Radio receivers: what it is and how to choose?

Modern radio receivers are a convenient and practical technique that both at home and in nature are used, and on long-distance trips. There is a huge number of modern models of receivers, so it is very important to know how to choose the appropriate option.

What it is?

The radio receiver is a device that can selectively receive radio waves, after which play a high-quality modulated beep. To date There are devices that catch broadcasting not live, but on the Internet are so-called Internet receivers.

Since household broadcasting devices are sold without compulsory certificates, then manufacturers in the technical enterprise indicate only the most important points.

Among them should pay attention to such parameters as consumed current, sensitivity, as well as output power.

Device and principle of operation

First you need to consider, from which this device consists, more precisely, what is in him inside. Parts in the radio not as much as much:

  • First of all, it is a transistor that is used to enhance the sound;
  • inductive coil required for an oscillatory circuit;
  • speaker;
  • resistor;
  • variable tank;
  • antenna – either external or built-in;
  • power unit.

To understand how such a device works, you need to understand how all these details of one organism interact with each other. First of all, the oscillations of the electromagnetic field create an alternate electric current in the antenna. After that, the filtering of all signals occurs, only the most useful information is allocated.

As a result, the signal thus obtained is converted into a sound, which is heard by human ear.

Review of species

All existing radio receivers differ from each other by type of operation. For example, some of them may be rechargeable, others – work simultaneously from the network, and solar panels. Besides, They can be divided into several signs.

By main purpose

This is the main category for the classification of radio receivers, they are several species.

  • Broadcasts. Their essence of their work is to transmit sound information or in the radio, or by wired networks.
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  • Diapergational. In such devices, Pereleng is sent to the source of radio emission.

  • Radar. They work from the radar station.

  • Measuring. The main purpose of such radio receivers is the selective measurement of the power of the audio signals. They are also called construction. In addition, such devices have several additional features – this is a measurement of modulation, as well as a spectrop analysis of signals.

By the nature of the work

For such a principle of radio receivers can be divided into:

  • radio telegraph or army;
  • phototelgraph;
  • Radiotelephone.

By type modulation

There are only two types of radio modulation radio. One of them is called amplitude and is used only on short waves. Such receivers have a narrow signal strip.

When working on broader frequency ranges, frequency modulation is used.

Such receivers differ from the previous sound quality devices.

By the range of received waves

For such a principle of radio receivers are divided into several categories.

  1. Longwall. The DV-waves range is within 700-2000 meters; It all depends on the power of the radio transmitter. However, the sound quality of such devices does not particularly please.
  2. Middle-wave. The frequency range of such receivers is within 200-500 meters. The propagation of the audio signal depends on the time of day. At night, the waves are reflected from the ionosphere. For this reason, they can easily be transmitted several thousand kilometers, which is impossible during the day.
  3. Shortwave. Sound quality in such receivers above. The signal is equally well transmitted in day and night.
  4. Ultrakowkovolyovye. There are two types of such devices. Domestic VHFs are in the range from 65 to 74 MHz. But foreign sq. OK operate in the frequency range from 87 to 108 MHz. Such radio receivers work practically without interference. Models with an extended range allow you to listen to music on a wide variety of radio stations.

According to the principle of building a receiving tract

There are several options for receiving radio wave, on this indicator receivers are divided into a number of species.

  1. Detector. The most simple devices. They actually do not need food source, as they work from the energy of the received radio signal.
  2. Radios direct gain. These are those receivers in which there are no intermediate frequency conversion, and the reinforced signal from radio stations is right on the detector.
  3. Heterodyne call those devices in which the radio signal turns into a sound frequency signal using a not too powerful generator. Intermediate frequency is zero.
  4. Regenerative Call radio receptions in frequency enhancement cascades.
  5. SuperGetherodine. The operation of such devices is based on the conversion of the resulting signal into the IF signal and further enhance it.
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By signal processing method

There are two variants of signal processing with a radio receiver.

  1. Analog. The capture signal is enhanced and detected. Setup is done by rotating a special setting wheel.
  2. Digital. Managed by a processor. Due to this, the frequency reception range allows you to hear the sounds of the highest quality.

According to the applied element database

On this principle of the device can be divided into several species.

  1. Lamps. These are the most simple radio.
  2. Transistor. Such a device has a scanning screen. For this reason, it is quite powerful.
  3. Semiconductor. Such wired radio recently managed to oust most of all electronic devices from the market. They provide high-quality and loud sound.
  4. Microelectron. The diagram of such devices is on a film or plate. It is placed in a non-separable receiver case.

By execution

The quality of the radio signal of the devices directly depends on the type of antenna, as well as on the characteristics such as selectivity and sensitivity. Antennas, in turn, divided into embedded and external.

As for the external antenna, it has a circular direction. This allows you to receive a signal from various radio stations without additional configuration. Built-in or regular antennas can receive a signal both short and on medium waves.

They can work perfectly near the radio stations, but in the distance signals catch worse.

At the installation site

Radio receivers can be stationary and portable. The first of them look quite solid and have the appropriate weight and the same dimensions. They are characterized by high-quality sound. Usually such models are bought for installation in homes.

Portable radio receivers differ from other devices with compact sizes and low weight. Most often they are bought for giving or caming, because they can easily be transferred in a small bag or backpack.

By way of nutrition

Radio receivers can work from different power sources.

  1. On the battery. Works product at the expense or built-in or external battery.
  2. From the network in 220 V. Stationary devices most often have inside the built-in power supply and operate from AC.
  3. From battery. These receivers most often work from batteries of different sizes.
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Some manufacturers produce devices having a combined power type. They are called Internet receivers and have much more functions than ordinary radio receivers. In addition, the sound quality is at a high level, regardless of the place where they are located.

However, such devices require satellite connection.

Best models

Modern radio receivers of Russian production are not inferior in quality even Japanese devices. Some of them are equipped with a remote control, others have Bluetooth.

  • Sangean. This company was founded back in 1974. Its main headquarters were in the United States of America, as well as in the Netherlands. Now appliances do in China. Radioles have high quality, have a control panel, Wi-Fi.

  • “Lira”. Domestic manufacturers also produce high quality equipment. Such devices are produced in Izhevsk radio and comply with all standards.

  • Tecsun. This Chinese company was founded in 1994. Almost all receivers can work at different frequencies. They are considered the most sensitive among competitors; Have two speakers.

  • Perfeo. Another Chinese manufacturer who is engaged in the release of radio. Usually acquire them for hiking or travel. They are pretty simple but practical.

  • “Signal”. These devices are available on the Berdy Electromechanical Plant. Such a radio complements Bluetooth, as well as a USB connector.

  • Eton. American radio receivers have protection and moisture, and from dust. All other, such overgrowths of shockproof.

How to choose?

    Before you purchase a radio receiver, you need to think for what it will be needed. For example, For giving or in the kitchen, it is best to buy a portable model that will not take much space. You can purchase pocket devices.

    In the event that the device has a clean and powerful sound, it is necessary to pay attention to stationary receivers. And also need to look at the quality of the goods and reviews about it. It will save from buying knowingly bad things.

    It is not necessary to go beyond the budget – high-quality receivers are now sold and at a fairly low price.

    Next, see the review of one of the models.

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