Review and Operation of Horizont TV

Belarusian TVs “Horizon” are familiar with several generations of domestic consumers. But even this kind of proven technique has a lot of subtleties and nuances. That’s why It is necessary to conduct a general overview and find out the specifics of the operation of the Horizont TV.


There are quite a few people who prefer the Belarusian TV Horizont technique of other brands. But at the same time there are those who consider the technique of this manufacturer suitable unless to decorate the interior. The image is estimated in a largest way. However, it is worth noting that positive estimates are still dominated. Viewing angles, contrast and screen response time – at quite a decent level.

Horizont technique has already been sufficient to have a Smart TV based on Android. Even the fact that the workout of this function is not too large, can be considered a plus. After all, for many people, all the same advanced, sophisticated intelligent systems only complicate life. Yes, the assortment of Horizont does not include models with bent, projection screens or with quantum dots.

However, at a ratio of value and quality, these are quite worthy devices, and it is worth considering their Read more.

Horizont 32le7511d

The first in the queue was Good Color LCD TV with 32-inch Screen Diagonal. When it is created provided SMART TV mode. Intelligent stuffing works on Android 7 and more recent versions. Display Resolution is 1366×768 Points. The model is available since 2018, its screen has a glossy effect.

Viewing angles in both planes – 178 degrees. Contrast 1200 K 1 can hardly be called a record, but for an acceptable picture of this enough. The tuner can take cable broadcast, signals from satellites S and S2. Image Brightness – 230 kD per 1 kV. M. Also not too champion indicator, but everything is clearly visible.

Other important features:

  • Change of frames – 60 times per second;
  • Pixel response – 8 ms;
  • Connection via Ethernet protocol;
  • 2 USB ports (with recording option);
  • SCART;
  • The total acoustic power of each channel is 8 W;
  • reproduction of text, graphic and video files of popular formats;
  • 1 with headphones;
  • 2 HDMI connector;
  • Coaxial S / PDIF.

Horizont 32le7521d

As in the previous case, the screen is 32 inches is very good. The main characteristics of the image, sound used interfaces – the same as the 32le7511d. In favor of the model indicates the thoughtful SMART TV mode. Black and silver case looks stylish and exquisite. The background illumination is not provided.

It is worth noting the presence of Dolby Digital decoder. Television can work with SECAM, PAL, NTSC image systems. The option of electronic telehyda is implemented.

But “pictures in the picture” no. But they worked for parental control and timer.

Additionally note:

  • Interfaces S / PDIF, SCART, CI, RJ-45;
  • mass 3.8 kg;
  • Linear dimensions 0.718×0,459х0,175 m.

Horizont 24le5511d

This TV, except the diagonal of 24 inches, stand out Digital tuner with a decent set of signal interfaces. The size of the visible display area is 0.521×0.293 m. The image brightness is 220 kD per 1 m2. Contrast reaches 1000 K 1. Output power of acoustic channels – 2×5 W.

Other features:

  • teletext;
  • MINI-JACK connector;
  • Weight of 2.6 kg;
  • Teleranslation recording mode.

Horizont 32le5511d

Such a TV model is equipped with a 32-inch diagonal display.

Provided and pretty illumination based on elements LED.

Reception and processing of signals are performed using a tuner configured to:

  • DVB-T;
  • DVB-C;
  • DVB-T2.

Also, the tuner can receive the DVB-C2, DVB-S, DVB-S2. The value of the visible area of ​​the display is 0.698×0,392 m. Brightness pictures – 200 cd per 1 m2. Contrast reaches 1200 K 1. Speaker Power – 2×8 W.


  • PC Audio;
  • MINI AV;
  • Earphone;
  • coaxial output;
  • Interfaces LAN, CI+.

Other technical nuances:

  • Dimensions – 0.73×0,429×0.806 m;
  • total weight – 3.5 kg;
  • Current consumption in standard mode – up to 41 watts;
  • Current consumption in waiting mode – up to 0.5 W.

Horizont 55le7713d

This model is unique with its display – his Diagonal reaches 55 inches. The TV is displayed with a UHD resolution (3840×2160 pixels). I am glad D-LED backlight. Against this background, the presence of the SMART TV option is quite predictable and even ordinary. Viewing angle in 2 planes – 178 degrees.

Picture with a brightness of 260 kD per 1 kV. m changes 60 times in a second. Pixel response duration is 6.5 ms. At the same time, the contrast 4000: 1 makes it once again raise the estimate of the described model. Acoustic speaker power – 2×10 watts. There are 2 channel accompaniment sound.

With USB media can be played:

  • VOB;
  • H. 264;
  • AAC;
  • DAT;
  • MPG;
  • VC1;
  • JPEG;
  • PNG;
  • TS;
  • AVI;
  • AC3.

Of course, it will be possible to work with more familiar:

  • Mkv;
  • H. 264;
  • H. 265;
  • MPEG-4;
  • MPEG-1;
  • Mp3.

Horizont 55le7913d

This TV in its characteristics is not far from the previous sample. But at the same time, its brightness is 300 kD per 1 kV. m, and contrast – 1000 K 1. Somewhat less and response rate of pixels (8 ms). Output acoustic power equal to 7 W per canal.

There are MINI AV, SCART, RCA.

Horizont 24le7911d

In this case, the screen diagonal, as it is easy to guess, is 24 inches. There is an illumination based on LED elements. Picture resolution – 1360×768 Points. The viewing angles are less than that of other models – only 176 degrees; Acoustic Power – 2×3 W. Brightness is also small – only 200 cd per 1 kV. m; But the frequency of sweep – 60 Hz.

Serets of choice

Experts note that when selecting TVs, it is not necessary to share the diagonal. But also to neglect its size is also not worth. Quality television receivers with good resolution can be watched calmly at a distance of 2 m, even if the screen size is 55 inches. Modifications with a 32-inch display and less suitable for small rooms and for premises, where viewing TV shows is secondary. But the same 55 inches will be perfect for home theater.

It is important to pay attention to the permission. HD Ready, typical of the Horizont models, allows you to use such TVs in the kitchen and in the country quite calm. In this practical category, they differ in excellent value and quality ratio.

ATTENTION: It is better not to be limited to tabular data from a technical passport, but see live, which picture is demonstrated by devices.

With such an inspection, not only saturation and realism of the color are estimated, but also Accuracy of geometry transmission. The slightest vagueness, the most insignificant distortion or nonsense rays around the perimeter of the screen is categorically unacceptable.

Operating tips

Of course, A universal sample panel is suitable for Horizont TVs. But better, as when working with other brands, use original equipment. Then problems will be excluded. External voltage stabilizers can not be used. Televisions of the Belarusian brand are designed for:

  • Air temperature from +10 to +35 degrees;
  • pressure from 86 to 106 kPa;
  • Air humidity in the room maximum 80%.

If the device was transported over frost, you can turn it on at least 6 hours after storage in a unpacked room.

You can not put televisions where the sun’s rays fall, smoke, various pairs where magnetic fields act.

Clean receivers can only be Deaddered state. All cleaning drugs must be applied in strict accordance with the instructions. Of course, before connecting any external devices, the connected technique and the TV itself is completely dealers.

Set up the tv is easy enough Even for people weakly dismantled in the electronics. Already when the device is first started, the inscription “Auto Installation” will appear. Further will only follow the prompts of the built-in program. In most cases, you can leave all default settings. Channel setting in automatic mode is performed separately for analog and digital television. When the search is over, there is automatic switching to the first (in order of increasing frequency) channel.

Recommendation: In the zone of unstable reception, it is better to apply a manual search mode. It allows you to more accurately adjust the frequency of broadcasting each channel and smooth out possible problems with sound, image.

Connect the prefix to the Horizont TV released today using modern HDMI connector. Generally, it is worth navigating the most “fresh” of all connectors for connecting to the receiver. If it is impossible to use digital protocols, the best choice is RCA (all other options, including SCART, must be considered last time).

In most cases, the procedure is as follows:

  • include TV and receiver;
  • Switched to AV mode;
  • through the receiver menu are performed by auto parts;
  • use found channels as usual.

Updating Android system in Horizont TVs can occur “by air” or USB. It is strongly recommended to use only “firmware” of official origin. And carefully check their suitability for a specific model. With the slightest doubts, in their competence, it is better to immediately contact the specialists. Especially it is correct if the model of the TV is outdated.

Possible malfunctions

If the Horizont TV does not turn on, in many cases You can solve the problem yourself. First check, Does current flow, Are there any problems with a socket and a network cable. Even if the power is in general in the house, interruptions can concern the individual branch of the wiring, plug or even individual wires connecting the power supply with the power supply.

If the indicator is on, then you need Try Turn on Facial TV.

Important: It is also worth a proceed, if the channels do not switch; It is very likely that the whole thing is in the console.

When such measures do not help, you need turn off the device from the network and after some time turn it on. This should “calm down” electronics responsible for protection against stress jerks. But it happens that this step is not enough. In such a situation, you must immediately contact professionals. Only they will be able to competently, quickly, safe for themselves and for the technique to solve the problem.

“Two” images are eliminated by the antenna with another position and reconnecting plug.

If there is no sound, need to first try to adjust its volume. With failure – to put another sound standard. If the problem is not solved, you need to contact the service. Noticing interference, you should turn off or move their devices.

Review reviews

          Opinions of most buyers, despite the tricky assessments by individual “convicts”, rather favorable for equipment Horizont. The company’s products are combined with a good (albeit not too catchy) design with technical reliability and stability. These properties intersect together not so often in our age chase per cost. In general, what should be in budget television technology – everything is in Horizont brand devices.

          They rarely apply and serve long enough. Difficulty with the reception of digital channels usually does not occur. But it is worth understanding that it is not necessary to count on the brilliant SMART TV, like overseas competitors, do not have. However Horizont products work properly and honestly. There are still different small disadvantages, but they do not even deserve a separate parsing.

          Horizont 32le7162d TV TV Overview See More.

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