Steampunk style in the interior

Steampunk is a special direction in the interior design, which is an alternative to the modern world. Style accent is to romanticism and love for technology from the past Victorian era. Retro-futurism of this direction looks fascinating in a special presented gloomy and mysteriousness. The beauty of engineering thought and technical progress here plays a major role, but it is not modern electronics, but an ancient mechanism and steam vehicles, underwater batisysphs and air airships. It is truly comfortable in such an atmosphere only one who is a true adherent of futurism and style retro will feel.

Character traits

The style appeared on the basis of the literary direction of Fantasy, who had a special popularity in the 80s of the last century. Opening the door to the world of science fiction, many loved the style and design, carrying us into the world of the Victorian era. Today Steampunk is one of the trendies that has its supporters. Fashion on the design of the room in the style of futurism applies not only to residential premises.

Today, quite a lot of modern cafes decorate their halls of retro style elements in combination with the details of old mechanisms, and muffled lighting and mysterious atmosphere add to visitors the severity of sensations.

The following features are characteristic of the steampunk direction.

  • Stretch of temporary landmarks. The unique feature of the style does not cause to refuse modern devices, but presents things ordinary for us in this way, as if we were looking at them with the eyes of a person who lived in the past century. Combining of modernity and antiquity is a style of style. For example, the items look in a retrospect, they are painted in the color of walnut, copper or patina, frame with wood, decorate metal rivets.

  • Reproduction of the Victorian period. The premises made in the style of steampunk resembles a retro laboratory or housing of the tireless inventor. In memory, the images of Sherlock Holmes, the heroes of Jules Verne.

  • Unusual lighting. Use the latest news lights here inappropriate. For decoration use old gas horns, massive table lamps, large lamps with incandescent spiral. Of the vintage lighting devices, soft muted light flows and romantic dreams.

  • Naturalness in everything. In the days of the Victorian era, polymers were not yet discovered, so natural materials and fabrics were used to arrange the premises. Such an approach, it is impossible to emphasize naturalistic and goodness, characteristic of many old things and objects.

  • Tint of fantasticity and romanticism. The interior from the first look should remind you of distant travels. And it does not matter where it will be a trip – to distant countries or in the future. Scientific thought and flight of fantasy are closely intertwined in this style, creating a special exciting mood among others.

Among modern design styles, the direction of Steampunk firmly occupies its niche and does not lose relevance. Building such a retro composition is considered a complex, but an exciting task that is under power experienced and professional designers. In some cases, the room decorated in retro style, begins to resemble the unique museum corner, in which each detail causes interest and wakes up imagination.

Lover fiction and adventures live in such a world will be familiar and comfortable, a person will be able to imagine himself a hero of futuristic western or in his dreams recreated some kind of alternative history, known only to him alone.

Finishing options

Apartment whole or office, kitchen or bathroom, children’s or living room – all this can be subordinate to the style of futurism. For that To make it easier to understand the steampunk direction, you need to close your eyes and think about how the XXI century looked in my ideas, if I lived 100 years ago. Looking at usual now things can think about how people who lived to us would be replaced in the Victorian Epoch. For example, a modern computer keyboard could be replaced by an ancient printing machine, and instead of plastic windows, underwater batch portholes would be. Fantasy style is good because it allows you to in the interior any plots and does not limit your flight thoughts.

For recreation of the effect of antiquities that have come down to this day, the concept of naturalistic and deliberate negligence is applied. On the wall of the old brickwork, a tangled system of copper pipes may appear, and high arches seeking ceiling open the ability to review the night sky. And, of course, there will be a vintage pylon pipe on a tripod and a large half-breeding globe.


The surface of the walls to create a retro setting decorated with photo wallpapers, staining or plastering, is squeezed by panels from a tree or perform a finish with an imitation of an old and coarse brickwork. In general, the specifics of decorating wall surfaces directly depends on the concept of the entire interior. For example, the walls are decorated in neutral monochrome colors and unobtrusive textures, if there is a large number of objects and small parts in the room atom.

In this case, the wall will become an excellent background for such an entourage. And vice versa, If the situation is restrained and small, then a special emphasis is made on the walls – it can be a textured wallpaper with a pattern or imitation of old crepe plaster covering brickwork. Similar effects of the aged building can be placed immediately in several places of the room, but especially expressively, such a technique looks in the corners with the transition to the ceiling surface.

When choosing wallpaper, you can apply options with the image of airship, balloons with baskets, image of parts in the form of drawings, hourly mechanism, old wall cards.

Wallpapers can mimic stone or brickwork, concrete wall, pipes and so on.


Dark laminate, parquet board, ceramic or porcelain tile can be used to arrange flooring. But it will be more spectacular to look like natural wood material in the form of a board. For decoration of the kitchen or bathroom, a tile, imitating marble or stone, is used, and the tone must be chosen dark, careless. Using the imitation of stone on the floor, you can equip the imitation of the blocks or marine pebbles with their irregularities and roughness.


For Steampunk style, the feature of the aspiration of the ceiling crop. There will be an ideal option with a large ceiling level high, but if the apartment has standard dimensions, the height of the ceilings is pulled out with light tinting, accented illumination, awarded up. Visually increases the height of the ceilings. Use of columns, arched structures, arcs or steps seeking upwards. The color gamut ceiling by tradition is selected by light pastel colors, but in some case the ceiling can be imitation of the starry sky. Aircraft fuselage or airship case can be mounted to the ceiling as decor.

Selection of furniture

To create a futuristic interior, you do not have to acquire a new table or bed. Items can be found on the old grandmother’s attic, paint them and give a look of ancient or walk on antique becks – old things will bring their charm and beauty in the design. In some cases, furniture objects are made to order or do it yourself. Such things are simple and attract attention to exactly their intricateness. Industrial cabinets, shelves, racks can be used for design.

But the interior consists not only of industrial and mechanistic notes, it is necessary to tie it to Victorian style. Representatives of that epoch can be called massive sofas and armchairs, skin-uphound and trimmed by wallpaper nails. Such objects should look good and efficient. These items emphasize the wealth and good taste of the host of the room.

All furniture used in the interior of the steampunk is used in dark colors or shades of natural wood.

Decor on furniture should be restrained and have signs of antiquity in the form of metal wallpaper nails, corners, loops and locks. An important element in design are bookshelves with old books. Such an accessory creates the impression of transferred in the time of more than all other items. Things in the room can be stored in an original way using bulk suitcases, chests, racks. An interesting addition to the old hours, telephone, radio receiver.

When choosing furniture items Priority gives wood, metal, glass, skin. Emphasis is on kindness or binding to the scientific direction. Overall cabinets or medical racks made of glass and metal, large tables or miniature coffee tables, massive leather sofas and armchairs, dressers and lockers – all this will find application in the interior of Steampunk style.


The source of lighting in the interior can be large windows through which daylight penetrates the room. If the design concept requires, windows can be closed with thin linen fabrics or draped with heavy curtains. The lighting should not be excessively bright, the lamps must create a scattered light so that the room is in the twilight and was filled with some mystery. As a lighting device, incandescent lamps without ceiling can be used.

As lighting equipment, old floor lamps are used or lamps in a metal frame, in a glass jar, inside a tin pipe or in other structures made by hand. Unusual lamps not only perform the role of light source, but also attract attention to their form. When choosing lamps, adequate and functionality should be guided by simplicity and functionality, excessive stripping style with industrial, inappropriate. If the classic of the Victorian era prevails in the design, the chandeliers corresponding to the style can be placed in the apartment with high ceilings.

Color palette

    The futuristic direction focuses on ancient and scientific thought, it may be a scientist laboratory, traveler cabin, designer workshop. The color palette must be restrained and natural shades, creating comfort and not distracting from the main elements of the decor. For design, grayish blue and reddish brown tones of foggy London, muffled and golden and beige seabed shades, steel and copper flares of metal parts, heavenly blue and saturated blue sky color, can be used.

    In the interior of the Victorian era, a lot of brown and gray shades, the colors of a mahogany or walnut, a copper patina, a darkened gold, rust, greenery.

    Decor items

    Steampunk style atmosphere make up decorative parts. Such as curtain ornaments, soft furniture upholstery, combination of concrete and glass, metal and luminous lamps. Convert old things in the details of the interior can be done. For example, The base for the table can be the bottom frame of the sewing machine, and the modified old floor lamp acquires the kind of mysterious antique lamp.

    Walls instead of paintings decorate large gears of all sizes or springs of the clock mechanism. Starting the old Victorian candlestick, lantern, mirror frame. Bolts and pistons, like other spare parts from technology, can be the basis for the manufacture of chairs or table, suspended shelf or lamp.

    Stylized decoration can be vintage photos, engraving, paintings. Herbarium, old cards, barometers and telescopes, old printing machines, scales, metronometers, and so on look original. An excellent decor will be layouts of vintage ships, aircraft, parflaop, airship. In glass cabinets of medical type, you can place jars, flasks, test tubes, flasks. It is interesting to look with steel chairs and chairs, a globe with wheels, ancient drill helmet.

    Stylish examples of interior

    Victorian elegance in combination with the world of science and fiction creates a magical and fascinating world in a separate room.

    Emphasis on the technical orientation makes the style of the steampunk in its own way attractive and unusual.

    The combination of copper rims and shades of natural wood forms a spectacular combination characteristic of futurism.

    Unusually and excitingly looks like an apartment stylized under the interior of an old submarine, where the main focus is on the flight of man’s engineering thought.

    The interior of the Victorian era is difficult to imagine without a massive leather sofa, which can be a central element of the composition.

    About how you can arrange a styled room, look in the video below.

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