“Printer’s work is suspended”: what it means and what to do?

Sooner or later, every printer owner faces print problems. When equipment, being offline, issues a message that the work is suspended, the man in the street believes that it is time to buy a new device. However, it is possible to eliminate the problem alone by finding out its cause. It will save from the need to appeal to the service center.

What does it mean?

If a working printer suspends printing and writes “Printer’s work is suspended,” it says about failure or small faults. Such status on the printer icon appears for various reasons. For example, this may be associated with a USB cable fault or wire. When the equipment does not work, the computer automatically translates the printer into automatic mode. In this mode, the technique is on the user command either independently. If the operation of the device is suspended, the new tasks will not be printed, but will be able to be added to the print queue. In addition, the pause of printing can be associated with a temporary disconnection of the device from the computer. At the same time, the reasons for the lack of connection “Computer-printer” can be:

  • damage to the wire;
  • loose portage of the port;
  • Turning off electricity.

The printer is connected to a computer through 2 cables. One of them serves meals, the other is used to establish software. In addition to a USB cable, it can be an Ethernet wire. Network connection may be communication via Wi-Fi. The causes of the suspension of the print can be in the operation of the drivers, the printer itself (MFP), as well as the selection of individual functions in the control panel. As for the drivers, problems with them can be explained by the recent rollback of the operating system to a specific recovery point.

If the utility was installed later, it will not work correctly.

Among other reasons are the most common printer malfunctions (Print errors, paper jam). If it is a network technique, suspension state is associated with a failure. Printing can be suspended if ink running in the printing device, as well as the SNMP status for a network printer. In the latter case, to eliminate the problem, it is enough to disable status.

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What to do?

The solution to the problem depends on its reason. Often in order to restore print after suspension, it is enough to check the USB cable and power cord. If the wire has moved, you need to re-connect it and restart the computer. When the visual inspection reveals damage, change the cable. Damaged wire use unsafe.

Simple refund to the working state

The device that is in uncontrolled mode must be returned to the working condition. If the re-connection to the power grid does not help, you need to identify the root of the problem. To exit the autonomous mode, you need:

  • Open the Start menu, open the Devices and Printers tab;
  • Select an existing printing device in the open window;
  • Call the context menu by pressing double-clicking on the icon;
  • In the hardware list that appears, remove the daw before item “Work autonomously”.

If this action does not help, the reason may wage in the hung tasks. In the print queue can accumulate several documents. Suspending printing happens when printer failures, errors and faults. If the network printer spontaneously switches to the offline mode, and the settings are performed correctly, you have to download and install the update of the server operating system.

Cancel the suspension of the seal

To remove status and resume printing, you need to act according to a specific scheme. First you need to start the equipment, click on the “Start” menu, then go to “Devices and Printers”. After that, it is necessary to highlight your printer, open “View the print queue”. Then in the open window of the printer, you must enter the settings and remove the checkbox opposite the paragraph “Suspend Print”. After that, the status “ready” will appear on the printer icon, highlighted by green.

Restoration of low-power PC

If the problem is solved, its reason was the service stop by any application or internal conflict at the time of processing tasks. Conflict events especially characteristic of low-power PCs after automatic updating their system. In this case, you need diagnostics, defragmentation, deleting temporary files.

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At the same time, it is better to turn off unnecessary services in memory involved in the processing of events. If defragmentation, the deletion of temporary files does not help, you can roll back the system to the factory state. To renew the updates, you need to restart PC.

When using a network printer and Wi-Fi, you must restart the modem or router.

Cleaning the seal queue

Suspending the seal associated with clogging the queue of documents sent to it is solved quickly. This happens in different cases. For example, when many programs are open, as well as when using a network printer at once, several users. In order to clear the selection sequence, it is worth:

  • go to the control panel;
  • go to the “Devices and Printers” tab;
  • Select the device with the status “suspended”;
  • Call the context menu with the right mouse button;
  • Click on the inscription “View the print queue”;
  • Select “Cancel” Printing Documents.

Besides, In this window, you should pay attention to the inscriptions “suspend the print” and “suspended”. If they are standing, they need to be removed by pressing the left mouse button. You need to do this when the printer is enabled. You can delete documents one by one or all at once. After that, the window with a queue on the printout of documents or photos must be closed.

The status “ready” appears on the printer icon. If this did not happen, you need to turn off and on the printer again. If it does not help, you need to install it, and then re-install the driver for PC. In order to fail with failures and errors while printing documents, photos or PDF files, you need to install the utility downloaded from the official website. Also, you can download it on special thematic forums and sites.

What to do when jamming paper?

This problem happens if previously printed sheets are used for printout. The savings of the paper turns around its jam right during printing. As a result, printing is suspended, and a red light lights up on the printer panel. This error is easy to fix. You need to raise the printer cover and gently pull the sheet on yourself. You can not pull the paper too sharp: if it breaks, you will have to partially disassemble the printer and remove the stuck pieces. If there is at least a small piece inside, the printer can stop typing at all.

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If during the elimination of the problem on the printer icon and then it is written “suspended”, it fails to change anything, you can delete the driver and set it again. In order to change the changes, you need to restart PC. If the status of the suspension appeared when working with a network printer, you need to go to the device settings and open the Properties tab. In the window that opens, you need to select “Ports”, and then check the SNMP status. Opposite the inscriptions should not stand ticks. If it is, the selection is removed by pressing the right mouse button.

After completing all manipulations, the printer goes into a print ready state. If the network equipment independently switches to battery life at the correct network and correctly set settings, you need to install the update for the server operating system. She is on the official website of Windows.

Suspending or incorrect printing can be related to the update of the Windows 10 operating system. In addition, each OS has a resumption of printing equipment slightly different. For example, to remove the offline mode in computers with Windows 10 you need to “Start” – “Parameters” – “Devices”, “Printers and Scanners”. Further scheme does not differ from the standard.

As for the defragmentation of the disk, braking the work of the printing device, it will take longer. Upon completion, you need to restart the PC to change the changes. As a rule, test print passes without stopping. To prevent such a situation, you need to perform disk defragmentation from time to time. This is especially important for low-power PC.

What if the printer does not print, look in the video below.

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