Production of Panels from Foamira

An excellent option for decorating the interior in your home or apartment will be panel. This product is a picture with a convex image. It can be made with your own hands from various materials. Consider how the manufacture of a beautiful wall panel from Foamira.


Panel can do using a variety of decorative elements. Often when it is created, floral buds are made, crafts in the form of fruits, volumetric floral ornament. Similar decorations are easy to make Foamiran. This material may have all sorts of bright colors, which makes it possible to create colorful compositions.

In addition, a phoamyrane basis is easy to give the desired form.

Design options

Panel can be decorated in different designs.

  • In the interior beautiful will look such a product with artificial flowers. You can make roses, crocuses, lilies, irises or chamomile from Foamiran.
  • From several colors of various colors, you can make a small bouquet. To create it, also separately make blanks of sheets and stems from green material. At the end, all this can be additionally decorated with small beads or pearls.
  • It will be interesting to look like a panel with several small crafts in the form of fruits. This option can be hung in the kitchen. Sometimes these compositions additionally decorate a pair of small flowers or floral ornaments.
  • It will unusual to look at the panel made from Foamyran if it is additionally decorated with large coffee beans or small brilliant beads. And also as an add-on, wicker parts or elements made of polymer clay can be used.

How to make it yourself?

Pre-prepare all the necessary materials. These include the following:

  • Foamiran – you can prepare several different colors;
  • scissors – construction or ordinary models;
  • glue – You can use adhesive pencil;
  • pencil – It will be needed to transfer patterns.

For interior decoration, you can make a picture depicting an apple tree blossom. It is worth performing the following actions:

  • We take a photo frame; From it you need to remove the glass;
  • Cardboard after that cover blue paint, It can be pre-mixed with a small amount of white composition;
  • Then it is necessary Make leaf and petal patterns; You can print finished patterns and transfer them to cardboard or paper; Each flower should consist of five petals;
  • For the manufacture of details White Foamiran sheet is taken, On it, with the help of toothpicks in templates draw contours of all billets; Total to do 3 untrained bud, 8 flowers and 7 leaves;
  • When all patterns are transferred to Foamiran, You need to take the same yellow material; It cut out a small strip of 15 millimeters wide, stamens will be made of it;
  • Stripe cut thin straw and divide on eight parts (1.2 millimeters for each flower);
  • At the same time you need to paint the ends of all petals – It is possible to do this with a bright pink lipstick; It’s better to be confused by a cotton disk or sponge;
  • It is necessary to heat the iron; Each blank is placed on the toothpick and applied to the preheated part of the device for 2-3 seconds;
  • still hot elements a little Possess the middle of the finger, And then neatly stretch in such a way that in the end it turned out the elongated and slightly curved item; Such a procedure is made with all petals;
  • Later you need to take cooked blanks for stamens, chopped straw; Each of them is a little twisted and the base is dripped a little adhesive mixture to fix the part;
  • All petals Connect among themselves with glue; The obtained yellow stamens are also attached to the ready-made flowers to the central part;
  • Next, you need to make non-scratch buds – For each of them there will be enough 3 or 4 petals; with them the same procedures should be made that with flowers for flowers;
  • At the end of all petals wrapped inside; their position is fixed with adhesive mass;
  • At the end all these details attach to each other, For a whole billet attach a small cupfeeder made of light green phoamyran.

When all the details are fully prepared, you can proceed to the direct design of the picture. First, it is better to decompose all the elements on the cardboard and find the most suitable location. At the bottom of the picture it is worth placing large leaves. In the upper part glue small leaves and several buds. The middle should be busy ready-made flowers. Thus, all components of elements will look harmonious and beautiful.

At the end you can draw a branch. It is better to do it with a resistant black or brown marker. They can also highlight accommodation on all leaf. All parts firmly fixed with glue. Ready panel is inserted into the frame.

Similarly, you can make a panel on the wall in the form of a bouquet of small roses. But when preparing templates, it should be borne in mind that the form of the petal will be different. For such colors you need to make stripes of different widths. The central part of each rose is formed from lines of a small thickness, gradually gluing larger elements.

The easiest option is the picture in the form of a bouquet From Romaisa. To make petals for such colors, you just need to cut small stripes from phoamyran, slightly rounded to the ends. Each of them can be slightly bent towards along.

Central part for artificial daisies can be made using yellow brilliant beads or minor beads.

Beautiful examples

Practically in any interior is beautiful and interesting will look a wall panel consisting of phoamyrane or isolon roses. They should be placed on cardboard in the central part. In the upper and lower parts are green leaves. Flowers can be made in peach or light pink. You can add such a composition using several elements in the form of white lilies. They are better to join in such a way that they surround the roses.

You can make a beautiful picture with peony from Foamiran. Externally, these flowers will be like roses. For their creation, a large number of strips of different sizes will be required. All of them must connect with each other in such a way as in the end the lush bud.

You can make 3-5 such volumetric blanks. To do this, it is worth using lilac or pink sheets. These parts are complemented by leaf and stems made of green phoamyran or solesolone.

You can complete the composition with several small unbroceed buds.

On how to make a panel from Foamyran, see the following video.

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