Stereo Players “Radio Engineering”: Features, Model Overview, Connection

Currently, digital storage technologies and information reproduction received wide distribution, including sound. But the players of vinyl records are still popular. In this article, we will talk about the stereo players of the Radio Engineering, their distinctive features, as well as how to connect and configure the electric player.


The radio player “Radio Engineering” has, like any device, its advantages and disadvantages. These electrical equipment can be attributed to the pros.

  • Attractive appearance. The case of a rectangular shape is made of wood (first models) or metal with plastic inserts. The rigor of the forms, the classic style is valued at all times.
  • excellent quality Sound Play.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Long service life.

    The disadvantages of this line of players, perhaps, can be attributed only to those considered to be outdated.

    Review models

    For greater clarity, the specifications of the models are reduced to a small table.






    Power consumption, W





    Vinyl rotation speed, rpm

    33.33; 45,11

    33.33; 45,11

    33.33; 45,11; 78

    33.33; 45,11

    Sizes, see

    48 * 35 * 18

    43 * 33.5 * 16.5

    43 * 33,5 * 16.0

    43 * 33,5 * 13.5

    Net weight, kg





    Detonation coefficient,%

    Not more than 0.1

    Not more than 0.15

    Not more than 1,5

    Not more than 0.15

    Operating frequency range, Hz

    31.5 – 18000

    31.5 – 16000

    80 – 12500

    20 – 20000

    As can be seen from the given data, models are slightly different. The range of reproducible frequencies varies in small limits – maximum from 20 to 20,000 Hz in Aria-102, minimum – from 31.5 to 16000 Hz in EP-101. The dimensions are almost the same. Here is a lot of such a thing already to say – “Radio engineering-301-stereo” is about 2 times more than that of other models.

    How to connect?

    How to set up an electric player for full work? The sequence of actions when the device is first turned on.

    • First of all, it is necessary Check the location of the device. Requirements such – a flat horizontal plane removed from the electrical appliances capable of creating interference.
    • Next goes Player assembly process (if you already have a collected, you can skip this stage). Unpack all components. Put the device housing to the selected location. Fasten the lid and test it with a fixation at an angle of 45 degrees. If it starts to fall, screw the loops screws. Then connect all items according to the device scheme.
    • If you need speakers or other amplifiers, Connect them.
    • Stick the plug from the power cord into the outlet Electrics.
    • Put the vinyl disk (plate) on the circle. Install the required rotation frequency of the record.
    • Turn on the player.
    • Remove the needle holder from the fuse. Install the needle to the desired groove. The microlift lever must be in the lower position.

    Finally, several tips on handling a player. It should be noted that special caution should be observed when handling the pickup.

    Do not touch it with your fingers, after playing the plate, return the fuse of the needle holder to its original position.

    Do not let me up to the device of children and domestic animals. Use only clean and intact records. Do not forget to clean and lubricate nodes. Treat carefully to your technique, and then she will be happy to please you.

    Review of the player “Radio Engineering” See More.

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