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With modern technologies it seems that no one does not print the photos, because there are so many devices, such as electronic photo frames or memory cards, but still this statement is not quite true. Every person comes such a moment when you want to sit with loved ones and drink tea, looking at printed photos. There is a natural question – how to choose a good photo printer? Which manufacturer may prefer?

general description

Some of the best printers for printing photos are Canon devices.

These devices are represented by CANON PIXMA and Canon Selpny. Both series are distinguished by rarity successful engineering solutions and excellent value for money.

A wide range of Canon photo printer models can be used as for Private use and for professional activity.

The main advantages are the following.

  • Connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a personal computer, laptop or phone.
  • Touch screens.
  • Equipment system of continuous supply of ink.
  • Bright and clear pictures.
  • Compact sizes.
  • Printing directly from the camera.
  • Different print formats Photos.

You can endlessly arguing about the quality and reliability of these devices, but let’s look at them.

The lineup

Talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of each specific line of printers Canon Pixma And let’s start with the TS series. Separate mention deserves Canon PIXMA TS8340. Excellent multifunctional device due to the availability of Fine technology and 6 cartridges allows you to print high quality photos. Aggregate is convenient and understandable in operation. The disadvantages include only the cost. TS series is represented by three more models: TS6340, TS5340, TS3340.

The MFP of the entire line is equipped with the same technology, the only difference is the rest contain 5 cartridges. Stock Foto Very clear, high-quality, with magnificent color reproduction.

Next Series Canon Pixma G represented by multifunctional devices equipped with continuous ink printing system. SSR allows you to create a larger amount of photos without loss of quality. All models have proven themselves from the best side. Optimal choice for home use. The disadvantages can be attributed High cost of original ink. Highly appreciated the work of the following CANON PIXMA models: G1410, G2410, 3410, G4410, G1411, G2411, G3411, G4411, G6040, G7040.

Professional photo printers are represented by a ruler Canon Pixma Pro.

These devices are designed for use in professional activities of photographers.

Unique technological solutions – this is the basis of amazing print quality and perfect color reproduction. Ruler Canon Selpny Submitted to the most Portable in size models: CP1300, CP1200, CP1000. Printers printed bright photos of various formats. Support Function ID Photo Print For printing to documents.

Tips for choosing

For photo printing at home are perfectly suitable G. Series Models. They are reliable, support most standard print formats, convenient to maintain.

A considerable advantage will be the presence of SSR, which will noticeably reduce the costs of ink.

For excellent small pictures with lamination suitable Printers Selpny Line. All models of this line have dimensions of 178×60.5×135 mm and fit even in the lady’s handbag. Of course, if you are going to open a photo camera or a photographer, then you should consider models Pro Series.

Operating Rules

In order for the technique to serve as long as possible, you need to comply with the instructions for each type of equipment. Basic rules are quite simple.

  1. Use the paper only the density and manufacturer, which is allowed to use your device.
  2. Before printing photos, make sure the ink is enough.
  3. Always check the device for hitting foreign objects.
  4. You can use non-original ink, but it seriously affects the quality of photography, so it’s best to use Canon ink.
  5. Install drivers taken from the installation disk or downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website.

Canon on the Russian market has proven itself very well, its products are highly appreciated and in demand.

Choosing a printer, focus on your budget and tasks, which must be executed by the device, and the quality you will be guaranteed.

See the CANON SELPHY CP1300 Compact Photo Printer Review in the next video.

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