Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment

Scandinavian style, thanks to its ease and absence of unnecessary details, is one of the most popular modern design in the world. From this article you will learn how to arrange an apartment in Scandinavian style, without making special efforts.

Features and characteristic features

Scandinavian style at first glance seems very boring and one-sided. But in fact, he is very multifaceted and constantly surprises with some kind of small details.

Almost all the features of this style are due to the country in which climatic conditions are the country. Like Russia, the Scandinavian countries are cool enough. Local nature is harsh, there is very little light and paints. The Scandinavian interior almost completely reflects nature outside the window.It has enough paints in it, and the location of the rooms and all the details in them is most thought out. It is believed that the founder of the Scandinavian style was Emil Arne Jacobsen.

In essence, the Scandinavian style is the embodiment of modern minimalism with a maximum of natural materials.

When you enter the room, decorated in such a style, immediately feel lightness, airiness and harmony with nature and the world around. All because in such rooms there is no bulky cabinets, no finished decor, no old furniture, which remains in place just because it is sorry to throw it.

Each item in the room has its place, what is very convenient and practical. In such a room it is easy to maintain order, even if there lives a lot of people in the house.

In addition, Scandinavian style is ideal for urban conditions.

Such a free interior can be issued not only in a spacious private house, but also in a small apartment. The minimum number of furniture and the use of light colors allows you to maintain a maximum of free space.

Finally, it is worth noting that In such an interior there should be a lot of light. This also applies to natural lighting, and artificial. If there are large beautiful windows in the room, then you should not prevent the penetration into the house of natural light outside. Designers prefer to replace heavy dense curtains with lightweight curtains from tulle or other thin and translucent fabric.

If there are no windows in the room or they are too small, then you should take care of the purchase of a sufficient number of lighting devices.

Materials for registration

Hardly not the most important role plays what materials are used for room design. Regardless of whether you design a house from scratch or simply make a repair, a description of the materials suitable for creating a beautiful interior in Scandinavian style, you will be exactly useful.

Paul and ceiling

In the apartments and houses in Scandinavian style prefer both the floor and the ceiling to do white. Well, or just use a pleasant look blonde – beige, coffee, and so on. Such a background looks neat, stylish, but at the same time does not distract attention from interesting details and accessories.

Designers advise the use of monophonic color and texture materials.

It is recommended to avoid friezes, panels and parquet. Often designers make walls and ceiling in one color. For decorations most often used lacquered or painted light board.

The tree is generally very popular in this direction. This material is used almost everywhere. Parquet boards on the floor, wooden wall decoration and even the ceiling of high-quality boards will be quite appropriate in such a stylish and modern room. Wood recommended to choose the brightest materials. It can be birch, beech, ash or pine.

But if you do not want to live in a house, completely decorated wood, you can combine this material and with others. The second most popular material is a stone. Stone coating can be artificial or natural, it all depends on your capabilities. Most often, stone finish is used in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Several centuries ago, these two types of materials could be limited to. But with the development of technologies and the number of materials used in the construction of materials increase. Now also materials such as metal or glass are also popular. Transparent glass countertops or shelves look air, and do not take too much space. So glass fits very well into the modern Scandinavian interior.

Finally, it is worth noting that natural wood and stone are not suiced, so many try to save, using coatings stylized under them.

If you want to act in this way, then remember that the coatings imitating natural material must be performed very carefully. Otherwise, all this will look too cheap and spoil the overall impression.


Light in the room in the Scandinavian interior must be a lot. Therefore, it is recommended to use different types of lamps, combining them. Not enough one simple ceiling chandelier. It is better supplemented by floor lamps, wall braids and even desktop lamps. Even graceful candlesticks with natural candles will fit in a stylish Scandinavian interior.

The main thing is to remember that the lamps, like other types of decor, should be as simple as possible, without gilded or crystal parts, curls and other complex accessories.

It is best to choose simple plaffones made of high-quality glass, dark metal and natural wood. Well look point lamps. They make it possible to highlight some particular details of the interior or accessories.

Color combinations

Many it seems that the color palette in the Scandinavian style is very boring and monotony. At first glance it seems that only shades of gray or brown are combined in such a room. In fact, they are dominant in the interior. But far from the only.

The gray brown room looks neatly, minimalistically and very easily, but if such a room seems to you too boring and monotonous, then you can a little diversify it with bright colors accents.

To make the interior of the apartment is warmer, you can add bright shades of green or yellow.

Amber, sand, golden and other tones will make a room more cozy. The same can be said about the shades of brown. Genuine wood and textiles of chocolate and coffee tones perfectly complement such a cold indoor.

You can also use such color accents as cherry, pink or blue. All of them can decorate the room, decorated in Scandinavian style.

In modern Scandinavian style you can use bright details, diluting monophonic interior. It can be bright colored pillows, blankets or lamps. The main thing is that such colorful details be the minimum number. Otherwise, the style will turn out at all without Scandinavian, but just minimalistic.

Furniture selection rules

Binds the interior in Scandinavian style correctly selected furniture. The best option is natural wood products. High-quality wooden furniture looks exquisitely, concisely and at the same time serves a long time.

The main principle when making any of the rooms in Scandinavian style is that the room is not necessary too much to litter

Use only the most necessary items that will not just take free space. Also worth paying attention to multifunctional furniture. Folding chairs, sofas and even tables are very practical in everyday life and save a lot of free space.

In addition to buying sofas and chairs-transformers, you benefit to you and furniture on legs. They do not need to be high. Even simple low legs will sufficiently be enough to ensure that the furniture seemed less heavy. When the floor is viewed throughout the apartment, the room seems much more spacious.

Scandinavian style is undesirable to combine furniture from different eras. If you want to decorate the room with some old elements, it is better to limit yourself with one subject. On the background of the whole room decorated with stylish modern furniture, one vintage cabinet or a luxurious shabby sofa will look like a certain hello from the past.

As for the decorative elements, there is also a preference to some kind of functional trifles. Residents of the Scandinavian countries often decorate their premises with stylish boxes from IKEA, in which they keep all their things. You can also decorate the room with alive flowers in the pots – this will live the interior and add it comfort. In combination with furniture from natural wood, all this looks really unsurpassed.

Textiles matters

About textile is also worth talking separately. Because in the northern countries is cold enough, you always want to add a little comfort to the room. For example, decompose warm plaids everywhere, which, if desired, you can wrap up.

Scandinavian style textiles use such materials like flax, cotton, wool, natural fur, simple burlap or even sitherium. Simple burlap rugs are well looking, which can be placed in almost any of the rooms, and the skins from natural fur or artificial.

Best examples

Knowing the main features of creating a cozy Scandinavian interior in your home, you can equip a properly and small house, and a two-room or three-room apartment in Khrushchevka.

Small-sized room

One-room apartment should be made in bright soft colors. Its color palette should be fairly simple: beige tones are combined with gray and white, brown – with gentle shades of pink or nude.

The project of the living room in Scandinavian style involves conciseness and comfort.

It can be located a sofa with a coffee table on low legs. Near such a table looks good at high floor lamp, which simultaneously decorate the room, and gives additional lighting. It can be replaced by the head with direction. Opposite the sofa, you can arrange a wall-mounted TV or a laptop stand. This minimum of furniture will be enough.

The kitchen can be a separate room or room separated from the main arch. To save place in the kitchen, you can use a folding countertop that is attached to the wall instead of a simple table. Bar rack will also be relevant. Post interior set of chairs at high legs. And all the necessary reserves can be stored not in bulky couches, but in neat attached lockers.

In a small bedroom there is a place for a comfortable bed and two neat tumb. Install bright lamps on them, and the room will not seem gloomy, despite its small sizes.

Room with balcony

If you have a small room with a tiny balcony, and it seems to you that it is necessary to arrange it so that it looks stylish and has been practically convenient for life, then try searching inspiration in Scandinavian style.

Start design of the room stands with the selection of the right colors. You will fit a combination of white, blue and warm shades of brown.

The main room can be divided into two zones – a place to sleep and something like a living room. And on the balcony there is a place for the office where you can work, learn or engage in your hobby.

Of course, there will be a place for the kitchen in the apartment. The main space here usually occupies a headset. So if you want to save a little loose place, you can refuse a bulky headset in favor of functional Tumb and several shelves.

In the bedroom zone, it will be enough to put a large wide bed and several comfortable Tumb. And the second part of this small room is to highlight under the area for relaxation, where the sofa or several chairs will look good, and the place to store the main things.

On the balcony, a comfortable office will be located. There can be a table with chairs or a chair with a flooring, giving a soft pleasant light. And all the necessary books, documents or accessories for needlework can be placed in baskets or small boxes. You can also not forget about the correct lighting, which will not only be part of the decor, but also the source of the right light that will save your vision.

Sample interior in Scandinavian style See next video.

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