bamboo;

      • A simple concise product from the wood array;

      • Environmentally friendly rack made of natural material;

      • model under TV with drawers;

      • Multifunctional wood stand;

      • Decorative regiment under TV, beautiful and practical;

      • Smooth curved lines will suit the modern interior;

      • Beautiful wave of bentwood.

      Stands with brackets

      To the second, even more numerous, the group includes stands with brackets. They are produced from durable metal capable of withstanding the weight of even the largest plasma. The holders in the interior are invisible, as they hide behind the TV screen. They do not focus on themselves, providing beautiful modern techniques to play a dominant role.

      But the big advantage of brackets is that They can “file” the display under the desired viewer an angle, raise it to the necessary height, turn in the selected direction.

      Some desktop products with small transformation turn into walls – it expands the use of structures. All products on the brackets can be fixed or movable, which, in turn, are divided into several species.


      The product is a steady platform with a rack on which a frame is located with a minimum number of brackets. They tightly fix the TV to the frame.

      Such a device does not allow the technique to make any movements without the participation of the platform – that is, you can turn the TV only with the stand.


      Further it will be about moving brackets, they cost more, but the demand for them is more, as the attachments make it possible to install the TV at optimally convenient for the viewer.

      Moving fasteners are different species.

      • Inclined. Models can change the angle of inclination. They are simpler to rotate, but are able to withstand a large load, for example, TVs with a screen diagonal of 70 inches.

      • Rotary-oblique. Stand with swivel-oblique brackets the most popular, as it offers more opportunities. With this model, the TV in relation to the viewer can be set perfectly by choosing a convenient angle of inclination and turning the screen up to 180 degrees. Such mobility makes it possible if necessary to quickly change the location of the display and send it to the other side. Rotary-oblique brackets make it possible to install the TV and in the corner zone.

      You can choose brackets capable of controlling the remote independently change the location of the electronics. But the cost of such products will be high. The disadvantages of the rotary-inclined design are the limit in the weight of the TV and the inability to move the stand close to the wall.

        • Rotary-retractable. Such stands have the maximum level of freedom, which gives you the ability to correct the location of the TV at the discretion of the host. The swivel bracket is endowed with a retractable design that allows not only to twist and tilt the display, but also move it into different directions. The device, for example, will help deploy the screen in the opposite side from the window, thereby stopping the highlights.

        The disadvantage of such a stand becomes Restriction in the sizes of electronics – Displays of TVs that can withstand sliding designs should not exceed 40 inches.

        How to choose?

        Going for buying a desktop stand under the TV, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the form of the model: it will be a spectacular decorative product that supports the overall design of the room, or a convenient functional design on the brackets.

        Choosing a decorative stand, you should pay attention to a number of criteria.

        • Form, color and material must match the style of the room. To do this, it should be remembered that the metal suits the directions of high-tech, loft, minimalism; Glass – fusion; plastic – modern interiors; Universal tree.
        • Can choose stationary or rotating option.
        • If the house is small children, it is better to prefer Stand with a clamp. Rigid fixation will allow to protect the equipment from falling.
        • For a TV installed on the desktop, it is advisable to pay attention to Stand with shelves for stationery or computer accessories, stand-organizer. Such a choice will increase the functionality of the table and will help bring the little things in order.
        • There are stands with channels and special fasteners for wires. Such options greatly improve the appearance of the table top containing the technique.
        • The most important criterion of choice is the stability, reliability and compliance with the weight of the electronic device. About the load that the stand is capable of receiving, you should ask the seller, comparing it with the mass of your TV.

          If we are talking about choosing a desktop stand with brackets, you should also consider certain nuances.

          • It is better to prefer a rotary-oblique or swivel-retractable option. This will allow you to move the screen in the right direction. But you should remember the constraints – the display diagonal should not exceed 40 inches.
          • If the TV will be fixed in one position, Do not overpay – you can buy the simplest fixed brackets.
          • Those who love comfort and ready to pay for it, it is worth paying attention to On the model of self-regulating fasteners on the control panel.
          • Be sure to Remove fasteners with the mass of your TV.
          • Do not purchase holders with plastic elements.
          • In the market can be found Many fakes, and stands are not an exception. But they will have to hold expensive electronics. It is better to choose products of proven brands. Or ask the seller from the Security Certificate: If the bracket meets modern requirements, it will have a TUV marking.

            Choosing a TV stand, you should remember that Summary of technology The viewer is very important. Uncomfortable screen can deprive the opportunity to enjoy watching your favorite movie. And yet, the stand must be reliable for all 100%, especially if small children live in the house.

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