Subwoofers for the house: the best models and secrets of choice

House subwoofers – active and passive for cinema, sound system, is customary, if you want to get really deep and beautiful sound. This component is required to play the lowest frequency, without it it is impossible to achieve that volume effect when working acoustics, which is so appreciated by real music lovers and fans of cinema.

What you need to find out before choosing a home the best model, which setting will be required to the device for correct operation, what is the serets of choice – in all this it is worth to figure out in more detail.

Main characteristics

Subwoofer is a device operating at the lowest frequencies. With it, you can achieve the “presence effect”, full immersion in the atmosphere of the events occurring on the screen. For home theater, this component is especially important, because without it the sound will be “flat”. A musical center or acoustics with a subwoofer also begins to sound completely different, showing all the depth and strength of bass parties. To connect it, it is not necessary for the wire – modern models of devices are completely successful without it, forming a connection via Bluetooth.

The subwoofer for the house is a compact acoustic system capable of reproducing sounds in the frequency range from 15 to 180 Hz, But the human ear perceives them until the achievement of 20 Hz, so not worth looking for the lowest indicators.

By type of head design, all models are divided into strip, closed and phase inverter.

The main characteristics of the product include power. It is determined based on similar indicators of the remaining components of the system. On average, the proportion should be as follows: 1 watt of frontal column 1.5 W Subwoofer. Proper ratio helps to get good dynamic sound characteristics.

In passive subwoofers among the characteristics you can meet the recommended power. In active models, instead of this parameter will be simply the designation RMS / DIN. No less important separation frequency – it determines how moment the sound will be reproduced by the subwoofer. For example, with an indicator of 120 Hz, the subwoofer will take all lower signals. Sensitivity – this characteristic determines the volume of the sound. What it is higher, the better the efficiency coefficient of the amplifier will be. With low sensitivity, even powerful speakers sound not too loud. Audio systems that already have a subwoofer are indicated as 2.fifteen.1, 7.1, where 1 after the point and indicates the availability of a device for reproducing low frequencies.

Review of species

All subwoofers for home theater or musical acoustics have different types of body design, distinguished by the presence or absence of a built-in amplifier. The quality of the sound depends on acoustic design. All subwoofers in their execution can be divided into several types.

  • Closed. The simplest on the execution, without sound leaks from the radiating surface. Subwoofers of this type have the ability to reproduce saturated, deep bass, but the sound pressure on the head diffuser due to their design features is also increasing. Manufacturers have to search for a compromise – make the body more cumbersome or lose as and the volume of sound.

  • Phase inverter. In such subwoofers there is a phase inverter – a rounded hole, located on the side, from the rear or on the front panel. Such a design increases the range of the disorder of the diffuser, the ability to reproduce even lower bass. As well as its distinctive feature is the increased sensitivity to sound distortion, the device requires a thin and accurate setting.

  • Strip. These options are considered a kind of filter species with similar functions. The case of such a subwoofer is divided into 2 parts – completely closed and phase inverter, with a hole. The system receives a smaller range, but the volume increases significantly. Strip subwoofer filters is present with fine tuning, they combine the advantages of other types of design.

According to the cost of the most accessible phase inverter models. Closed subwoofers and strip options cost significantly more expensive.


Subwoofers of this type have a built-in amplifier, with which there is a processing of the incoming audio. Such models may have a wired or wireless connection with other components of the acoustic system, they are connected to it directly. Such subwoofers are more expensive than passive. Monolithic acoustics is always more compact, but somewhat loses as a sound due to the need to put all components into the case immediately.

Among the obvious advantages of active subwoofers can be noted a significant reduction in the load on the home theater receiver. Phase inverter models of this type are calculated on the installation in a large space, where significant amounts of air masses are available for oscillation. In a limited area, for example, in the car trunk, they will resonate. The disadvantages include air heating in the case, the absence of additional filters from interference.


Such a subwoofer is equipped with one or more low-frequency heads, connects to the amplifier through the cable. It is well suited in order to turn on the home cinema system. In this case, an external amplifier is connected to the receiver. Such devices have no restrictions on the form and size of the housing, they are often manufactured in an unusual configuration.

Sometimes passive subwoofers are connected through a separation filter frequency filter. Such a combination makes it possible to deepen the sound of bass. In addition, the range of supported frequencies increases significantly. Of the shortcomings of passive models, you can note the worsening of the sound at high volume – they are used primarily at the average level.

Rating the best models

Subwoofers are customary to choose the quality of sound, the compliance of the technical characteristics of the tasks set before the device. Consider in more detail the top and most relevant models.

  • JBL LSR310S. The optimal option for price and quality ratio. The housing is made of wooden panels, on its back panels are hidden 2 balanced entrances, allowing connecting equipment for concert and studio use. Subwoofer has a power of 200 W, easily covers the sound area to 45 m².

  • Polk Audio PSW111. This subwoofer is designed in the USA, going to China. The model is designed to premise with an area of ​​up to 30 m², herself takes no more than 1 m². The technique is equipped with a built-in amplifier, composite diffuser and bass driver. The housing is made of MDF, inside there are ribs and dampers to repay emerging resonances. Subwoofer weighs 9 kg.

  • ONKYO SKW-770. Budget phase inverter model from the famous Japanese manufacturer. Its distinguishes the presence of the Standby function, operating frequency range from 25 to 200 Hz, compact size, convenient for desktop and floor placement. 120 W power enough for premises with an area of ​​no more than 30 m².

  • Pioneer S-51W. Active subwoofer from a Japanese brand known to his car whitewash. In the home version there is an option for rooms of the midline – up to 20-25 m². The model has a wide range of operating frequencies – from 26 to 900 Hz, the driver with a diagonal of 20 cm works in a set with a 150 W amplifier.

Subwoofer is distinguished by an elegant design, fits well in almost any interior.

  • Yamaha YST-FSW100. Budget subwoofer of closed type, designed for rooms up to 20 m². The optimal choice for home use – the technique is going to Indonesia, has a power of 130 W. The sound monopolar, directed, adjust the sensitivity and volume can be not only software methods, but also by changing the position of the device in space.

  • MJ Acoustics Reference 100 MKII. The most technological subwoofer, which is produced in England. It has a very interesting feature set. The model refers to the subwoofers of a closed type, bass sounds clean and without extraneous distortion. 120 W capacity is enough for a room in 30 m², machinery is equipped with an extra pair (loudspeaker / amplifier in a common case). This subwoofer even reproduces frequencies at the infrasound level – up to 13 Hz, there is adjustment of the frequency of the crossover and overload protection. Management is carried out with a company console.

How to choose?

Choosing a subwoofer home, it is worth paying attention to a number of moments that determine the convenience of its operation. It matters as a subjective feeling of his sound, for example, an assessment of juits, brightness, volume, and objective consideration of the technical characteristics. It is worth noting several of the most significant parameters.

  • Range of operating frequency. For private use, suitable subwoofer models with range from 20 to 80 Hz (deep and medium). Higher indicators in the home theater system or full acoustics usually have satellites – speakers. Accordingly, the range of possibilities of the subwoofer Over 80 Hz will not be fully disclosed.
  • Sensitivity. It is determined by SPL – sound pressure. Than they are higher, the smaller power of the amplifier will need to ensure good volume.
  • Sizes and weight. For a small room it is better to choose more compact phase inverter models. Due to the characteristics of the design, they are placed in the most compact buildings. All other subwoofers are of size and weight proportional to their power. The biggest and heavy models are designed for concert halls.
  • Quality of sound. It directly depends on the type of acoustic design of the product. Powerful closed design subwoofer gives the smallest acoustic distortion. He is perfect for listening to music, but he is the biggest on the dimensions and cumbersome. An alternative to him can be a model from Yamaha. This brand has subwoofers with emitters of passive type and acoustic maze, allowing to reduce body sizes without loss of sound quality.
  • Amplifier. For home use, the optimal selection will be a subwoofer with an already built-in module. A set of low-frequency device with an amplifier in the housing will allow directly connecting to the home theater system, computer. It has the value and power of amplification – 40-50 W enough to ensure the normal operation of the subwoofer with a sensitivity of about 85 dB.
  • Dimensions and performance of speakers. There is a rather clear separation. For example, a model with a small paper bag of 8 inches is considered a good addition to the desktop audio system. For home cinema, diffusers should be 2-4 inches more in diameter, made from carbon or metal.

These parameters can be called basic. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the design and general compliance of the system used is also important for home acoustics. Optimally, if the home theater and subwoofer will be released with one brand.

The choice of device of another manufacturer will require a more complex and accurate accounting of all parameters.

Connection and configuration

The installation of the subwoofer requires a serious approach, because the device depends on the right choice of space for the velocity, how well it will cope with its tasks. It is worth considering that in the usual room, regardless of the area, the sound is reflected from the walls, low frequencies lose their depth. If you want to get the most juicy bass, it is worth taking care of the careful preparation of the premises, with the insulating surfaces with sound screening materials. Selection of space is usually carried out by experienced. The subwoofer turns on, the test record is started, and then it is rearranged by listening to the same fragment. Where the LC will sound the most bright and loudly, you need to install the technique on an ongoing basis.

The need to configure the subwoofer after connecting to the crossover occurs in cases where it is required to change the cutoff frequency – the level on which the sound from the speakers will be transferred to it.

If the standard parameters are not suitable, you will have to adjust them manually. An average recreation level is 80 Hz. With an increase in this indicator and the subwoofer frequency range will increase.

Connect the device to the receiver of the home theater or speaker system can be directly directly by RCA cable. This method works for active subwoofers already equipped with a built-in amplifier. It is enough to connect all components with a wired method, and the system will work. If you need to connect a passive subwoofer, in some systems there are already a LF-gain module for this. When it is not, you will have to use a stereoxylter as an element of a common circuit, connecting it with a stereo and device input.

How to choose a budget subwoofer with a box, look in the following video.

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