Sony wireless headphones: characteristics, best models and tips

Sony wireless headphones – the choice of millions of people around the world. They were repeatedly recognized as the best in various tests confirming the quality of products, always justify the funds spent. Best overhead, waterproof and other models, headphones inserts with Bluetooth for the phone deserve a detailed review, allowing you to reveal their weak and strengths.


Sony headphones today are available in wireless performance. They are presented both full-sized and intracanal vacuum models, as well as inserts. The Japanese brand pays great attention not only to the quality of the assembly – the design of equipment and accessories also fully complies with the most stringent criteria. Under the Sony brand you can find game headphones and models for listening to music tracks, compact versions that can be taken on the road, sports and everyday options.

Among the important features of the brand headphones, a number of factors can be distinguished.

  • Bluetooth and NFC connections support. You can use an instant or usual pairing, supporting wireless connection with a high level of stability.
  • Realistic sound. The Extra Bass series will delight lovers of powerful bottoms, and the upper and mid frequencies are clean, absolutely in all Sony headphones.
  • Orientation for different categories of users. You can find an option for games compatible with the prefix, model for athletes, lovers of modern gadgets, universal options for connecting to any technique.
  • Use of modern codecs. They support HD-sound reproduction, allow you to stably and accurately transmit all shades of music without failures and breaks.
  • The use of high-quality components. All components are distinguished by a significant service life, and the reliability and tightness of the assembly practically exclude possible breakdowns.
  • Permanent improvement. Sony regularly releases new models that have even more impressive technical specifications.

All these features make brand wireless headphones truly popular. You can choose the best deals in different categories and not doubt that the result will be optimal.

Pros and cons

Sony’s wireless headphones, like other types of accessories, have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the obvious advantages.

  • Belonging to the famous brand. Sony headphones themselves are an image accessory that emphasizes the status of their owner.
  • The presence of noise-raising components. It can be a passive or active elimination of unwanted sounds.
  • Modern wireless standards. Range of stable signal from 10 to 30 m.
  • Recognizable design. And full-size models, and compact options have a thoughtful design and excellent ergonomics.
  • Convenient ambush. Even the vacuum headphones, they are practically flawless, while other models have to be changed due to the insufficient level of comfort.
  • Value for money. It is almost perfect, allows each buyer to choose a model to your budget.

Does not do without minuses. Not in all models, bass sounds quite convincing, many headphones are more likely designed for fans of the opera or popular music, and for hip-hop and electronics will be little. The “older” models of the brand are distinguished by a high price, even against the background of competitors’ proposals. Budget – often lose performed.

The lineup

Overview of the best Sony wireless headphones with a Bluetooth module is difficult to make concise. The brand has a wide range of models in different designs: with microphone and without, overhead and intra-channel vacuum, small droplets and large full-size, black, white and non-ferrous. It will most correctly be a popularity rating for each of these groups.

True Wireless Earbuds

This category includes intracanal headphones with wireless connections that allow 100% to use the full potential of compact headsets. They, in general, there is no wired connection, charging occurs when immersed in Case.

Sony has waterproof headphones for swimming WF-SP900, in which you can not part with music even on the seabed. The model is equipped with built-in 4 GB memory – you can take your favorite music, forgetting about the devices to play it.

Among the Wireless headphones, TWE also highlights options with active noise reduction. Models WF-1000XM3, WF-1000X Provide an effective cutting off of external noise using the latest electronic equipment, helps to easily customize the desired level of sound. The quality of playback of music tracks is implemented at the highest level.


In-ear headphones – a compact solution for active citizens. Sony offers a wide range of wireless models for sports and recreation. Among them you can find headsets with microphone, support for LDAC and sensitive speakers. You can attribute several models to the best.

  • Wi-XB400 with Extra Bass. Stylish and lightweight headphones on a flexible lace, allowing good to reveal the sound at any frequencies. The model runs through a Bluetooth connection, the battery is enough for 15 hours of continuous operation, magnetic fasteners prevent the wires to be confused when the device is not used. Headphones can work as a headset, support communication with voice helper.

  • Wi-H7000 H. Ear in 2. One of the best Sony insert models, made in youth design and original color scheme. Headphones are distinguished by an excellent, approximate to studio sound quality, frequency range from 5 to 40,000 Hz, domestic dynamics type for the best disclosure on any volume. Comfortable and lightweight cervical rim will not allow the device to slip, magnetic mounts on cups will prevent the wires.

  • Wi-SP500. Easy inexpensive model with open-type speakers, reliable fastening, built-in microphone. Headphones are represented in 4 bright colors, look stylish and modern, the liners are well held inside the oars.


Sony’s overhead headphones are popular with gamers, music lovers, online-viewing lovers and movies. Large swivel cups, soft amop and headband, built-in microphone to feed voice commands and communication. Sony model range offers a wide range of products in this category. Several options deserve the greatest attention.

  • MDR-ZX330BT. Stylish headphones with NFC modules, Bluetooth, built-in speaker with a diameter of 30 mm. Battery is enough for 30 hours of operation without recharging. Headphones weigh 150 g, suitable for long and frequent wearing, trips, travel.

When carrying, you can add cups, turning them in the desired position.

  • WH-CH510. Popular model presented immediately in 3 colors – blue, black and white. Headphones provide long-term offline work – up to 35 hours without recharging, equipped with a modern Bluetooth module. Cup button control provides usability, there is a voice assistant support and built-in microphone for use in Hands Free mode. The range of supported frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz, the built-in speaker has a diameter of 30 mm, provides a saturated, deep sound.

  • WH-CH400. Bluetooth headphones with original headband design, compact, but stylish cups and bulk soft amop. The model is inexpensive, while equipped with all the necessary modern functions. It has a NFC module, inside the capacious battery for 20 hours of autonomous operation, operation is possible in Hands Free mode.

With noise reduction

Noise suppression function is especially in demand by travel and travel lovers. Isolation from external noise is necessary for those who often flies on the plane, sometimes in public transport. Sony noise-absorbing headphones rating includes a number of models.

  • WH-1000XM3. Full-size headphones with innovative noise reduction technologies and Smart Listening function, produced in a laconic black or white color variant. Using this model allows you to keep working with voice assistant, perform wireless connection, control the volume and other parameters of the sound with the touch block on the surface of the cup.

  • Wi-1000xm2. Headphones for active people who prefer compact solutions. These are inserts with noise cancellation function, excellent sound and as reliable design. Storage and recharging in a special case, a flexible cervical “collar” from modern materials, a modern electronic filling of the model provide it with a decent place among the leaders of the rating.

  • WH-H910N H. Ear ON 3. Stylish headphones in bright two-color design, with digital noise reduction support. The model allows you to perform adaptive sound management, use voice assistant and quick attention feature. Comfortable landing and complete noise insulation make them perfect for listening to your favorite music.

At the time of transportation, you can fold the cups inside the headband.

  • Wi-SP600N. The best sports headphones with noise reduction, thin wired cord, neck control module. These are inserts manufactured in yellow, pink, white and black colors, they are practically weightless, do not risk falling out during jogging, look stylish and modern. Digital noise suppression provides complete isolation from external sounds, moisture protection according to the IPX4 standard provides complete insulation from sweat.

With EXTRA BASS technology

This group includes headphones made by special technology with enhancing bass. Among the models there are inexpensive and presented in the average price category.


Model with noise reduction intended for true connoisseurs of bass parties. Deep low frequency sound is easy to activate using a special Bass Effect button. The model has a NFC module for instant pairing and Bluetooth, the built-in battery is enough for 22 hours of active use even with the full activation of all available functions. Full-size headphones are comfortable in use, supplemented with soft amop, turning cups, comfortable in use and storage, is an adjustable headband.


Large overhead headphones full-size type with Bluetooth transmitter and reinforced bass Thanks to Extra Bass function. The model is great for games and listening to music, you can take it on a trip, the journey – the battery reserve is enough for 18 hours of continuous operation. Bright colors of cups and headband – red, blue, classic black – oriented on a youth audience.

Sony MDR-XB950B1 headphones belong to the dynamic category, have a closed-type cups, a large 40 mm speaker, there is a sound volume control on the case. The model comes with a charging cable and a wire for connecting to external acoustics. SONY HEADPHONES CONNECT branded app supported.


One of the most inexpensive models in the line with reinforced bass. Headphones are equipped with the NFC, Bluetooth module, support battery work for 30 hours. Signal reception range is 10 m. The model is the maximum easy and compact, with folding rotating cups adjustable headband. Overhead incubusers do not cause discomfort even during a long wearing, for high-quality sound, the neodymium speaker with a diameter of 30 mm.

How to choose?

When choosing Sony wireless headphones, you must be taken into account their main characteristic: device assignment. For example, for the sport, you can choose only vacuum type headphones. Sony has a WF-SP900 model, suitable even for swimming in the pool. Fully waterproof headphones are equipped with an additional set of inserts of 4 different sizes, they must have a more dense landing than their classic counterparts, 2 positions for installation.

For phone and listening to music “On the go”, models are suitable in the form of liners, vacuum intrachannel with a low level of moisture resistance. Sports headphones are always produced in the form of “plugs”, in a fully wireless or connected ones. For use in combination with a home acoustic system, a game prefix, television technique It is recommended to choose invoice models of headphones that ensure the most accurate transmission of sound at low frequencies.

This technique can use Bluetooth signals or Wi-Fi, provide additional noise reduction in passive or active format.

How to use?

The instruction manual is attached to each Sony headphone model made by wireless technology, but it does not interfere with users to experience difficulty using equipment. All recommendations on how to enable them, synchronize and charge, adjust correctly or make the sound more loud, it is worth considering in more detail.

Synchronization of headphones and other equipment

Before completing the first pairing, you need to fully charge the headset. Smartphone or other signal source Local at a distance of 1 m at a distance, to translate it into the Bluetooth device search mode. Next you need to comply with a certain procedure.

  • Enable headphones Long pressing the start button.
  • Activate the transition to the pairing mode. To do this, you also need to hold and hold the ID SET button or when it does not have the power key. After the indicator starts to feed the short signals, you need to release it. At this moment, headphones will switch to the pairing mode.
  • The interface is about 5 minutes. If during this time the device was not detected, you need to repeat synchronization.
  • When the headphones are detected in the Bluetooth menu of the phone, tablet, computer must confirm the pairing. In the case of TVs and game consoles, the connection is installed automatically. When requesting the code, you need to enter a universal combination 0000.

Features of charging

Wireless headphones Sony Need to charge correctly. For compact models with a special case, it is important to monitor the level of energy accumulation at the kofra. To do this, use the USB Type-C cable, when replacing the original accessory, the charging process may violate, go slower or interrupted. When placing headphones inside Case, it is important to pay attention to the indication – With incorrect placement, it will not light up.

Normally, a red signal must be kept constantly until the end of the process.

It is important to note that Changing the room in the room below +15 and above +35 degrees Celsius may prevent the battery charging process. In addition, when the connector is contaminated, the contact with the cable may be incomplete. Even with a long charging, the energy level in the battery will remain low.

You can not use another charging case – when replacing it must be programmed by the service center specialists.

Sound setting

Problems with it often occur at noise-canceling headphones. To avoid difficulties, it is worth remembering: These Sony models do not have its own volume regulator. This sound parameter varies directly on the connected device. In addition, when the sound disappears during the playback, it is necessary to check whether the music is played directly on the device. Sometimes no sound in wireless headphones or a significant reduction in their volume is associated with battery discharge. Eliminate such a problem will help the replenishment of charge sufficient to continue using the device.

Observing all these recommendations, it is possible to easily solve most of the problems arising during the operation of Sony wireless headphones.

About how to choose the right and use the Sony wireless headphones, see the following video.

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