Sony columns: Characteristics and Model Review

Sony is a world famous brand producing impeccable techniques. In the range of the manufacturer, there are a lot of beautifully performed speakers that are characterized by excellent sound. You should get acquainted with the model Sony’s acoustics and sort out how to choose the best option.


Brand Sony has long won the hearts of many consumers. Products of this manufacturer for a long time are famous for unsurpassed quality, and this is one of the most important criteria in the choice of technique of any type.

The Sony Arsenal has many different technical devices. Among them are high-quality columns.

Music technique of the brand under consideration is in great demand. Among buyers there are a lot of those who choose only the acoustics, which Sony releases. There is nothing strange in this, because the products of this manufacturer have a lot of positive characteristics and features attractive for music lovers.

  • Sony columns Known good quality. Brand technique is designed for many years of operation, it is not susceptible to breakdowns and faults, provided that it is properly correct. In repair, musical devices of this brand bring extremely rarely.
  • Sony columns can boast an ideal assembly. If you look at the branded devices, you will not see in them any flaw. The original technique has no damage, poorly fixed parts or slots in the housings.
  • Modern speakers Sony characterized by high level of functionality. These can be connected to a variety of devices. Many models provide Bluetooth interfaces, USB, Wi-Fi and others. And also great popularity won instances with the “Karaoke” mode. You can find such devices to which 2 microphone can be connected immediately to sing in a pair.
  • It is impossible not to mention Attractive design Sony’s branded columns. The brand produces such devices that their appearance demonstrate the highest quality and high manufacturability. Such technique fits perfectly in many interiors, especially if they are withstanding in the modern stylistic direction.
  • Can not but rejoice and Huge range A variety of Sony columns. The brand arsenal has devices that differ from each other and in design, and on functional content, and according to technical specifications, and in terms of cost. Buyers of all levels of wealth can find an optimal model that will not disappoint them with their quality and sound.
  • Sony Acoustics characterized literally elementary control. Install, configure and disassembled in such devices it is not difficult – any user will cope with this task. If any questions arise, you can refer to the most simple and detailed instructions for use, which always comes complete with Sony columns.
  • Sony speakers sound quality pleasantly surprises modern music lovers. At any volume level, the reproducible sound is issued as clear as possible and clean. You will not hear any nobles or distortions. This is one of the most important advantages that users noticed in the acoustics of the manufacturer.

It is necessary to consider that the brand produces quite a lot of expensive devices. Some users are unhappy with this fact. However, it is worth considering that Sony columns cost their money – for the spent amount you will get high-quality musical equipment that will serve you faith and true for many years, pleaseing with excellent sound.

Overview of the best models

Assortment Sony has a lot of various models of columns with different properties and characteristics. Classified music equipment and cost. We will get acquainted closer with the best models of the famous brand, dividing them at different price categories.


Famous manufacturer offers high quality budget columns. There are a number of current devices of this class.

  • Sony XB01 Extra Bass. Inexpensive Compact Column Round Form, which can always be worn with you. The model is made in youth design. Equipped with a comfortable silicone strap. The Bluetooth interface is provided. There is a wireless battery providing device for 16 hours of autonomous operation. The housing is made of durable plastic.

  • Sony SRS-XB10. Portable audio colon small sizes. The model has a cylindrical structure and weighs only 260 g. The device has a microphone, so it can be used as headset. Sony SRS-XB10 power is 5 W. The housing of this mini-column is made of durable plastic. There is a USB connector. Power comes from the battery, the capacity of which is 1400 mA / h.

Duration of autonomous work is limited to 16 hours – a good indicator.

  • Sony SRS-XB01. A small-sized speaker system having a plastic case that can be performed in different colors. The model is so small that it can easily fit in your pocket, so it is very comfortable everywhere to carry. This device can be connected to a smartphone or player using Bluetooth or an acoustic cable that is connected to the AUX output. The product is supplemented with a comfortable strap for socks on the wrist. Power level reaches 3 W, the power is carried out from the battery.

Battery life is 6 hours.

  • Sony SRS-XB12. It is compact and very lightweight cylindrical musical instrument. Beautiful technique for a fun party in the company of friends. Popular technology EXTRA BASS provides. It provides more saturated and juicy sound of such a small audio film.

Protection of the IP67 class is provided, so the model can be safely taken with it even to relax by the pool or in the forest. Technique will work well in almost any conditions.

Average price segment

Sony offers high-quality multifunctional columns and on average price segment. The devices of this category are also distinguished by high practicality and wear resistance.

Let’s call several of the most popular and reliable models.

  • Sony SRS-XB21. High-quality portable type column, which is enclosed in a strong metal case. This model is not afraid of the temperature differences, no dust, nor moisture. The case is not subject to mechanical damage and does not deteriorate from shock. The model is distinguished by a good power level of 10 W. Provided Wireless Connection Method with Bluetooth version 4.2. Power comes from the battery, due to which the autonomous operation of the device can continue for 12 hours, which is a good indicator.

  • Sony SRS-XB31. Portable audio colon made in a strong metal case. It has an oblong structure. Perfectly suitable for the outdoor party. The power of the model is only 30 W. The Sony SRS-XB31 case is equipped with a built-in illumination that promotes the creation of a special musical atmosphere, which everyone will have to do. Touching the handles of this popular column on different sections, you can run various interesting effects: sounds of bass drum, small drum or scratch. The device has a microphone, provided Bluetooth, NFC, AUX output.

  • Sony SRS-XB41. Portable model, which is also made in a moisture-proof metal case. Extreme useful Power Bank feature. It allows the device to become an energy source to recharge mobile equipment. The power of the column is 40 W, it works from the built-in battery, which allows the technique to “work” offline for 24 hours. The EXTRA BASS option is provided that promotes the more powerful sound of music tracks.

The user has the ability to switch the sound modes, as well as use light effects by forming a kind of light music.

  • Sony GTK-XB7. This is a mini format system that is also used as home acoustics, and as a device for various events. The model is made in a strict style and has optimal dimensional parameters. The product refers to format 2.0 and is quite powerful: 470 W. It can be connected to mobile devices and even to a computer or laptop. The body of this column is made of durable plastic. The LED-backlight of the columns is envisaged, there is a function of enhancing bass, but, unfortunately, there is no “karaoke” mode.

Premium class

Sony produces beautiful columns related to premium class. These devices have a rich set of options and have more solid design. Premium acoustics of the famous brand distinguishes the impeccable quality of execution and the most convenient control, since all models of this class are developed by ergonomic.

We will get acquainted closer with the best Sony’s upscale speakers and consider their specifications.

  • Sony SRS-X99. For high-quality sound playback in this model, 7 high quality speakers are provided. The device can cover the range from 45 Hz to 40 kHz – this is one of the best indicators in the price category under consideration. The device provides Clearaudio + technology, which automatically optimizes the sound quality. The power of the column is 154 watts, the case is made of plastic, the power is carried out from the electrical network.

  • Sony MHC-V82D. Dear Middisystem, the total output power is 800 W. The device provides a Bluetooth wireless interface, there is a shutdown timer, equalizer, digital tuner, 2 microphone inputs, 1 USB port. High-quality columns are complemented by LED backlight, the housings are made of a combination of plastic and MDF, karaoke is provided. Acoustics can be used as an outdoor, it is powerful and reproduces high-quality sound. Made in a secure body of traditional black.

  • Sony v81d. Multifunctional model of acoustics with Bluetooth technology. The product boasts high quality sound in Live Sound mode and spectacular illumination covering 360 °. With such additions, the user can organize a fun party where only wishes. The device is equipped with comfortable rollers and handle, so it is convenient to transport it from place to place if there is a need. Power level of acoustics is 800 W.

Tips for choosing

Famous Japanese manufacturer pleases consumers with high quality products, as well as a rich selection. In a chic assortment, the usual buyer risks risen, because it is so difficult to stop in one embodiment, when there are so many equally high-quality and interesting devices.

Listen to several useful tips for choosing optimal Sony acoustics.

  • Before going to the store, decide for yourself what exactly you want to buy and for what purposes. Decide with the functions that you really need. Know that the models in which many additional options are provided will always cost more. Initially, having decided that it would be useful for you, you will save yourself from excess spending on a multifunctional technique that you will not fully enjoy.
  • If you are looking for a model for home or work environment, then you It makes sense to pick up simpler options. They may have an impressive power, but the presence of light music and other additions will not be mandatory (based on the owners’ desires), especially if this is a working version. If you want to have entertainment technique with the “karaoke” function, then the brand offers quite a lot of similar options that are not too expensive.
  • For outdoor activities, rides on nature and hiking is better to select portable, not too expensive models that are not afraid of negative external factors.
  • If you are looking for acoustics For a large room, you can choose something more powerful and large. If you live in cramped conditions, it is impractical to buy a heavy duty device – it is better to install small or medium-sized technique, based on the specific area of ​​the room.
  • If you select a multifunctional technique For fun parties, you can refer to improved models, In which there are connectors for 2 microphones (for the “Karaoke mode”), light music, bright backlight and other components that create fun, “tear-off” mood. True, this technique is often more expensive than other possible options, especially if it has high power (for example, 800 W.).
  • Pay attention to all technical parameters Selected Sony columns. It is advisable to study them on the accompanying documentation, and not to believe the allegations of sellers. Often the latter intentionally overlapping the characteristics of music equipment to more interest the consumer.
  • Inspect and test equipment before payment. Original products Sony will be distinguished by an ideal assembly. All items will be securely fixed, without cracks and other flaws. Inspect the column body of any type. It is not a scratch, nor chips, no scratches, nor boning pieces. Check the sound of the selected columns – this should help the sales assistant. Acoustics should not make noise, creak and reproduce a distorted sound during verification.
  • Do not hesitate to scrupulously and picky the musical device, which is going to buy, especially if it costs expensive. In the store household or audio equipment you should not blame you, because it is your right.

If you notice some shortcomings and problems in the device, it is better to take a different model or visit another store.

It is strongly recommended to buy Sony columns in dubious shops or on the market. You risk running on the technique, which is a used, defective or even non-original (Sony products are often faked).

Usually in such places, buyers do not give warranty coupons or give fake documentation, often Sony columns are much cheaper. But such savings, on the contrary, will subsequently lead the user to even greater spending.

User manual

Little to choose the perfect column from the Japanese manufacturer, it needs to be correctly used. The rules of operation of this type of equipment depend on the characteristics of a particular model, so it is so important to learn instructions for use that always comes in a set. However, there are rules for all devices.

  • In Sony columns There are ventilation holes, which in no case cannot be covered with newspapers, tablecloth, curtains and any other similar things. This requirement of safety safety.
  • Connect the device to an affordable outlet. If you have noticed some strange problems in the work, it is better to immediately pull the plug out of the outlet.
  • If you have long to operate the device at high volume, the battery in it risks it is much more likely. If you wish to use the technique during charging, it is worth reduce the speaker volume level.
  • To charge the Sony column via the computer, you need to connect to the USB cable device, And the other end is connected directly to the PC. Usually called cable comes complete with acoustics of any type.
  • You can charge the device using an AC outlet. You need to connect the USB cable to the speaker, the second end to connect to the AC USB adapter (not always in the set), and then connect the adapter plug to the AC outlet.
  • If malfunctions or problems in work Sony columns, should not fight them yourself, especially if the technique is still under warranty. Straightaway Go to the brand service center.

Other Sony column use details can only be found in the instructions for use. Do not neglect it with study.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of the Sony MHC-V77DW music center.

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