Rating of the best laser printers

Recently, the use of the printer is popular not only in offices, but at home. In almost every house there is any printed device, because with it you can print reports, documents, photos. Such a device is easy to find in the store specializing in the sale of electronics, but sometimes it is difficult to decide on the model. This article presents the most popular models of laser printers for home.

To date, laser printing devices are especially popular. Among the most popular brands producing printers, it is worth highlighting:

  • Xerox;
  • Samsung;
  • Brother;
  • Canon;
  • Ricoh;
  • Kyocera.

Each brand, like each model, has its pros and cons. Let us consider which models users consider the best in many signs.

Rating the best models

Laser printers are divided into several categories: Budget (inexpensive), medium price segment and premium class.


  • HP Officejet Pro 8100 EPRINTER (CM752A). The big plus of this printer is that it is able to work on the network and does not need wires. You do not have to connect it with cables to a computer and constantly wipe the dust from them. The unit is able to print documents from two sides of the sheet, and the cartridges will change in it will be able to any user even without experience, as it is done very easily. The printer allows you to choose several paper formats, it works quite quietly and places takes a bit, able to print good quality photos. The disadvantage of this model is that after changing the cartridge with it sometimes there are problems.

Much time takes preparation for printing.

  • Ricoh SP 212W. Excellent laser monochrome device from a popular manufacturer. Cartridges spend economically, and rewrite them very easily. Works Thanks to Wireless Connection to Wi-Fi, which makes the available print from tablet or phone. It can also boast the speed with which it works: up to 22 pages in one minute, and 150 sheets are placed in the paper tray. Please and its dimensions: it will be very compactly located in the house, and in the office. The printer is equipped with a special cooling system without fans, which makes his work absolutely silent. Unfortunately, this model does not support communication with IOS devices.

  • Canon Selphy CP910. Excellent color printer that is suitable even for printing pictures 10 * 15 in good quality. Equipped with an LCD display, where all print information is displayed. Weighs only 810 grams and can work not only with the help of the network, but also from the battery. To do this, simply put a flash drive or memory card in it, after which you can easily print photos and glossy and with a semi-convex effect without replacing paper. His lack is that if you start choosing formats, it can trim the image.

Consumables that it uses is quite expensive.

  • Brother HL01212Wr. If you choose from black and white printers, this model is one of the best of its kind. It is able to print up to 20 pages in one minute, and its cartridge is designed to print 1000 pages. His greater dignity is that he quickly responds to commands: already in 10 seconds after you asked him a seal, it will start working, so this model will like those who often hurry. Everything related to the work of this device is indicated in the form of pictures, and therefore everyone will be able to deal with his work. It works from Wi-Fi or USB 2.0. It is also convenient: it is very compactly placed on the table of any home or office. Toner in it refills quite quickly. The disadvantage of only one, and even that, it is not significant: built-in wire for nutrition.

  • HP Laser Jet Pro P1102. Excellent black and white laser device with high performance: up to 5 thousand pages per month He is able to print without problems. Printing the first sheet begins after a few seconds after you ask him the command. In addition to paper, it is possible to print on a film, label, envelope, card, as well as print glossy and matte photos. The disadvantage of this model is that sometimes the unit “forgets” print absolutely all pages: one or two or three it can miss. However, he himself corrects his mistake – after “awakening” comes, he returns to the press. Another disadvantage, but also insignificant: in the set there is no USB cable.

  • Kyocera Ecosys P2035d. Good Laser Printer Model. Its performance – 35 pages in one minute. Great dignity in it is the choice of format, but A4 is the most. Heating is carried out in 15 seconds, which is very fast for the printed device. The first printed sheet you will receive after 8 seconds after setting the “Print” command. 50 sheets placed in the paper tray. Aggregate is connected via USB 2.0, prints directly. Cartridges refuel very simply, each will cope with it. However, the toner fits quite a little in it, and if you plan to use the technique constantly, the cartridge will have to be able to change. Another minus of this model: The printer is not always able to capture a sheet of paper if it is quite thin.

In this regard, when using thin paper, jams and printer disorders may even happen.

Average price segment

  • Canon Pixma MG3040. The printer is very compact, convenient and multifunctional. In addition to the fact that it prints documents, it can also be printed and photos, and very good quality. It has the maximum color print resolution of 4800 * 1200, and monochrome – 1200 * 1200 pixels. In addition to ordinary paper, it can print on glossy, and on the photographic paper, and even on envelopes. A wi-fi module and a small display is also built into it. During his work, he uses 10 watts and not noise.

  • Ricoh SP 150W. Very economical printed device, given its price. No more than 25 seconds go to prepare for printing (warming up). Permission of black and white pictures – 1200 * 600 pixels. Can print on labels, envelopes, cards and, of course, on ordinary paper. Has a built-in Wi-Fi module and consumes 800 watts, and prints almost silently. The setting is easy and easy to cope with it can anyone, even an inexperienced user. Minus this model is that there is no AIRPRINT technology.

You can, of course, download a special application to print without using the wires, but you can only print pictures, photos.

  • Xerox Phraser 3020BL. This unit is very convenient to use and does not occupy a lot of space. Suitable to those who print in small quantities. Works quietly, will not interfere with his noise or distract. Very reliable and functional. You can print with blue and black paints, moreover, they both come in a set when buying. Laser Print Density – 1200 DPI. This means that the printed material is easy to read and will be in good condition for a long time. On this device, about 500 pages can be printed every day. Every page takes about 3 seconds time. The device is very spacious: 150 sheets are placed in the tray. Its housing is made of matte plastic, which is slightly rough and can withstand even high temperature. The big advantage of this device is that it does not accumulate dust. Built-in memory has a capacity of 128 MB – this is enough to quickly print even “heavy” images.

  • HP LaserJet Pro M15W. This device is very compact, almost does not occupy a place in the house or office office. Good model for both apartments and enterprise (small). The weight of the device is 3.8 kg, which allows you to even take it on the road. Convenient for those who often move. Print speed – 18 sheets in one minute. The format with which the device works is only A4, but, as the manufacturer says, can print on envelopes, and on postcards. 100 sheets fit in the tray at the same time. The device is very economical, which is indisputable plus. The lack of it is that the cable will need to buy separately.

  • Epson L120. Printer Performance is 1250 sheets per month. Ideal for use in the house, if you print it not very often. If it is purchased for the enterprise, the office should be small – 4 or 5 employees maximum. Inkjet technology, with an ink permanent system. The containers in which the toner is located, are not located under the device body, but beyond. This increases the unit in size, but it makes it easier to service, which allows a much larger number of documents to process for one approach.

  • Canon I-Sensys LBP110CW. Maximum volume that this printer can print in a month – 30,000 pages of A4 format. But other formats it does not work. The greatest resolution is 600 * 600 pixels, which also applies to color, and monochrome images. The disadvantage of the device is that it warms up quite a long time: before one page is printed, it will take about 20 seconds. The tray outstanding paper is designed for 150 sheets, and the tray, its receiving – by 100 sheets. The device supports paper of different density: ranging from 60, finishing 220 g / kV. M. The network connects and using the Wi-Fi wireless connection, and the USB 2 connector.0. Unfortunately, drivers for it will have to download on their own, as well as regulate the transfer of colors.

Premium class

  • HP Color LaserJetPro M252N. It has a small size and a pleasant design. Weigh 14 kg, possesses a resolution of 600 * 600. The device prints with a speed of 18 pages in one minute, a month can print up to 1,400 pages. The minuses include the fact that the cartridges for him are quite expensive, but they do not dry earlier than it is. There is also no scanner function. It prints quickly and with high quality. The router is connected using a LAN cable, and documents can also be sent to print remotely, even with any mobile device.

  • Kyocera Ecosys P5021CDN. Has concise design and good characteristics. For a month you can print up to 1,200 pages, per minute – 21. Weigh 21 kg, has a resolution of 100 * 1200 and is capable of printing from two sides of the sheet. Cartridges are easily replaced, but it is difficult to adjust. Takes a lot of space, but everything pays off thanks to the characteristics.

Toner is used quite economically and it is not necessary to replace it.

  • Xerox Phaser 6020. Laser printer with white housing. Weighs 10.9 kg, possesses a resolution of 2400 * 1200, prints at a speed of 10 pages of A4 format in one minute. The tray accommodates 100 pages simultaneously, the unit works almost silently, in the kit there are original consumables, but they are quite expensive. The advantage of the device is that it is possible to have remote printing, the software goes in Russian, which makes it affordable and understandable.

  • HP Color LaserJetPro MFP M377DW. Externally looks very beautiful and expensive. Characteristics also do not apply. Prints at a speed of 24 pages in one minute, has a resolution of 600 * 600, weighs 26.8 kg. Tray holds simultaneously 2300 pages. Great dignity is that it can not only printed, but also scan documents. Printing happens pretty quickly, and the picture comes bright and in good quality. You can connect to it with almost any modern device, and the connection does not take more than 2 minutes. The disadvantages include the fact that the PDF files cannot be printed on this printer, which will cause inconvenience, for example, students who often have to work with such documents. Another minus – during the work of the unit, the smell of ozone is clearly felt.

How to choose?

In order to choose the best printer for home use, there are certain criteria.

  1. Format. As a rule, such printers are printed in A4 format, and it is convenient to use their homes. There are those that are printed in A3 format – these printers are more expensive, and if you do not need this feature, it is better not to overpay, it makes no sense.
  2. Permission. This criterion is very important when choosing a device in order for it to printed photos. The higher resolution the printer has, the better the photos will be. However, if the printer needs you only to print text documents, this criterion does not matter.
  3. Internal memory. If you are going to print Volume Files – Be sure to pay attention to this criterion. The more memory will be, the better the device will be.
  4. Modern printer models most often Compatible with almost all devices and operating systems, but it is better to ask the seller better about its compatibility with something specific not to make a mistake with the purchase.
  5. Cartridge volume. If you are planning to often use the acquired printer, it is important to pay attention to the amount of cartridge it has, because if this volume is small, cartridges will have to change frequently, and they are not. Sometimes a new cartridge may have a price approximate by half of the price of a new printer.
  6. Performance. When buying, be sure to check how many sheets per month can print one or another model. This is important because the duration of the proper operation of the printer directly depends on this. If a monthly exceeds the device’s printing rate, over time it breaks, and if exceeding excessively, it will come pretty quickly.

So we disassemble the best models of modern printers and some nuances when choosing them. It is necessary to be attentive when buying and carefully handle the device, then it will serve for a long time and properly.

About how the laser printer works, look in the following video.

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