Scandinavian style in the interior

The Scandinavian direction in the interior arrangement holds at the peak of popularity for several decades. It is chosen for the fact that it looks stylish and fresh. And although there is no universal recipe for creating a nordic design, there are some typical solutions that can be found in all Scandinavian houses without exception.

What it is?

It’s believed that The emergence of the Scandinavian style in the design of interiors had to be held in the middle of the XIX century. In fact, this happened much earlier. The history of the nordic design is rooted in the XVIII century, during the reign of King Gustav III. Until then, the inhabitants of Scandinavia equipped their dwellings in accordance with the trends of France, England and Italy. That is why the features of Rococo, classicism or village provence prevailed in their homes. At the initiative of the ruler, which was famous for the legislator of the mod, the light of the northernmost motives were brought to the interiors. Up until the beginning of the 30s of the last century, a Gustavian style was in fashion – it was considered to be the predecessor of modern Scandin.

After World War II, the current received a new leap of development. In that period, the designers tried to make interior design more functional and restrained, gave him some modern features.

After the Scandinavian style was presented at the exhibition in America, he conquered the public of England and Europe.

Today, the nordic design remains in demand in Scandinavia – in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, as well as in Iceland. This direction is distinguished by the absence of a demonstrative luxury, here the seeming simplicity and impeccable sense of style prevails.

Snowy winter winters made their own adjustments to the arrangement of residential premises. It is no coincidence that dairy color solutions dominate, as well as elements of the decor with glass chalks. Such registration seems to emphasize that the winter in the locals was and remains a favorite time of the year, but at the same time, their desire to enjoy warm days as long as possible.

There are two types of nordic interior design.

  • The first rather to the interiors of Sweden XVIII-XIX in. Such an option is chosen by people who want to demonstrate their position, but at the same time avoid excessive stringent and pompousness.

  • The second embody the functionality in combination with the softness. There is no place for pictures in gilded frames and antique furniture. Everyone in the interior embodies the idea of ​​restraint and coldness. The main principle of this designer flow: so that the owners of the house are convenient, and guests are unloccinated.

The features of the Scandinavian stylistics combine a number of characteristics.

  • Combination of minimalism with ergonomics. There is absolutely nothing excess in Scandy – there is a minimum of decor here, and the furniture is only necessary. At the same time, furniture does not impress the poor.
  • Abundance of light. So that the room was light, air and created a feeling of sunbathing sunshine, windows make huge, complementing them with light drapes and transparent tulle.
  • Simple furniture. Racks and shelves received great distribution. Furniture shape is usually rectangular, just rounded corners are allowed. Scandinavian houses are furnished so that the interior details occupy a minimum of free square.
  • Light skeleton palette. Basic Keefs: White, Silver or Digured Beige. Bright splashes add accents.

Nordic interior style usually choose people of the northern type. And this applies not to appearance, but to traits of nature and individual preferences.

Some like the freshness of the northern wind, the mysteriousness of the winter nature, they adhere to cold shades, prefer a practical situation.

    If in this description you have learned yourself, boldly make up a house in Scandinavian design. It will not seem cold to you – on the contrary, here you will always feel harmony, comfort and spiritual heat.

    You can implement the ideas of the Scandinavian destination in a private house, and in a regular apartment.

    Finishing and materials

    During the repair when finishing the Scandinavian interiors, you can use exclusively natural materials and textures from the design of the walls and ending with the selection of decor elements. In such design, there is no place for plastic, synthetics and acrylic, even metal with glass apply only in the design of parts. In the facing of walls, gender and ceiling, only wood and stone are used (as a budget option, their high-quality imitation).

    The floors most often discharge with a wide coarse board, preferably untreated. If you have an old parquet, you can renovate the coating, leaving the easy one.

    More durable materials will be appropriate in the kitchen, hallway and shower room. It will fit a porcelain stoneware or outdoor ceramic tile, less frequently goes natural or artificial stone. These are wear-resistant, practical options that fit perfectly into the nordic stylistics.

    The design of the walls should be strictly monophonic. Wallpaper here is rarely used. Most often, the surface is covered with paint neutral white color, and to create stylish accents, some areas are isolated by texture plaster. If a stone masonry has been preserved in the house, you can leave this fragment untreated.

    Ceilings in Scandinavian dwellings are usually elevated, they are decorated with wooden beams and ceiling plinths of dark contrasting.

    Such a decision is used mainly in the cottages – they are technically inapplicable in apartments.

    If the usual painting you do not like, make a choice in favor of satin stretch ceilings.

    Interior doors are installed necessarily wooden. They can be painted in white or saving natural wood texture.

    Selection of furniture

    For the premises of the Scandinavian direction, laconicity and simplicity are characterized, and furnishings also meets the basic style requirements. It has a simple geometry and minimalistic facades, and the multifunctional “filling” and an effective storage system are usually hidden behind them.

    There are no complex transformers characteristic of high-tech. Much more organic looks lightweight rack with glass shelves and classic wardrobe with swing sash.

    Upholstered furniture should be lightweight and simple, without dimensional backs and bulky side.

    The favorite object of furniture inhabitants of Scandinavia is the chair. They can be any, but preference usually give comfortable classic models that can be located in the living room, the bedroom or even in the hallway, if its area allows.

    Scandinavians are known as the reading nation, which is why the coffee table in the office or living room will be a mandatory element. It serves not only for decor – on it always lie books, magazines and newspapers. They can tell a lot about the hobbies of the owners of the house.

    Color palette

    The main color of the Scandinavian design is white, and it is no coincidence. This universal shade combines all the details of the interior in one stylistic composition. Light shades reflect the rays of the sun and seem to fill rooms with light, which in the northern territories so little. Alternative to White can perform halftone gray. Depending on the chosen shade, gray can make the room easier, sophisticated and calm or, on the contrary, add element of drama.

    Contrast black lines are allowed on a solid light background – they visually expand the space and adjust its geometry.

    But the accents should be bright. Designers converge that contrasts may be present in the premises in the form of sconces, vases, decorative shelves. In the trend, slightly muted colors: yellow, pink, turquoise and red.

    As well as in the interior often use green. He recalls the love of Scandinavians to the wildlife. It can be seen absolutely everywhere – from colors on the balcony to decor and textile elements.

    Decor and textiles

    Scandinavian house unthinkable without textiles. In the summer, it is a blanket and sofa pillows that bring a cozy atmosphere in housing. In the cold use animal skins – they are covered with soft sofas, decorate the banquets, chairs and even put on the windowsill. Their darling texture softens the discreet design slightly, fills it with a feeling of heat.

    The obligatory element of the dwelling in the Scandinavian style is a soft carpet, usually with a long pile. It can be a monophonic or have a light contrast print. This item is appropriate in any season, it will never come out of fashion – you can paint the walls or change the furniture, but the carpet will be relevant, regardless of fashion trends.

    Scandi requires naturalness, so linen, cotton and jute goes here. In the bathroom and in the kitchen it is allowed to use blended cloths – they are more rack to wear and easy to clean.

    Unlike other minimalist directions, the Scandinavian premises allow decoration elements. Here there will always be a place for homemade candles, sewn toys and vases linted by hand. Largely popular enjoy laconic posters and posters in white frames, panels, stickers, paintings and collages from black and white photos. On the shelves of racks, the place for decorative compositions of stone, moss, branches and dry.

    As for the curtains, the dense curtains are not used here. There are more appropriate rollers with lining-Blackout.


    Lighting in the interior of Scandi only multi-level and at the same time diverse. Upper scattered light is represented by a series of suspended or point lights. Central chandeliers are almost not used, as they give uneven lighting.

    All functional areas are equipped with night lights, lamps, wall braids and table lamps. It is relevant to highlight the niches, shelves and other decorative elements, but the temperature of the LED tape should be cold.

    As an alternative to futuristic neon, you can hang cozy garland balls.

    Registration of different premises

    Consider typical design projects for the implementation of Scandinavian design in various premises.


    Nordic design of the kitchen block should personify freedom, practicality and laconic nobility.

    • Walls, especially in the cooking zone, are separated by white tiles.
    • The lunch functional area is allowed to cover with light decorative plaster.
    • Paul is performed from stone, laminate or wood tile or cold light gray tone.
    • For furnishing use the designs of light shades.
    • The dining table is selected with a wooden tabletop, chairs preferably without backs and carved legs. A successful solution will be linen tablecloths of dairy.
    • Such a general impression of lighting in the form of ceiling sconce with glass beams. And the kettle, who, too, should be in Skandy style.

    Living room

    If you correctly issue a living room in Scandinavian design, it will consistently affect the calm and dimensionality of the northern lands. For the arrangement of a common hall it is worth choosing the most spacious room with large windows overlooking the sun.

    • Walls are covered with textured plaster. The ceiling is also made by snow-white – this is the main color of the style, it is not better thanks to the atmosphere of the nordic decor.
    • On the floor, parquet or laminate. The kel can be cold gray or with a warmer shade of wood.
    • In the living room certainly perform zoning. It must be equipped with a place of rest with a high glass table.
    • The furniture should be unspecified, without a bulky decor, catchy pattern and massive elements. A few pillows should be placed on the sofa – they will become a stylish accent, bright inclusion in the common discreet decor.
    • The design of the living room complements the fireplace. The fireplace zone is laid out with white bricks, and the foot – a dark brown stone.


    The bedroom must cause a feeling of peace, so it is necessary to create such a situation here, which will allow to immerse yourself in a full-fledged sleep.

    • The wall in the headboard bed is trimmed by wood. All other surfaces are separated by the textured plaster of the light nude shade.
    • Ceiling paint in white.
    • In the bed area, be sure to lay a rug with a long pile or white animal skin.
    • On the sides of the bed, it is necessary to put a pair of laconic tumb with small lamps of matte glass.
    • Textiles in the nordic bedroom should be slightly pinkish or cream.
    • It is allowed to use a large chandelier of crystal. Alternatively, you can put a flooring with a light beam.


    The hallway is the first thing that he sees the guest when it goes into the house. Therefore, it should be equipped especially scrupulously. At first glance, it must cause associations with thoughtfulness and ergonomics. The entrance door must be made of wood, shade of varnishing – as close as possible to natural collers.

    Finishing is performed from practical materials, easy cleaning. Vertical surfaces and railings of stairs can be made with creamy color.

    White in the hallway is not practical enough, because due to frequent pollution, it quickly loses the purity of the shade. The lower part is usually separated by panels.

    Paul should be a little darker walls, to optimally lay the stone of cold colors.

    Furniture should only be necessary: ​​chest of drawers, wall hanger and mirror. In the zone under the stairs, you can equip a wardrobe with double walls.


    Bathroom in scand-style should symbolize the purity and frosty freshness of Northern Europe nature. Therefore, in its interior must prevail combinations of white and sea tones.

    For example, it looks impressive, when three walls are white, and one is blue.

    A stylish accent can be an inexpensive curtain with an underwater print.

    Stylish examples in the interior

    With the arrangement of the Scandinavian interiors, everyone should be thought out, right up to the smallest detail, taking into account the main wishes of households. Only in this case, the nordic design will be not just a stylish decor for you, but the basis of a cozy dwelling, which will want to spend time along with its own people:

    • Most often, the Scandinavian style is drawn in cottages;

    • But it can be safely implemented in a small one-room apartment, even in a small-sized “Khrushchev”;

    • The cottage looks well, is framed by Scandinavian;

    • This style is suitable for a girl, and for a man;

    • And a few more real examples of housekeeping and apartments in the nordic style.

    About Scandinavian style in the interior See below.

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