Selection and use of toner for laser printer

No laser printer can print without toner. However, few people know how to choose the right consumable material for high-quality and uninterrupted printing. From our article you will learn how to choose the right and use the desired composition.


Toner – Specific Powder paint for a laser printer, by means of which Print is provided. Electrographic powder is a material based on polymers and a number of specific additives. It is fine and alloy, with particle size in the range from 5 to 30 microns.

Powder ink differ in composition and color. They are different: black, red, blue and yellow. In addition, a compatible white toner appeared on sale.

During printing, colored powders are mixed with each other, forming the desired tones on the printed images. Dissolve powder succeeds at high print temperature.

Microscopic particles are perfectly electrified, making reliably with charged zones on the surface of the photobaban. Toner use and when creating stencils, for which a special density amplifier is used for. It allows you to dissolve powder and evaporate after use, increasing the contrast of the image.


You can classify toner for laser printers by several features. For example, by the type of charge, ink paint is positively or negatively charged. According to the method of production, powder is mechanical and chemical. Each species has its own characteristics.

Mechanical toner Different with sharp edges of microparticles. It is made of polymers, components regulating charge. In addition, it consists of additives and modifiers, dyes and magnetite.

Such varieties today do not use special demand, in contrast to the chemical toner, which is created by means of an emulsion aggregation.

The basis Chemical toner is a paraffin core with a polymer sheath. In addition, the composition includes components, controlling charges, pigments and additives that prevent powder microparticles sticking. This toner is less harmful to the environment. However, when it is refueling, it is necessary to be extremely neat due to the volatility of the product.

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In addition to two species, it is on sale and Ceramic toner. This is a special paint, which is used to couple with a developer when printing on decol. With it, decorate ceramics, china, faience, glass and other materials.

Toners of this species are distinguished by the resulting color palette and the content of flux.

  • By magnetic properties The dye is magnetic and non-magnetic. Products of the first type contains iron oxide, called two-component toner, as it is simultaneously the carrier and developer.
  • By type of polymer Toners are polyester and styrene-acrylic. Options of the first type are characterized by a lower powder softening temperature. They are perfectly fixed on paper at high print speed.
  • By type of use Toners are produced for color and monochrome printers. Black powder is suitable for using the printing devices of both types. Colored paints are used in color printers.

How to choose?

When buying consumables for a laser printer, a number of nuances have to take into account. Toner is original, compatible (optimally universal) and fake. The best view is the original product that manufactures a concrete printer brand. Most often such powders are sold in cartridges, but buyers scares them outperforth high price.

Compatibility – an important criterion for selecting one or another consumage. If there is no money to buy an original powder, you can choose an analogue of compatible type. On its marking indicates the names of the models of printers for which it is suitable.

Its price is quite acceptable, the amount of packaging varies, which allows you to choose the best option for long-term use.

The fictional product is cheap, but it is harmful to humans and is often manufactured with violation of production technology. Such a consumator harms a printer. In the course of printing, it can leave on the pages of stains and stripes, as well as other defects.

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When buying banks of any volume It is necessary to pay attention to the shelf life. If it came out, print quality will deteriorate, such powder can reduce the service life of the printing device.

How to replace?

Toner refill depends on the type of specific printer. As a rule, the consumable material is filled with a special bunker. If it is a toner cartridge, open the printer cover, remove the used cartridge, the new, filled to the characteristic click is placed in its place. After that, the cover is closed, include printer and start printing.

When you plan to refuel the cartridge used, put on mask, gloves, take a cartridge. Open compartment with spent material, cleaned it to avoid printing defects with further printout.

After that, the bunker for toner is open, the remnants pour out and replace it with a new dye.

Wherein You can not score the compartment under the urban: This will not affect the number of printed pages, but the quality may noticeably reduce. Each printing device is equipped with chip. As soon as the printer counts the specified number of pages, the print stop works. It is useless to shake the cartridge – it is possible to remove the limit only by resetting the meter.

At full cartridge on pages defects may appear. To eliminate the fault it is reinstalled in the desired position. Do it already after filling the cartridge prepared toner. After it is slightly shaken in a horizontal position so that the toner is distributed inside the bunker. Then the cartridge is inserted into the printer that is connected to the network.

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    As soon as the counter works, a new countdown of printed pages will begin. For security purposes when refueling you need to open the window. So that the toner does not stay on the floor or other surfaces, before it refueling the work area is preferably noted by film or old newspapers.

    After refueling, they utilize them. Emission and spent material from sump.

    Watch the video on how to fix the cartridge.

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