Stereo handphones: features, models review, selection criteria

Stereon handicrafts are very popular. These gadgets have a number of weighty advantages in comparison with the monosystems. The range of the proposed models is so wide that the choice, not knowing all the subtleties and nuances, is quite difficult.

In our informational review, we will try to figure out how to choose reliable and high-quality stereo handphones correctly, so that they allow you to enjoy perfect sound performance.


First, let’s figure it out in what the definition of “stereo sound” means. Imagine that you have one ordinary microphone where you can write only one audio file. You can place it in front of an entire orchestra right in the middle of the hall and record. In this case, you will receive Monozvuk: If you reproduce the audition in the headphones, it will turn out that in the right ear you will hear the same melody as in the left. When listening to the impression will be created that the sound is like in the center somewhere between these headphones.

Now imagine that you have two microphones: one stands to the right of the orchestra, and the other left. You made a record again and it turned out that each of the microphones made his version of what the musicians played. At first glance it may seem that these records are identical – but this is not so. If you reproduce an audition in headphones, it will turn out that the signal comes from the right microphone will sound in the right -. And in the left ear is recorded, respectively, from the left.

Thus, if you say simply, the stereo is when the sound of the right is slightly different from the sound on the left.

The stereo system provides more powerful, volumetric and clean sound in which the listener can distinguish tens and hundreds of shades. This means that at the time of listening to melodies or other audio recordings, as well as when watching movies, each user will be able to perceive all the thinnest sound nuances, which were inaccessible to them during the years, which exceptionally single-channel audio systems were available on sale.

Stereo models are available in a variety of types: they can be wired, as well as wireless, universal or “sharpened” under community with defined devices. Some models are complemented by microphones.

Pros and cons

The parameters of stereo handphones include several important characteristics, which directly depends on the quality of sound reproduction.

The stereo system covers the entire accessible band range. As you know, the hearing body of a healthy person can perceive acoustic oscillations in the frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. The overwhelming majority of stereo handphones are marked with exactly as indicators.

Stereo handlers provide optimal sensitivity. This parameter is responsible for the volume of audio content and energy efficiency. Most modern models have characteristics in the corridor 90-105 dB.

Optimal impedance. Repeal power depends on resistance parameters directly. The maximum number of amateur models, as well as gadgets that are used for players and smartphones, have parameters from 16 to 50 ohms. Professional devices are designed for parameter over 100 ohms.

Thus, We can safely argue that stereo handphones meet all the requirements for high sound quality and provide a clear, natural and comfortable audition rumors. This is the main advantage over traditional models. StereoVuk provides a surround sound, thanks to which the listeners receive the effect of total dive and feel in the epicenter of the sound.

As for the shortcomings of this gadget, then in general there is no shortcoming. It is only possible to note some of the shortcomings of some individual products in comparison with similar.

Review models

Stereo handlers are divided into several categories, they may differ in design, principle of use and convenience. Consider the main options.


    Such devices consist of a pair of speakers, as well as arc. They come on top of the head, and the speakers are attached to the ears. Usually, They adjacent to the ear shell are not so tight so that in full isolate all foreign sounds in the environment.

      If you listen to a melody in a noisy room or on a lively highway, you will not be able to enjoy clean sound, because you will hear all the background sounds.


      These are professional headphones, although their use is quite acceptable in the home environment. They also wear on top of the head, while the incubuser closes the whole shells, thereby preventing the penetration of foreign noise. The only disadvantage of the gadget can be called only its massiveness, so you need time to get used to wearing.

      Both types of headphones can be both open and closed, and it also largely ensures the clarity of the sound.


      In this case, small holes are provided on the outside, the sound is partially selected through them. Thanks to such a structure, the most natural sound is ensured. At the same time, they can skip some third-party sounds, because it can be used either indoors, or on a deserted street so that external silence is provided.


      Represent the bowls, the outer part of which does not have any holes. Thus, Devices allow you to keep the sound inside and completely prevent the penetration of background noise from the side. However, due to the fact that a vacuum is created in the ear, the quality of the sound may distort.


        Most popular with young people enjoy gadgets, which in the literal sense of the word are inserted into the ear shell. However, they are adjacent to it not very tight, therefore a significant part of the low frequencies at the time of their work is lost. In addition, such liners do not have noise insulation, so they can pass noise outside.

        Despite the greatest demand, this model cannot be called the most successful among the entire row of stereo.


        These headphones were called “intra-channel”. Silicone ambules in them are neatly placed in the rumor channel and fit enough to it, thereby forming a vacuum. Similar headphones reliably isolate a listener from the penetration of any extraneous noise. They reproduce high and low frequencies well. However, if listening to the music of too often and at the same time loudly, it may adversely affect the state of hearing organs. However, with reasonable dosing of use, intracanal devices can be considered the most suitable for listening to records.

        How to choose?

        When choosing stereo handlers, special attention should be paid to a number of factors.


          For household amateur use, liners and vacuum gadgets are considered to be the most comfortable. Overhead models are more heavy, and some users note that due to solid fastening there is a headache. Some women invalid models do not like because they spoil the laying. In addition, such devices cannot be hidden in his pocket, and they can not always be placed in the ladies.

          Tablets can be worn everywhere with you without any problems, they are light and practically imperceptible, but at the same time they give a rather strong sound.

          Connection type

          Stereo handlers are wireless and wired. The first, as a rule, establish a connection via Bluetooth. Such a solution is quite convenient, however, it has its drawbacks. Such gadgets need frequent recharging, and they can only be connected with those devices in which there is a built-in Bluetooth option.

          Usually wireless headphones are recommended for athletes – in all other cases, the choice is better to do in favor of products with cords.

          Working hours

          To say how many e-headphones will work, it is quite difficult, since much here it depends on the characteristics of the model used, and, of course, from the user’s accuracy and the intensity of operation. As a rule, reliable manufacturers on their products give warranties within half a year, less often for a year. Subject to accurate compliance with all rules for the use of high-quality stereo machines can serve several years.

          Separate attention should be paid to battery performance. On average, the gadget works on one charge from 4 to 12 hours, while the larger the battery capacity will be the longer the battery life.

          For television and computer

          Stereo handlers often buy to a TV to browse movies. In this case, experts advise to select overhead models with high-quality sound insulation. We draw attention to the fact that in this case it is worth choosing products with a long cable for 3-4 meters.

            For mobile phones

            For smartphones and tablets, Vacuum headphones usually buy. Although if there is such a desire, you can also purchase overhead. However, they will take them to the long road not particularly convenient.

            About how to choose headphones, look next.

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