Rating of the best printers

Printing texts on paper, printing photos and drawings remains relevant and in the 2020s, despite all the development of electronic communications. But just so come to the store and buy printed equipment is hardly reasonable. Be sure to get acquainted with the ranking of the best printers and make a clear idea of ​​them for yourself.

What type of printer is better to choose and why?

Home and service devices for printing are very different by execution. It is important to understand that in any case the image on paper will consist of points of various sizes. Specificity is primarily due to the way the image on paper is transferred, and what kind of material is used for surface staining. Also can not be ignored and the difference in intended purpose.

Matrix printers are considered outdated, but it is not quite so. Yes, the performance of the mechanical print head is small. Yes, the quality of the image obtained by this way will not surprise anyone even at best.

But for printing checks and other documents, where prints are important (extremely difficult to fit) matrix technique remains relevant.

Inkjet printer works almost by the same scheme itself. However, the needles are replaced with a matrix that has very small holes. Spray spray paint allows you to form the desired image. Ink is usually placed in cartridges that need to be purchased separately. There are separate models with continuous ink feed, which use tanks connected to the print part with thin capillary. Refueling tanks ink is cost-effective and easier than replacing cartridges.

Laser print implies the use of electromagnetic charge. Laser beam only gives a pulse to the photored. To the charged points of the drum will adopt the painting composition. When driving drum, it is transferred to paper or other material. When the picture is formed, it is fixed, warming up in a special node to a temperature of about 200 degrees.

For the house recommend using inkjet, and for office and other service applications – Laser printers. Sense to buy matrix devices to an ordinary consumer simply no. In offices, most often use multifunctional devices in which the scanner, printer, xerox are connected, and sometimes fax. Sometimes there are high-speed black and white printers without additional components. But usually try to use both printers and MFPs to flexibly solve heterogeneous tasks.

Those plans to do outdoor advertising (poster, stand), it is advisable to buy widescreen printers. For technical purposes (withdrawals of drawings, schemes, cards, and so on), it is necessary to use plotters (grapheatteners). Apply such equipment in a private house or apartment is impossible. It would be possible to tell about sublimation, labeling and other highly specialized types of printers.

However, much more important to find out another – which device is more correct to choose for personal use or in the office.

Inkjet printer can have quite widespread use. However, the whole thing spoils his elevated capriciousness. Only with regular use you can not fear that the paint will dry and fail the cartridge. Inkjet printing is incompatible using very thin or very thick paper. Finally, the cost of obtaining an imprint, taking into account the costs of refueling or replacing the cartridges (and even SNPH) is quite noticeable.

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Laser device can display images quickly. For him, printing at a speed of 10-20 pages per minute is quite normal. Noise more than with inkjet printing, but the functionality is much higher. Such a technique can safely use a variety of types of paper, and the density requirements, the thickness, too, less than strict.

Many dozens and even hundreds of manufacturers are engaged in the release of printers. But only relatively few of them got into the top better and confidently held there. Among them are worth noting the corporation Lexmark. It is focused mainly on large consumers, but in the private segment its products have not been using special demand. Judging by the reviews, you will have to choose such a printer very carefully, and if there are problems with debugging, you will need to participate the company’s service engineer.

Printer technique deserves attention to a pure household segment Panasonic. But it must be borne in mind that the main range of this company is on the MFP and the “Printer Fax” bundles, and not for individual printers. Manage Panasonic devices is quite simple, they are very functional. Print quality at a complete level. In addition, the company tries to continuously improve its products and add them additional opportunities.

In general, users say:

  • attractive design;

  • support advanced interfaces;

  • use of duplex printing;

  • Comparative compactness;

  • small assortment;

  • Periodic Repair Problems (which is compensated in part in high reliability).

Confidently compete with Panasonic printers, other Asian brand products – Samsung. They also flawlessly comply with the requirements of the XXI century. There are such models inexpensively, have a decent printed resource. Speed ​​of the output of texts and images, monthly performance and other topical parameters at a decent level, but it is not necessary to wait for some records. In general, Samsung’s technique falls into the niche “home work horses”.

Next manufacturer in the list – Toshiba. Japanese developers have accumulated tremendous experience and one time confidently competed even with Epson. But today, this company can offer a chic assortment of inkjet printers. She is also released:

  • photo printer;

  • printing equipment of small format;

  • widescreen models;

  • business-oriented devices;

  • label patterns;

  • MFP with excellent scanners.

Of course, talk about printers and not mention Epson It would be a top of rashness. This is also a Japanese firm that can offer consumer solutions in the field of photo printing, widescreen printing. Special technology helps to print many hours in a row without accumulating harmful substances in the air. Because Epson printers willingly acquire advertising, publishing organizations, educational institutions and copier centers.

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Printers brand confidently fall into the elite discharge Kyocera. For their manufacture, selection materials are used, and the design itself is designed for long-term operation. The technique of this brand confidently copes even with the most complex practical tasks. In addition, it works quite economically and can stand out for a duplex function, work with many formats.

But still, the top three leaders of the household segment includes other companies:

  • Canon;

  • Hp;

  • Xerox.

Rating the best models


In this category appear cheap devices themselves. But it is important to understand that the cost of cartridges can strongly affect real costs during operation. Honored representative of such a budget printer group turns out Canon Pixma TS304. Color device has a full feature of photo printing. Wi-Fi data exchange is supported.

Technical specifications:

  • print format A4;

  • Elementary drop 1 picoliter;

  • Color printing of the picture 10×15 in 65 seconds;

  • The ability to work in MacOS;

  • Paper tray for 60 sheets.

Laser device will be a worthy model of low-cost printers HP LaserJet Pro M104a. Detailing is 1200 dpi, which allows you to create a very high quality picture. Up to 150 sheets are placed in the boot tray. The processor with a clock frequency of 600 MHz and RAM 128 MB are quite acceptable for most practical tasks.

Average price segment

Inkjet model confidently falls into this category Epson L120. The device is equally well manifold both at home and in the office. Like the previous model, the use of MacOS is maintained. The highest print speed – up to 8.5 pages per minute. Its useful to note:

  • The presence of SSHC;

  • tray by 50 sheets;

  • work with paper density from 64 to 95 g per 1 kV. m;

  • Color printing 720 DPI.

Laser printer of the average price group is, for example, Brother HL-L2340DWR. The device will be ready to work after 9 seconds after launch. Limit Print Speed ​​- 26 pages per minute. Sound volume no more than 49 dB.

Supports double-sided printing mode.

Premium class

In addition to this category, the Kyocera brand devices come. Laser printer FS-9530DN The most optimal for uninterrupted office work. Designers carefully picked up the most durable and stable materials. The volume of sound when working does not exceed 51 dB, which guarantees a normal working microclimate. Technical capabilities and properties:

  • two-sided printing;

  • Only black and white conclusion;

  • resolution at the level of 1200 dpi;

  • monochrome display;

  • Built-in memory at 128-640 MB;

  • Using CF memory cards;

  • Mass of 68 kg.

The model of the printer fell into the elite category Xerox Versalink C7000N. It also features a resolution of 1200 DPI. It is worth noting also the excellent quality of the toner used. Paper tray accommodates 620 sheets, therefore you can use the printer for a long time. On the hard disk of 320 GB, all the necessary print data will be accurately located.

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Basic selection criteria

But it’s just reasonably reasonable to navigate. Requires to understand why it is planned to take a specific device. So, for a schoolboy and for a student in the first place turns out the price of an imprint. Consumables cost a little cheaper than the new printer itself. The optimal option is a device that will be inexpensive to print about 100 sheets per week.

Experts recommend to take for study only inkjet models. They are relatively inexpensive and quite comfortable in use. But it is important to understand the difference between the piezoelectric and thermo-beam. Piezostrunuyny systems are fed on paper cold ink due to only electrical pulses.

Thermostrous printing (with steam displacement of preheated ink) more “gentle” and cannot work normally with cheap paints.

Therefore, a piezoelectric printer is best suited to work with conventional text documents. The next important criterion – the execution of the printed head. Canon, HP equipped with both cartridges themselves. This decision is not too long and is suitable only for those who are not going to print a lot of different texts. If it is planned to print not alone texts, but also images, the color of the printer becomes very important.

You need to focus on products with 5 and more workflowers. The standard budget apparatus processes no more than 4 cartridges. But it is necessary to understand that the models with 7 and more colors will require fabulous costs for refueling, and the difference can be completely captured only when using special paper.

Ink themselves may relate to water type or be made on a pigment basis.

Selection of water ink for the “pigment” printer is possible, however, it is the prerogative of specialists. Reverse transition is impossible. Minus water ink in their rapid burnout on the bright sun. But they are rich in color and stand markedly cheaper, and also – slowly thick even with rare printing (although it should not be abused by this property).

Often it is possible to meet the allegations that the system of continuous supply of ink is more economical than traditional cartridges. However, in fact, the resource of each printer model must be calculated individually. Therefore, such comparisons are suitable only for orientation. However, models with SSRs are more convenient.

As for duplex printing, it is justified mainly for large volumes, overpay for this function for home is not too reasonable.

But for printing images you need an output function without fields. IMPORTANT: Wi-Fi printers are not inferior in quality to traditional wired models, but much more convenient in work. For home use, it is often recommended to buy printing techniques without performance performance. But this is not too intelligent for students, teachers working with texts at home. Of course, to acquire the printer is necessary or from the official supplier, or in a large universal electronics store.

Video review of the best inkjet printers is presented on the video further.

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