ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Rolsen TVs are difficult to call consumer demand leaders. But still they find their buyer who should know the key features of each model and the brand as a whole. It is equally important to take into account the main tips on setting up and operating, which producer gives.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Construction features of models

Start most convenient On the example of RL-32D1309T2C. On this TV, the JUC7 chassis board.820.00084054. As in other models, stabilizers and power converters play a very important practical role. Without them, normal activities of chips and matrices are impossible.

And here in the model C21R65 The m28b chassis is used.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

In addition to the ROLSEN TV electrical concept (in the figure below), the following features are mentioned in the description of this chassis:

  • ability to process up to 100 programs;

  • operating temperature from -10 to + 40 degrees;

  • Air working humidity no more than 80%.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Parts of the board responsible for electrical food must be grounded. The tension on the anode of the kinescope is 27,500 to the maximum. Its standard value – 25500 V. The subcarrier color reproduction frequency is or 4,333, or 3,559 MHz. Used asymmetrical input connector.

For the gain of the signal corresponds to the tuner frequency mixer. The processor provides gamma correction and reinforcement of black. There are systems for compensating parasitic oscillations and inductive interference. The designers took care to be given the video signal not distorted in the horizontal plane. It remains only to add that the manufacturer of Rolsen TVs, according to the official site, is based in Korea, but all production goes in Russia.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Speaking about the brand as a whole worth noting:

  • Digital Comb Filter (Proper distribution of brightness and colors);

  • SSM acoustics with bulk and saturated sound;

  • thin aluminum frame around the perimeter;

  • The option Personal Video Recorder in a number of models;

  • Elegance and grace;

  • LED backlight;

  • SuperfilmFrame options, TimeShift;

  • Anti-glass screen Glass Display (in some versions);

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Advantages and disadvantages

This topic for a regular user is very important for obvious reasons. Rolsen technique is relatively inexpensive, which will delight those who want to buy it for the summer house, country summer house or garage. At the same time, the quality of the picture is high enough, and it can be enjoyed even in many hard-to-reach places.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

A number of models are equipped with a built-in player, which reproduces not only video, but also audio information (MP3). Controlling the player and TV is made through a single remote, because the additional device does not need to buy.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Modifications of the latest generation are equipped with flat screens. Rolsen also established the use of ultra-thin kinescopes, which will delight owners of small-sized housing. You need to note the active use of stereo sound and a variety of settings. But Rolsen TVs sometimes cause certain complaints.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

So, they still have quite significant dimensions. The mass of these models is also noticeable. Mounting them can not be on any wall or support, transfer also once again it will be comfortable. The disadvantage can also be considered the absence of a number of connectors that have become the standard for many other manufacturers.

Technology In general, this company also lags behind leading competitors.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

The lineup

And start an overview appropriate with portable – automotive, they are hiking, Rolsen TVs. RTV-700 deservedly considered a good sample. Thanks to the digital receiver, DVB-T signal processing is possible, DVB-T2 without consisting. The system also has an analog tuner, so that the view of a part of regional and commercial television channels will not be labor. Users Available Video Information for SD, MMC Maps.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

The main characteristics of this model are as follows:

  • 7 inches diagonal;

  • Permission of the picture 800×480;

  • format 16 to 9;

  • Full Russification of the menu;

  • Electrical capacity of 1200 mAh battery;

  • Control Panel.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Plasma-based televisions Rolsen are no longer available.

At the very least, all such models on the official website are rearranged in the archive section. This states that such devices guarantee excellent sound and clear picture. But all current models are supplied only with the LCD screen. That is exactly advanced portable device RTV-1000.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Battery capacity – the same as the previous model. Declared the ability to work autonomously up to 3 hours in a row. Brightness is 500 kD per 1 kV. m, and contrast – 400 K 1. Screen viewing angle in both planes – 135 degrees.

Also provided:

  • an antenna entrance;

  • composite audio input;

  • Screen resolution 1024×600.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Among the home devices, the D1307 LED series is highlighted. RL-28D1307T2C model equipped with a thin front frame. OLED format illumination indicates that all LEDs are placed on the screen evenly. Designers have enabled MKV files via USB input. The TV has a special CI + interface that allows you to view coded digital channels.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Used video recording option. At the same time it can be fixed even with full HD quality. There is a TimeShift function, as well as distribution of the HDMI signal on any devices that support Arc. TV will reproduce even pictures in JPG format. Available and playing FLV video files.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

The D1309 LED series deserves attention. RL-28D1309T2C model, Related to it also supports OLED technology. Designers have provided use of the ultra-modern DVB-T2 television signal standard. Dynamic contrast is 200000: 1. Viewing angles in both planes reach 176 degrees.

2 Dynamics Give 5 W Sound Power. There is a component connector YPBPR. There is a coaxial digital output. To note: Rolsen TVs with a built-in DVD player of this format.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Extractive can be E1301 LED. For example, RL-28D1309T2C model. The brightness of the screen of this TV is 330 kD per 1 kV. M., His diagonal – 28 inches. Available Sound Sound Nicam and A2. There is a special output of PC Audio.

Other parameters:

  • Frame change of 60 Hz;

  • Headphones cannot be connected;

  • The function of the teletext is provided;

  • sleep timer;

  • bulk sound and equalizer with original settings;

  • Stop Frame and Parental Control Functions.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Tips for choosing

Although the universal remote control is suitable for ROLSEN TVs, as in the case of other models, it is advisable to use the recommended device. Therefore, we still have to look at how comfortable consoles going to the kit. As for the characteristics of the screen, they differ quite strongly – and diagonally, and by permission. Choose too big tv should not, Because at close range and the picture is fuzzy, and the vision suffers greatly.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Of course, you need to watch the television receiver:

  • fited in the design;

  • had all the necessary connectors;

  • demonstrated high-quality picture and good sound;

  • in size came to the place where he was going to install.

OLED technology used in a number of models, you can only welcome. It helps to improve the picture and at the same time reduce visual fatigue. Be sure to be interested in the frequency and response time. These parameters are directly related to the technological level of the device. The higher the frequency and the faster the response, the better.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Installation and operation instructions

Consider the instructions for Rolsen TV On the example of RL-28D1309T2C. The manufacturer strongly recommends that this device is included in the cable television network or connect to the street (collective) antenna. Then the quality of the image and sound will be significantly higher than when connecting to a regular room antenna.

Adapter for connecting CVBS must be purchased. Coaxial output is suitable only for DTV, HDMI devices.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

Selecting a sound preset is performed using the S key. Mode. P. option. Mode allows you to set the optimal screen parameters. You can also configure the image to format 16: 9 or 4: 3. The choice of one of the preferred channels is made by the FAW key.

Important: The power supply is designed for voltage not lower than 100 and not higher than 242 V; When deviating from these parameters, normal operation is not guaranteed.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

You can not connect the TV in the outlet or section of the chain, where powerful electrical appliances are connected. The socket must be grounded. Rolsen TVs can be clear only with a soft cloth. Neutral reagents are applied to it without abrasive properties? or do not apply. While viewing in the room should be constantly maintained, sufficient at least for reading a newspaper or magazine.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

To view digital TV gears on old Rolsen TVs, you must connect the receiver (modern models often allow you to do without it). Finger plug connected to tyuer. The red and white cable is inserted into the audio input, and yellow – in the video input. Next, when setting up the TV indicate the signal source. When tuning tuner, the direction of its transfer is specified (the HDMI version provided by default is not suitable).

When setting up the essential television channels, you can select automatic or manual search.

Regardless of the selected sound regime, “Under yourself” are configured:

  • High and low frequencies;

  • equalizer;

  • digital output S / PDIF;

  • Automatic volume tuning;

  • Sound balance;

  • Surround sound.

ROLSEN TVs: features, models, tips on setting

In the tracking video, the presentation of the LED TV ROLSEN is presented.

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