Sony TV review

Sony TVs are widespread all over the world, so it is recommended to study reviews of such equipment. Among them there are models by 32-40 and 43-55 inches, by 65 inches and other screen options. No less important point – how to connect the phone, configure TV. Completion should be familiar with the reviews.


The most important feature of Sony TVs is that they are collected only on factories with the highest degree of quality control. From the very beginning, this product was related to the elitar category, but that is why the technical level plank is supported very high. The assortment of the Japanese company has both relatively small kitchen devices or for utility rooms and widescreen models suitable even for home theater. The service life of Japanese equipment is great, but it can at first be unusual for people who used other brand televisions.

The viewing angle and picture quality admire even in relatively low-cost modifications. Without problems, you can find versions designed for interaction with Direct LED, Edge LED. Special intelligent complex is responsible for the maximum depth of black. Thanks to the support of HDR, Sony PlayStation is greatly facilitated.

Recently, the Japanese concern begins to introduce organic LEDs, but for now they are only on the most expensive models.

The lineup

32-43 inches

The newest models in the line of this manufacturer deservedly enters KD-43XH8005. The developers have provided not just the presence of the function 4k, but also its most realistic execution. As part of the device used matrix of type VA, which is much contrast than IPS systems. To compensate for possible deficiencies, technologies that build an angle of review are used. The on-screen frame is very thin and looks good on the wall either in niche.

Convenient side connection is provided. The decent quality of the body is also evidenced in favor of the TV. Do not fear underlined cheap look. Design typical for the entire XH85 series. Picture quality – at an acceptable level. From a short distance you can feel the whole charm of HDR, and the best result is achieved using Dolbyvision technology.

It is worth noting, however, that local darkening is not provided. It is not necessary to count on juicy black tones because. Compensate this drawback helps installation in a lit place. The preset browser works well and does not load the processor too much. Memory is enough to use Stringing Applications, there is also an exchange of content with a smartphone and voice control over the remote control.

If you need a TV with a screen diagonal of 40 inches, then the best choice then becomes KDL-40WD653. In favor of this model indicates, for example, the presence of an option X-REALITY. Motionflow and IPTV are also supported. The phase inverter speaker is provided, the built-in Wi-Fi module and the excellent option Photo Sharing Plus. The quality of the sound has significantly improved thanks to Clear Phase.

The following technical parameters of the model make it possible to consider it one of the best, although the release was started in the distant 2016:

  • Value without a stand 0.994×0.549×0.066 m;
  • The value with the stand is 0.924х0,589х0,212 m;
  • Entry Ethernet – 1 pieces;
  • 1 ground entry (radio frequency);
  • infrared satellite inputs are absent;
  • No component video input YPBPR;
  • provided HDMI-CEC;
  • There is a conclusion of sound on headphones;
  • Display resolution – 1920×1080;
  • Brand Dimming Frame Dimming? (Same as on the previous model).

HDR is not supported. A separate processor to optimize the image is missing. But there is a technology LiveColour. The following image modes are available to users:

  • Bright photographic;
  • simple bright;
  • typical;
  • customizable individually;
  • graphic;
  • Sports (and some others).

48-55 inches

In this category, of course, only TVs running android are presented. Recently, the company’s assortment was even a projection device of the KDF-E50A11E model. But now find it in the official catalog Sony is impossible. But there is a good alternative to the screen of 50 inches – it’s about the version of KDL-50WF665. The picture showed by it fully meets the requirements of the Full HD standard.

Without problems, you can take advantage of the pleasures that the HDR mode provides. You can connect to YouTube by pressing one button. Considerable favor delivers, of course, Clearaudio mode. Own smartphone can be applied as a modem (when connected via USB channel).

What is important, no cable will spoil the impression of the TV, but will please the sound of cinematic quality according to the S-Force Front Surround standard.

It is also worth noting the following characteristics:

  • digital record (USB HDD REC);
  • Stand width – about 0.746 m;
  • Mass without a stand – 11 kg, with a stand – 11.4 kg;
  • Internet access on Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n (in the certified version);
  • 1 Radio Frequency and 1SpotUver inputs;
  • 1 composite video clip;
  • USB support;
  • Resolution – 1920×1080 points;
  • HDMI video support with various resolution and frequency of image shift;
  • wide variety of settings for pictures;
  • Speaker with a 5-W open partition.
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The rating is quite reasonable and model KD-49XG8096 – Of course, with a screen diagonal of 49 inches. This device uses advanced 4K X-REALITY technology. And also an important role can play, of course, Triluminos Display, Clearaudio + and Android TV. Brightness and color saturation of the picture will delight even demanding consumers. Implemented and full voice search.

As well as important properties such as:

  • Cables are cleaned carefully:
  • The smoothness of dynamic images is supported;
  • Thanks to Chromecast?Image reproduction with various devices;
  • There is a DSEE option that allows you to play a digital sound in the smallest details;
  • Full cinematic sound;
  • TV mass with stand – 12.4 kg;
  • Supported by Bluetooth

Display resolution is 3840×2160 points. The extension of the dynamic range by HDR10, HLG methods is supported. Attractive even the presence of a dynamic lighting algorithm. Improving the image using MotionFlow technology allows you to achieve frequency of scanning 400 Hertz (in the standard version – 50 Hertz). And also useful support for HEVC, the presence of audio output “10 + 10 W”.

The following important properties should be noted:

  • Supports audio format Dolby Digital;
  • digital surround sound in the DTS standard;
  • Frontal sound of volumetric S-force;
  • 16 GB of integrated memory;
  • voice search mode;
  • Built-in browser VEWD;
  • the presence of the on and off timer;
  • sleep timer;
  • Teletext mode;
  • the presence of light sensor;
  • coating analog broadcast in the range from 45.25 to 863.25 MHz;
  • Screen speaker;
  • Accelerated access to special options.

Complete the review of the category is quite appropriate on the 55-inch TV KD-55XG7005. Predictably there are already mentioned technological nuances – 4K, Clearaudio+. The display is declared as a particularly bright and showing maximum colors. TV mass taking into account stand is approximately 16.5 kg. You can connect it using a Certified Wi-Fi 802 module.11 (multidiapan type).

Ethernet is input, but Bluetooth profiles, alas are not supported. There is no component input YPBPR. But there are 1 composite video drive and integer 3 HDMI port. It is provided for a subwoofer to which even headphones can be connected. For recording, you can use 3 USB flash cards or transmit data to hard drives on the same type cable. Motioned multimedia can be played with connected media, including AVCHD, MKV, WMA, JPEG, AVI, MPEG2TS formats.

More than 60 inches

This group confidently falls TV model KD-65XG8577 – with a screen diagonal of 65 inches, of course. Pleases the presence of a processor responsible for the development of the image category 4K. Sound-from-picture reality is pleasant and technology, thanks to which the detailed picture delivers extraordinary pleasure anyway. It is worth noting that the detailing improves and at the expense of the Object-Based HDR Remaster method, which still guarantees excellent color depth and its maximum naturalness.

Realistic graphics are perfectly combined with the effect created by a pair of high-frequency speakers. They support the feeling of a sound source shift. In fact, you can feel at home as in the cinema. Of course, voice commands can be very widely used for management. There is also a search by voice that simplifies the finding of the required content.

Attention should be paid to the following basic technical parameters:

  • Stand width 1.059 m;
  • Common sizes with a stand – 1.45×0,899х0,316 m;
  • General sizes without a stand – 1.45х0.836х0,052 m;
  • Distance between mounting holes – 30 cm;
  • Approximate mass without a stand – 25.3 kg, with a stand – 26.3 kg;
  • 1 side entry Ethernet;
  • Bluetooth in version 4.2;
  • Chromecast support;
  • 1 radio frequency and 2 satellite inputs;
  • 4 HDMI inputs;
  • 1 composite video input;
  • MHL is missing;
  • 3 USB side ports;

An even more advanced device is Sony KD-75XH9505. This TV is equipped with a 74.5-inch diagonal display. Matrices can be calculated by 6, 8 or 10 bits (for any color component of the pixel), so it is guaranteed respectively color with quality 18, 24 or 30 bits. The active area of ​​the display is 95.44%. The backlight can be performed by various types, and also applies Directled, HDR.

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Tips for choosing

Of course, when the TV is selected, it is necessary to pay attention primarily on the quality of the picture. If it is not provided – the main function will not be executed. The image is considered to be high quality, which is very clear and detailed. Having highlighting is very useful.

The overall functionality plays an important role. This parameter must be understood correctly: a large number of functions in many cases do not need. It is required to take into account their own needs, decide which options are really needed, and which excess. The following significant point is the proportion between price and quality. It is necessary to understand how much money can be made for the TV, and, accordingly, to discard the excessive expensive models.

Another significant aspect – sound volume. In some models of the television vehicles, Sony, unfortunately, use not enough powerful speakers. It delivers serious inconveniences. Having understood with this property, you need to return to the properties of the screen. A very large diagonal is not always a dignity – in a small room it is simply impossible to assess the advantages of the shown image. Other relevant displays are:

  • brightness;
  • contrast;
  • response time;
  • permission;
  • The viewing angle at which you can see a clear image.

But even the most nice screen cannot deliver pleasure to properly, if the TV is equipped with an uncomfortable remote control. Alas, you can only find out this parameter for reviews or taking it in hand. Sony itself, of course, does not reveal the real advantages and disadvantages of their consoles.

In addition to these parameters, you need to select the TV in such criteria as:

  • the number of formats that can read the built-in player;
  • Features of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules;
  • the possibility of synchronization with capacitive carriers;
  • The appearance of the device (the ability to fit into the surrounding interior);
  • convenience of the operating system;
  • speed processor;
  • energy consumption;
  • the number of available applications;
  • convenience of location of ports (connectors);
  • The thoughtful menu;
  • Quality of color reproduction.

It is worth welcome the presence of a 3.5 mm connector for typical headphones. The more inputs and exits, the better.

User manual

Basic instructions for handling Sony TVs is quite universal and can be applied to any device of this brand (with rare exception). However, the menu is more complicated than in devices of other brands. Will have to carefully examine the designations of specific functions. In any case, before proceeding with settings and practical use, you need to see if all the wires are well connected as they are fixed. After turning on the TV, some time is waiting for the system to be fully ready for work.

Adjusting the sound, pictures, connections to the global network and the speaker system is performed through the HOME menu. The most important thing is to configure the channels. Fortunately, the latest generation Sony technique performs this work automatically. We will have only a few seconds to click on the “Menu” button. When searching on the screen, nozzles are shown along with the found channels – it is completely normal.

Customize digital channels It is necessary through the “Digital Configuration” menu item or “Auto Tax”. You can also enable internal clock via the “Digital Configuration” menu. To connect the phone or wireless headphones, in some cases will need a special LAN UWABR100 adapter and the latest software version. Not all models BRAVIA ruler allow you to use Wi-Fi for this purpose. You can always find out the necessary information in the corporate manual, so it should not be a surprise.

The default Wi-Fi Direct mode is used, included through the main menu. Even with the support of this mode, there is no WPS option. You can install HD VideoBox without any problems, since this feature is fully compatible with Android. It will only be necessary to write the necessary files on the USB flash drive, installing them, enjoy the result.

Separate theme – shutdown demoment. From the main menu you need to go to the settings section. There are system settings there, and the item “Settings for a demonstration in the store” is hidden. You need to switch to the “Disabled” status mode and the image reset option. In some models, remove demoresm can otherwise – through the “General Setup” section in the system settings group. Sometimes this item is called “preferences”. Next will have to translate the corresponding switches in the “reset” mode. Sometimes it does not help, the way out turns out to go to factory settings.

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As for the universal console, its “versatility” usually applies only to Sony devices or even to completely specific rules. The file code can be found by studying stickers or technical documentation applied to it. In the absence of suitable codes, it is necessary to engage in automatic configuration.

It is useful to know how to enter the account. This account allows you to access the specific section YouTube. A special application must be installed on the TV. For more information, see the instructions for a specific model.

And, of course, many people are very interested, how to restart the TV Sony. It often helps to solve such situations as:

  • lack of pictures;
  • disappearance of sound;
  • Disability of the control panel;
  • Cheated work.

The console is directed towards the backlight LED. 5 seconds need to hold the key that is responsible for the power supply. As a result, a notification “Power is disabled” will appear. It is not necessary to do anything else – the restart takes about 1 minute in automatic mode. Immediately after rebooting, it is necessary to check whether the problem is eliminated, and as needed to move to the following steps. If the restart fails, it is at least once again repeat the procedure again.

Sony ultimately advises to fix his televisions for all rules. Using without a stand is allowed only in wall mode. It is necessary to avoid impact. The correct image is demonstrated only when the device is oriented strictly vertically. The use of any power cables except branded is not allowed. The plug must be maintained clean, like the cable itself (which can also be twisted).

Sony TVs are not intended for operation outdoors and in places with high damp. With long-term (more than 24 hours), the interruption will correctly turn off the TV from the network. It is worth remembering that some functions in a number of models act correctly only with constant power supply. Corners of tilt TV need to adjust smoothly without making sharp movements. You can not allow water to enter the TV or allow children to play with him.

“Graphics” mode is chosen in anticipation of long viewing. Movie mode imitates the conditions of this cinema. If you wish, you can specify the format of the picture 14: 9. For listening to the radio program you need an additional antenna. This mode is allowed to accompany the slideshow show.

Photo output with flash cards on the screen takes a certain time. When specifying certain proportions, part of the picture may not be placed on the display. During the reading of data from the media, turn off the TV can not. Some files of even suitable formats due to non-compliance with the requirements will not reproduce. Attention should be paid to the following recommendations:

  • accurately set up the image will help “additional. installations “;
  • There is a special feature for a clearer voice;
  • reconfiguration when moving is performed by the autorun function;
  • there is an unused TV option.

Review reviews

KDL-40WD653 TV calls pretty contradictory opinions. Some people sharply evaluate such a device, they even call it “disappointment”. According to other estimates, It turns out quite a decent picture, Wi-Fi works well, it is quite effective access to YouTube, allowing you to diversify the content. Color reproduction does not cause special complaints. The remote is a little long.

The receiver KDL-50WF665 looks beautiful and demonstrates saturated tone. Brightness is well regulated. I do not notice any special flaws. A limited set of applications can be considered even plus – no “information debris”. True, sometimes there are complaints on Linux OS.

KD-55XG7005 shows an excellent image. True, install your own programs will be very difficult. Smart TV is configured virtually no problem. Settings are quite abundant. All popular online cinemas are available.

TV KD-65XG8577 has predominantly positive feedback. The device fully justifies its price. Natural colors, the image meets all the requirements. Compared to other models, the setting is quite simple. Sensitivity to voltage jumps is large, but the network filter successfully solves the problem, and the design is excellent.

The following video tells about the best TVs Sony 2020.

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