Sea style in the interior and exterior of the house

Registration of interiors in the marine themes is very popular with the arrangement of residential premises. And it is not surprising, because the beach decor soothes, creates a relaxing atmosphere, contributes to the removal of stress after a long working day. If you were not lucky enough to live on the seashore, do not despair – in the article we will look at the original ideas that will make it possible to feel like a real navigator.


Sea style are well recognizable among all others. This decor has a number of characteristic features that directly cause associations with marine plants and animals, infinite smooth water and sailors. These include:

  • The dominant colors of the sea theme – white, blue and blue;
  • the use of textile natural materials;
  • a large number of stylized decor elements;
  • Simple forms, laconic geometry, smooth corners;
  • Furniture from the vine, rattan and other natural materials.

For facing the room in maritime design, one of the options that will be discussed below.


  • In most cases, the walls are painted in a single color, creating on one of them a color or attached emphasis – this option is optimal for a bedroom and a living room;
  • A good solution can be photo wallpapers with widescreen images from floor to ceiling or conventional wallpaper with a nonsense pattern – as a rule, this option is used in children’s;
  • The use of tiles – it does not need to be white, well refresh space azure, sand and turquoise tone;
  • Stylishly looks at the design of one of the walls with wooden sleeps with an artificial effect effect.


  • The finish of a sexual board either parquet with wood imitation is a classic design of the floor covering in the marine subject;
  • Carpet or a sand-range carpet;
  • An interesting solution will be the 3D picture on the floor.

To maintain a stylistic concept when cladding outdoor surfaces, such materials are usually used, which in their color are associated with a sandy beach.


  • If the ceilings are low, it is best to paint them into one color;
  • When arranging the ceiling in high rooms, the design can be made multi-tiered;
  • The decor of white beams draped by a mesh or light veil looks very effectively.

When choosing furniture in marine interiors, preference is better to give natural materials in restrained execution. Desk, Wardrobe, Dresser, Kitchen set – All these items must have straight corners and flat lines. Soft sofas and beds must be monochrome, stylish supplement will be pillows in a blue-blue strip. A special highlight will give the interior of textiles – it can radically change the entire concept of the room and the interior stylist. Usually, preference is given to Roman, rolled or direct targets of a simple cut from natural matter. Bedspreads and blankets can be sewn from a variety of materials starting with linen fabric and ending with velvet and even a parolh, most importantly – they must have thematic print.

Marine theme allows you to use different types of lighting. So, in the bedroom it is worth placing several light sources at once: for example, bedside light bulbs in the form of a marine lamp and a conventional ceiling chandelier.

In the children’s zone, a small lamp with sea parts will be appropriate, and in the hall you can combine several options – point lamps, as well as floor lamps and a large chandelier fan.

And, of course, the special atmosphere of the interior attachments to decor. This unusual style consists of abundance of small parts, but the marine elements do not load space, but only complement, make the interior unique. For decoration, you can use the most diverse objects:

  • Family photos placed in decorated seashells frames will decorate the walls in the corridor or living room;
  • The vase function will perform a bottle of stained glass, you can additionally decorate it with decoupage;
  • In the interior of the cabinet, in the children’s room, as well as in the living room, the statues of steamats, marine animals, turtles or sailboats will be appropriate;
  • Wall clock with arrows-anchors look very impressive;
  • In the style of 100% will be an aquarium with tritons and fish – it will not only decorate the situation, but will also have a beneficial effect on the emotional state of households.

Sea style is unthinkable without pictures with thematic landscapes. Depending on the size of the room, the image may be one, and several or modular solutions are used in spacious rooms. An interesting option can be the use of surfboards – they are especially luxurious in beach interiors. By the way, they can find practical applications – let them perform the role of a mirror or photo frame.

To create unique accessories, you can take any blowing materials: Consistently relevant combination of pebbles, Kor’j, Jutes and Sizal. Speeciously look at fishing nets. By the way, you can use them not only as a wall decor – they are very harmonious they look in the form of installation on the ceiling.

Constant attributes of marine themes are considered ropes and ropes. Their application allows you to maximize fantasy. From these materials, the decor of the lamps, candlesticks, the rugs are configured, they are placed by the deputies and even use instead of a heated towel rail. Of course, she will have seashells. It is absolutely optionally to collect them on the sea – these days you can purchase decor items in any souvenir shop. They are relevant to decorate photo frames and mirror frames, to create interior compositions and finishes of creative luminaires.

The life of any sailor is unthinkable without anchor. That is why this decorative element can be a strong accent of marine design.

Usually use image anchors on curtains, in the form of paintings and wall decor, the element is used in the design of door handles.

Color spectrum

Classical shades in the interiors of marine stylist is considered white, as well as all shades of blue, while they can be complemented by other colors as accent. Depending on the individual tastes, the design is calm, where white, azure and turquoise tone prevails, or bright with bulk coral and yellow decor objects.

The optimal solution will be finishing in the seamy wave. This design creates direct associations with the silence of the lagoon and has a soothing effect. Nautical themes in the house involves the use of natural materials, so in a single concept, the colors of natural wood and stone will fit harmoniously.

Facade of the house

Internal mood should be reflected on the facade of a residential building. Mansions and cottages in the marine themes are characterized by simplicity of lines. The facing uses white contrast with shades of gray and blue. The building should resemble the thunderstorm sky over the water, the depth of the ocean or sea foam.

Architecture of maritime houses has the following features:

  • Simple lines;
  • low roofs with attic;
  • the presence of an open veranda;
  • the presence of several inputs;
  • In the two-story buildings there is a balcony, it will be written square or round columns.

Windows in the maritime house should be as much as possible. They can be round in the form of portholes, as well as standard rectangular or arched form. The frame has a thin jumper and paint in white, shutters are not used. In the facade facade, natural materials are applied – sandstone, shell, limestone and natural tree. Stucatory is widely demanded. The most common finishes option – plastered walls laid down at the corners of sandstone, the base is lined with pebbles or wild stones.

The bottom of the two-story buildings are often plastered, and the top is trimmed with a tree. It is allowed to use siding – it must imitate duranka or have a ship shape. Blood most often make metal.

For marine style, it is characterized by restraint, which is why summer elements are not used here and other suitable elements – they will be inappropriate in this subject. The same applies to mosaic and relief ornaments.

Make the exterior more stylized will help a thick rope or a lifebuoy on the facade, the sea seashells around the perimeter look at the perimeter. If desired, the railing can be additionally decorated with a large grid with marine inhabitants confused in it.

Interior rooms

Interior of the room is performed in white and blue tones in a variety of combinations.


In the hallway, where there is no natural light, white and blue motifs should be activated in the design. An indispensable attribute should be a vertical strip, and it is best to use it only on one wall. For immersion in ship mathematics you can hang unusual hooks and hangers. And complement the picture of the mirror hanging on the rope, and wicker boxes near the entrance.

Living room

When finishing the living room, special attention should be paid to textiles. Usually hang curtains in blue-white stripes, as well as decorative pillows. Wooden ceiling of low boards, as well as ceiling beams look very harmoniously. In the halls with a large metrah, the predominance of dark colors is allowed – it can be turquoise or deep blue tone. In small-sized spaces, preference is better to give bright color.


Without a doubt, resting in a room made with sandy marine shades will be nice. Here you need to try the maximum to recreate the setting of a lazy beach holiday. For this wall, the ceiling and the floor in the room are made in bright colors, and to bring them down a little, hang curtains from opaque material – they will save from bright sunlight.

Textiles must be necessarily natural. When choosing furniture, preference is better to give a natural tree. The overall stylist will support bed linen with a suitable print and a bedside table with marine statuette placed on it. In recent years, an unusual trend is gaining popularity – making furniture from boats. The fans of creative interiors immediately got the beds made of them, benches, racks and tables.

Try to look at such products – it is not excluded that this attribute is missing in your seafood.


Marine themes are very often used when making a children’s room. Details of such an interior have a positive impact on psycho-emotional child development, stimulate its fantasy. By the way, it is in this design that the bunk bed does not fit better, which in other interiors is not so easy to beat. For boys, preferably a color solution from white and dark blue. The young sailor will probably come to the souls raised along the walls of the network, anchor, oars, as well as rescue circles and other attributes. And if you put a decor in the room in the form of ship fragments, this room will certainly become a beloved zone of the baby’s stay.

The girl’s room is better to issue in a more gentle key. The color palette here should include blue and pastel shades. For immersion in the style fit the figures of marine inhabitants, interior dolls-mermaids. Walls can be made by paintings, posters or photo wallpapers.


The kitchen in the seafood must be filled with natural light. This option will be especially good for small-scale premises. Countertops and kitchen headsets must be made of natural materials of light color, while wood texture in all objects of furniture should be united.

No need to overload the interior with excessive details – there will be enough several small posters on the marine theme. The win-win option will be stylized dishes. This direction is gaining momentum in recent years. Specialized stores everywhere offer unusual collections, unfortunately, they are most often limited. However, it is not necessary to despair – you can always paint the plates and cups manually.


The most harmonious marine themes looks in a shuffle or bathroom block apartment. Because of the frequent contact with moisture, the feeling of proximity to the water. Mainly in decorating adhere to a modern or classic style. Popular once blue tile in our days loses its position – and completely in vain. Facing a cafeter in the form of a sea or sky relaxes, contributes to improving the mood, and the paintings with the maritime theme even the skepticity itself will turn into a dreamer.

Tip: Do not forget that beautiful images can be laid out of the ceramic tile not only on the walls, but also on the floor.

In the next video you will find a tour of the house in the marine style.

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