Repair of remote controls Samsung TV

Repair of remotes from Samsung TVs will not be much difficulty even for inexperienced homemade masters. In this article we will tell how to disassemble the console and what to do if he stopped working. We will show how to check and repair the remote control yourself.

Common faults

It’s a shame when the remote control fails. This can be understood in several signs.

  • TV absolutely does not respond to press press. Does not turn on and the volume is not adjusted.
  • Only part of the buttons is valid.
  • You need to put pressure on the keys.
  • The console is triggered only at a very close distance.

In the latter case, most likely satisfied batteries. Such a “breakage” is very likely, even if you changed them recently. Batteries can lie in a warehouse for a long time and lose charge or be initially defective.

By the way, 80% of malfunction occurs for this reason. When the console stopped working, repair is better to start with battery check.

Their minimally allowable voltage – 1.3 V. If after replacing your remote does not work, you need to take action.

Check out the remote control – To do this, hover its infrared diode on the smartphone camera and press any button. If an outbreak appeared on the screen, the remote control is. So need to check each key. If this is not observed, the remote must be repaired.

How to disassemble the remote?

Proper disassembly is half the repair. Take carefully to work, especially when unscrewing small screws. Disassemble the console better above the sheet of paper or fabric, so as not to lose the important parts. And most importantly – provide a sufficient amount of light.

To work, we will need the following:

  • small cross screwdriver;
  • acute pocket knife or blade;
  • Mediator, plastic card or flat screwdriver;
  • Soldering iron with a thin stale, solder, rosin;
  • powerful magnifier;
  • flashlight.

The remote control for this principle.

  1. Remove the battery compartment cover. It is usually attached to the latch.
  2. Remove batteries.
  3. Carefully inspect the console for bolts, especially under the lid. If they are, unscrew them. Sometimes they hide under rubber plugs.
  4. If there are no bolts, the half of the console is fastened with latches and glue. The task is slightly complicated, then when you work, do not show much effort and do not rush. On some models, disposable latches and inevitably break when disassembling. After that, the device is collected only with the help of glue.
  5. Sometimes a combined fastening is used, that is, screws with latches. The main thing when working – do not make big effort. If the console does not understand, look for the remaining screws.
  6. Pattail seams on the housing by the mediator. If the halves of the housing are glued, we cut the blade of the glue seam. Start work with the opposite side of the parties. If the mediator or screwdriver slipped, there may be jackets, they will not be visible on this side.
  7. Go through the entire contour of the console, paying special attention to the corners. If you hear light clicks – the work goes well, it is unbounded latches. But do not overdo it, because the plastic case can be easily crap.
  8. Open the remote. Remove the board and keyboard. ATTENTION: The board can catch the housing with contacts for the batteries, so remove it neatly.

be careful. On some models, the central buttons can be departed. Especially if they are plastic and fixed separately.

Besides, Rubber washers can be between each key and the microcham. Usually they are glued to the keyboard, but sometimes they come off and lose. If the remote is a touch – carefully disconnect the loop that connects the display with the microchip. It is usually attached to latches. To dismantle you need to pull over both sides at the same time. Next, you can proceed to clean and restore.

Rules of repair

Basic rule – follow safety and work in a well-ventilated room.

Recovery after falling or hitting

When hit, most of the energy absorbs the case. Inspect it for cracks, especially in the bottom cover latch area. If there are cracks, they need to be stuck super-glue. If after falling the remote does not work, probably the fee. When inspection, be sure to use a lens with a great magnification, since it is impossible to notice damage to the board with a naked eye. They can be determined by several signs.

  • Contacts fell off for batteries or cracks appeared in them. Contacts need to fade again.
  • Violated attachment of mounted elements to the board. These are condensers, infrared diode, resonator, etc. If the elements have broken or noticeable cracks – they need to be soldered into place. Be careful and work quickly – these elements do not tolerate overheating.
  • Faulty quartz resonator. This is an intelligent block that when a malfunction appears to be replaced. Determine the breakdown can be shocked by the board. If the rustle is heard – the item needs to be changed, preferably from a specialist.
  • After impact, conductive tracks can come off. To restore the performance, they need to try to fade again. If it is impossible, then attach 1 in a residential cable instead of them 1. After joining it needs to be fixed with glue. Ideally, use special varnish.

When soldering do not use acid. It is impossible to remove from the board, it will lead to the destruction of contacts in the future. Better Take advantage of the rosin or other fluuses that do not contain acids.

Sharpening buttons

Usually stops the lower part of the keyboard. Such a malfunction causes several reasons:

  • negligent treatment with the remote control;
  • Spilled liquid on it, especially containing sugar;
  • Operation of the console (and television) in the kitchen;
  • long-lasting under direct sunlight;
  • Switching channels with dirty hands.

To eliminate this problem, clean the chip and keyboard. Fat under the buttons accumulates even in very accurate owners. It gave rise to the myth that initially the board is covered with lubrication. This is wrong. To resume correct work, you need to do the following.

  1. Remove the batteries and disassemble the device. Pull out the microcircuit.
  2. To clean the board, wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. There is no big effort to apply, and the tampon should not be too wet. Do not forget to wipe the infrared diode, as it is also covered with a film.
  3. Decipherate contact pads for batteries. With long use, they are covered by layer of oxides. Visually, it can be seen on green or white raid, and sometimes black. Pollution needs to be removed using a screwdriver, knife or sandpaper. Contacts must be shiny.
  4. Halfing the housing can be washed in a soap solution or detergent. Invalid the presence of abrasive, because it will leave scratches on the glossy surface. For better cleaning, you can take advantage of the toothbrush.
  5. Do not be prohibited to use alcohol or solvent. But make sure that he does not react with plastic.
  6. Take care of the keyboard carefully. Contact sites on each key are covered with graphite spraying, do not consider it with a lacaround. It has black.

It happens that after that part of the buttons does not work. In this case, inspect the problem buttons on the keyboard.

Resuscitation keys

When the remote is used for a long time, the graphite coating on the keys is erased. Because of this, the TV ceases to respond to pressing. Especially this concerns the volume and other frequently used buttons. To eliminate this problem, we will need:

  • Super glue;
  • a paper-based foil (packaging is well suited for cigarette packs);
  • scissors, sharp knife or scalpel.

The sequence of performance is the following.

  1. Using a smartphone or observation of work, find the inactive keys.
  2. Disassemble a television remote and remove the rubber keyboard.
  3. Clean her from dirt.
  4. Remove graphite spraying remnants on the required keys. It can be made with a knife or scalpel, and then finish the sandpaper.
  5. Foil cut new contact planes with the necessary form and size. They must clearly match the pads on the keyboard.
  6. Degrease problem areas with solvent or purified gasoline.
  7. Stick new contacts to super glue. Follow the manual for its use.
  8. Cut extra edges if they are, the benefits will not be. To do this, use the knife or scalpel.
  9. Check the performance of the buttons.

You can find special sets for keys intensive. They include glue and conductive sites. Dignity – no need to cut contacts yourself. Disadvantages – platforms can be another form and size, and since they are in a set of many, then buying such a set for the sake of 1-2 keys inexpedient. So fix the remote with your own hands is not so difficult. The technique is suitable not only for samsung TVs, and for most others. And if the work was not crowned with success, it is possible that the TV is on TV.

How to repair the remote from the TV, look next.

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