Spanish style in the interior

Spain – the country of sun and oranges, where funny, hospitable and temperamental people live. Spanish hot character manifests itself in the design of the internal decoration of residential premises, where passionality and brightness are reflected in the details and elements of the decor. In interior design, Spanish style belongs to one of the ethnic directions. This is a combination of Arab motives, argued with Latin American and European traditions. Such an unusual combination makes Spanish flavor in its own way unique and expressive.

What it is?

Modern Spanish style is a combination of bright design techniques used to create a temperamental flavor for residential interior. Spanish direction introduces paints brightness, festival feeling, abundance of sun and unity with nature. To create a Spanish interior, you will need to appeal to the sources of the colonial style.

The following factors can be attributed to the peculiarities of this direction:

  • A bright color palette and a combination of soft tones create a feeling of light, heat and coziness;
  • Large windows allow the daylight to penetrate the room by pouring it by sunlight;
  • The use of ornaments and accessories allows you to arrange visual accents where necessary;
  • In the interior use natural materials – wood, stone, glass, metal;
  • Design skillfully combines simplicity and luxury.

Style of Solar Spain Thanks to the unique color, you can apply to decorate any premises of residential or economic destination.

Expressive and bright contrasts attract the attention of people who want to transform their accommodation in the trendy designer direction.

Spanish style in interior design is customary to be divided into 2 types.

  • Modern view. The direction survived a small transformation – the combination of antiques and modern elements made it possible to achieve a unique end result.

  • Classic view. Design implies the use of styles and elements associated with old Spanish traditions that were used to arrange residential space for past centuries.

For the Spanish interior, the presence in the room of massive furniture made of natural wood.

The peculiarity of the village flavor can be emphasized with the help of ceiling beams, which are left for ferris, painting them into bright tones.

Distinctive features

The design of the balcony, apartment, a country villa or house with the patio in Spanish style will require the use of the corresponding attributes that need to be able to present, competently putting emphasis.

Flooring, walls and ceiling

Special attention in the interior is paid to the design of sex, walls and ceiling. Stained-glass windows, tile, wallpaper, wall panels, mirrors can be used for decorating. Each object for finishing has its own principle of execution.

Most often the floor in the Castilian interior is made of wooden flooring, Since this material is most favorable with the rest of the decoration details, and also contributes to the overall appearance of the interior of harmony and comfort.

Supplement such gear will help a bright carpet or track.

In addition to wood, a ceramic tile can become an outdoor coating, which will become a kind of designer reception in the preparation of visual accents. The tile pattern can be made in the form of a combination of patterns and ornaments, and also use monochrome products from clay, which create a sandy beach association.

Walls are decorated with ceramic mosaic, tapestries or panels.

Between rooms often build curly arches that do not imply installation doors. The surface of the walls are separated by plaster, painted or decorated with textured wallpaper, and also paint ornaments located close to the ceiling.


The main color accent in the Spanish interior is white. It serves as a background for more saturated shades. Bright stains in the design of the room are not so massively as it may seem at first glance. They are combined with more neutral tones and on their background look especially attractive. For decor, wheat, orange, red, yellow, coffee, olive and other colors of natural natural colors can be used.

Color application is made strictly by appointment.

For example, a cheerful riot of paints is allowed to design a kitchen, while a restrained palette of colors and shades will be used for living room or bedroom.


The main material from which the doors and furniture are made, a tree is considered in Spanish style.

It is customary to use a good and massive furnishings, which has nothing to do with the new-fashioned items from chipboard.

Facades of cabinets, backs of beds, chairs, sofas decorated with complex threads, decorate wrought-iron elements. Legs of tables and chairs have elegant bends and smooth reliefs.

The surface of the sofa, chairs or couches is taken to cover with beautiful capes made in the national style. Often in the interior you can see wicker chairs, chairs or tables. Such furniture items can be used both for the classic Castilian direction and in modern apartments.


A feature of the interior performed in Spanish traditions is the abundance of light. There, where there is not enough natural sunlight, the chandelier comes to the rescue, which is purposefully suspended as low as possible. Plafones may have a view of a candle or a different form. In some cases, if the design requires, instead of the chandelier, floor candlesticks with a large number of candles are used.

To add lights, in addition to the chandelier, you can use floor lamps or desktop lights, located symmetrically from each other.

Wall placement of the sconce in the Spanish interior is used extremely rare And, if such a need arises, the sconce is chosen by stylized under the ancient lantern or a candlestick, recreating the sense of the era of the Middle Ages. In modern interior options, use hidden ceiling lights.

Registration of rooms

Before proceeding with the repair or re-equipment of the premises in Spanish style, you must thoroughly think over all the details of the interior. To this end, create a project to arrange a house or individual rooms: living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, children’s or teenage room.

Room decoration may be as follows.

  • Living room. This room for cheerful and hospitable Spaniards is considered the most important. It is necessary that the whole big family or numerous guests can fit at one large table. The central element is a large table or massive sofa located in the center of the room.

Furniture for the living room is used only from the wood array.

Facades, legs, armrests – all this is decorated with thread or deliberately executed in strict asceticism. Upholstery Sofa and Chairs are performed from leather, velvet. Room walls decorate paintings, tapestries, mirrors. For lighting use forged massive chandeliers with rich inlaid.

  • Kitchen. Walls of this room Spaniards are discharged with tile or use brickwork imitation. Kitchen furniture can be selected in coffee or olive tones.

The facades of the cabinets are necessarily made of wooden array.

In the center of the kitchen can be installed table for cooking, along the walls placed stove and sink. Cuisine ceiling most often decorated with wooden beams with rough texture. The decor and accessories use teapots, drawers, buckets, beautiful dishes, knife sets, frying pan. All this is suspended on the walls in a certain order or arrange to open the shelves.

  • Bathroom and toilet. For Spanish bathroom, the use of ceramic tiles of various sizes is characteristic. Often you can see a mosaic that complements the main decor of the room.

Spaniards love to take a bath, so shower cabins in the interior are rare.

Metal accessories are used as decor: soaps, towel holders, framed mirrors.

  • Bedroom. Spanish room for sleep is most often done in the style of minimalism. It is not customary to use bright colors. In the center of the interior there is a bed that can be made of expensive wood breeds and decorated with carvings. The bed is accepted to cover the monochrome bedspread, on top of which pillows are placed, as well as made in restrained colors.

The walls of the bedroom traditionally decorate with paintings or tapestries.

Near the bed put a tamba where the lamp is located. In addition to paintings, large mirrors are present in the bedroom – this technique allows you to make a room visually more spacious.

If you do not want to create a Spanish interior from scratch, you can make notes of this solar country using the skillful use of accessories.

Beautiful examples of interiors

Classicism in the Spanish version to the functionality and a combination of bright colors with calm shades used as the main background.

The furnishings of the Spanish interior emits energy and positive, it attracts and fascinates.

The original style of Spain, recreated in the interior, is very popular in modern design.

Design in Spanish style is comfort, simplicity and brightness of paints. Expressiveness laid in nuances and additions.

The main feature of the Castilian design is that it is universal and combined with other areas of interior style decisions.

Sample house in Spanish style in the video below.

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