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The modern world is characterized by the presence of equipment that makes our life easier. Due to technological progress and factories, air is polluted, which negatively affects people’s health. Therefore, there are increasingly more popular devices that make life cleaner in the literal sense. Today we look at the air and tell how they work, what better to choose. Air washes not only cleaned, but also moisturize air. They create an effect of natural air, in which there are no impurities and bacteria. Despite the fact that the purpose of these devices is the same, they are divided into types.

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Do not confuse washing with humidifiers, because not only their functionality varies, but also the device. Washing, in addition to moisturizing, purify air. Humidifiers give air humidity. As a rule, moisture can be lost due to heating devices, such as convectors or other types of heaters. The basic principle in which the washing works is hydrophiltration. Special fan takes the air flow and translates it to the drum. The rotating drum has several disks that are moistened with water.

In this case, it is the water that plays the role of filter. The air clusted air passes through these discs and cleared, and the water makes the air more humid. If the discs were not wet, then the air would simply be cleared, but did not moisturize. The whole mud that is filtered by disks is settled in a special compartment, and clean and wet air goes out. By type, modern cleaning and moisturizing washers are distinguished by the form of a rotating drum and are divided into two types:

  • with a drum conical device;

  • With a round drum device.

The conical form is a bit unusual due to the fact that instead of disks in the middle of the drum there is a cone-shaped rod. During rotation, it raises the water up and creates a certain film from small droplets, through which dirty air passes and then cleared. Round drums are more stable. Most of the holes are made in this way. A feature of round drums is that they make less noise and are not inferior to conical models.

Another advantage can be called ease in the device, which facilitates maintenance.

Best manufacturers

Health is something that is better not to neglect, so it is worth choosing a high-quality air unit. We will look at the best manufacturers.


Domestic manufacturer who produces garden tools, flavoring cleaners, climatic complexes, humidifier air cleaners and ionizers. Thanks to basic functions and a small price, these models are suitable for those who need to clean a small space. The main process of cleaning the majority of models are Aqua and Air Processions.

In addition to cleaning, in the kit goes Aromatic additive, which not only refreshes the air, but also fill its aroma. Due to the small number of functions of the model of this manufacturer Simple to use.


This company has long been delivered to the CIS and Russia market. The main vector of development company makes environmental friendliness, manufacturability and convenience. Despite this, the price of products is small. Also, the manufacturer sets the purpose of adapting its products to the Russian operating conditions. This company has many partners around the world, which has a positive effect on quality. Cooperation with Italian colleagues gives units of the European Standard design to aggregates, and joint work with Japanese, Korean and Chinese companies makes air tools technologically.


A firm that has a very extensive online store. This is the subsidiary of the manufacturer “Energy”. The main activity is not only the system of aircraft, but also summer souls. Price range of Fanline air purifiers, which attracts the buyer. Low price does not affect the quality, because the manufacturer has certificates and awards of Russian and European quality.

This firm can be purchased a means for disinfection of water in humidifier cleaners.


Russian-Ukrainian company, which is included in the British investment group. The concept of this manufacturer is to meet the highest quality standards. Product market this company is well developed in Russia and the CIS countries. Extensive experience in air conditioning, heating systems, water supply and climate techniques allows you to use many years of experience in order for the products to attract the buyer with their performance. In addition to quality, Products of this manufacturer are diverse and has a different price, so the consumer will be able to find a suitable technique for himself.


German brand that produces climate techniques with almost since she began to spread. On the German market, this manufacturer makes about 60% of air cleaner and climate techniques, which indicates that all products are a model of the European standard quality standard and asks the bar to other less large companies. This brand is popular around the world and has many representative offices in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. Patented models are famous for their efficiency and long service life.


Swiss manufacturer who is known for many consumers with its technological. It is the presence of research institutes and engineers of the highest qualifications that allows you to diversify the model range and make it attractive to the buyer. All assembly occurs automated, which eliminates possible human errors. More than 15 million consumers use the products of this company, this suggests that Buyer arranges in products all, on price and quality to a variety of range and additional functions.

By the way, the advantage of this manufacturer is extensive equipment, which is already included in the purchase price.


World Brand, which is known for producing many types of equipment. Japanese technologies in this company’s products are combined with high quality. It is high quality that is a feature of Panasonic products for 50 years.

The message of the brand is to make a comfortable life of all people, and it is necessary to start it with everyday things. For quality you need to pay, so the products of this company are quite expensive, but it contains a large number of modern technologies that make models of variatives, and their work and a device as comfortable as possible for a regular consumer. Besides Air cleaners and sinks are not just a technique, but a whole complex for cleaning and humidifying air.


Another global brand, whose homeland is Sweden. Like other European companies, It is a quality standard. It is worth noting that this manufacturer has experience not only in the creation of air. Also, this company produces brass cabinets, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves and many other. Such a variety of manufactured goods suggests that Electrolux has a large technical base.

Air washing from this Swedish brand is quite autonomous and do not require much care. In addition to quality, it is worth noting Long service life and quite a simple package. Due to a small number of additional functions that may not even be useful, you do not confuse to manage.


Korean company that takes care of the quality of its products. Much attention is paid not only to internal parameters, but also appearance. It is this combination of working capacity and beauty makes this brand one of the most sought-after, despite the rather large price. Buying aggregates from this manufacturer, you do not risk simply give your money. In addition to the basic configuration, some additional features are present.

In the aggregate, they make operation very comfortable, so if you want to buy a device of this type and enjoy the fact that you chose this model, This option is one of the best.

Rating models

This top will be three price segments: cheap, medium and expensive. Thus, we will look at the best models for our price, and you will be easier to choose the unit based on your budget.

Inexpensive price segment

  • ATMOS-AQUA-3800 – inexpensive model from the Russian manufacturer. The total work of this device is no more than 40 kV. M. The body is made of plastic, so it should be carefully monitored that the unit does not receive weighty damage. Buyer can attract an interesting form of the product because it is a spherical. Thanks to its device, this model has the function of aromatization. Because of its small power, there is no large power consumption and no strong noise occurs. Small sizes and compactness are also undoubted advantages, like filter.

It is capable of clearing magnesium and calcium salt, which can occur in rigid water, so the impregnation of the discs only with clean water. It is also worth noting that the filter successfully copes with mud, dust and pathogenic organisms. In the form of flavoring, essential oils are most often used, which allow you to clean the air without any problems.

The disadvantage of this design is that you need to often change filters.

  • AIC S135 – model that can purify air indoor to 30 kV. M. The main advantage of this device is ease of management. To set the required power, you will need only to use the regulator. He will be able to quickly bring the humidity in the air to the optimal indicator. Small dimensions and ease make S135 mobile, and the cleaning system with hydrophiltration technology allows to purify the air from bacteria and dust. This model does not have much noise even at maximum power of work, which makes operation much more comfortable. Of the minuses, you can note the frequent shift of filters and great energy consumption.

  • Fanline VE200 – technique that is better than other devices of its price segment in addition to filtering and moisturizing has functions of ionization and ozonation. Because of these features, the air will be not only clean and wet, but also saturated. A number of technologies and functions allows you to clean the entire air from dust, dirt, microbes and allergens. During the inclusion of ozonization mode, it is necessary to air the room and not be in it, which must be taken into account during operation. The action of this device extends to 30 kV. m and at the same time you can use flavors.

From the features of the cleaning system, you can note the ultraviolet emitter that destroys the harmful microorganisms.

Middle price segment

  • Neo Clima NCC-868 – the air cleaner to which the control panel is attached, so the operation becomes very easy. The distribution of clean air occurs smoothly, thanks to the ultrasonic humidifier. There are functions of ionization and ozonation. You can adjust the speed of the fan and the set of air masses. The greater the speed, the more noise will be during operation. Also in the configuration goes special sensors, which will turn off the system when the device is tuned or damaged. It is worth paying attention to the large water filter, so it is often not necessary to change it.

  • Venta LW 15 – Very simple model. This simplicity refers to both the inner structure and operation. Long service life and quiet work is perfect for those who love silence and does not want to be distracted by the sounds of technology. This model is most effective in small rooms with an area of ​​up to 25 kV. m, which is a disadvantage compared to other air coats. Maintenance of this unit is simple, so everything can be done yourself. You only need to change the filters and monitor the state of electronics.

  • Boneco W2055A – very high quality and versatile model. It can safely work in a room to 50 kV. m practically does not make noise, high quality cleanses air and is safe for children. Autonomy to use requires the owner only to replenished the water tank in time. This device has air ionization and work at night to make air more humid. It is worth paying attention to aesthetic appearance.

It is also good, as well as functionality. Of the minuses, you can note the difficulty during filter cleaning.

Dear price segment

  • Panasonic F-VXH50 – Dear and at the same time a high-quality system that is characterized by high performance characteristics. A large amount of electronics allows you to work on an area of ​​up to 40 kV. m, but from minuses can be noted a great power consumption. Equipment in which this device is sold, has several replaceable filters. The cyclic operation system will allow you to repeat the actions on a schedule that the owner will task. Attractive appearance and a large number of functions make this model one of the best, but from minuses can be noted a lot of weight due to electronics, which is inside.

  • Electrolux EHAW 7510D – It has similar functions with the previous model, but differs with low weight and not so much power consumption. Of the features, a compactness and a built-in hygrometer can be noted, which can accurately determine the humidity of the indoor air humidity.

  • Winia AWX-70 – not the most expensive and at the same time not inferior by the parameters model. In its price category, it is higher than others, because it has a set of functions that copes with its work is not worse, but this unit is cheaper. High-quality air purification, low water and electricity consumption, the ability to regulate the power and speed of fans movement allow you to install such parameters while the device is running. Only a large size can be noted from flaws.

Basic selection criteria

First of all, look at the area that the device can process. For apartments, those that are treated to 40 kV. M. If you want to purchase such equipment for your home, then consider aggregates with an area of ​​cleaning from 40 kV. M and more. Oriented also for the price and size so that you can install and place the device as it will be convenient. In the children’s room, it is better to install the devices easier and more. So the child will not be able to damage the device and will not harm.

Do not forget about the ozonization function, during which it is necessary to air the room.

About how to choose the air sink right, look in the following video.

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