Power supply for TV: scheme and work principle

One of the most common problems with TVs is associated with the malfunction of the power supply. Usually its repair is required if any of the elements of the board fails, and, as a rule, this is not the most time consuming and expensive type of work. However, only specialists can do it, since any incorrect actions with BP can lead to serious breakdowns in various parts of the device.

About what is a power supply is for what is needed and how to understand that it is faulty, it will be discussed in our article.

What it is?

In the general sense, the power supply is Electricity source that supplies the TV with the required current. This module allows you to convert the network voltage to the values ​​required for the full functioning of the technique. As a rule, BP is included in the antennas bundle with an antennas in order to improve the reception of the signal.

Power supplies – Universal devices, they can be installed in other devices: to improve the quality of the cellular, satellite communications signal and even the Internet. BP is indispensable in a situation where a Wi-Fi adapter is used, by the way, it also is one of the varieties of antennas. Simply put, everywhere where radio waves are used and there is a receiving antenna, you need a power supply.

But we will consider only those of its varieties that are required for uninterrupted operation of television equipment.

    Pay attention: the relevance of the installation and maintaining the working capacity of BP is directly related to the fact that in its absence and repair it is very expensive or even impossible.

    The television power supply unit performs three main functions:

    • Converting current energy transformation into equipment;
    • Protection against hinders;
    • Maintain the required voltage level inside the TV itself.

    Modern systems operating from standard networks in 220 watts received the greatest distribution. Such elements are embedded in a single antenna design or located separately when the connection is carried out through the port.

    If we are talking about built-in models, then usually applied Bestrange diagram. In this case, the energy conversion is carried out by latitudinal and pulse modulation. Such power supplies are included in the most conventional outlet, their calculated power is 10 W. This parameter is quite enough to provide the antenna power. Such elements are quite compact and do not occupy a lot of space, but in the event of a malfunction, immediately leads to the outflow of the entire signal reception system.

    Therefore, it is more practical to purchase External devices. They are focused on the fact that in case of failure of BP, some signal will still be saved, although, of course, it will not be good. In any case, another advantage of external power supplies is reduced to the fact that they can be quickly and simply replaced if necessary.

    Working diagram based on a transformer. In this case, the output voltage of the BP is stabilized by parabolic; the type parameters for the output voltage were 24, as well as 18, 12 and 5 W. More accurate numbers are determined depending on the antenna’s technical and operational parameters.

    Device and principle of operation

    Most often power supply board is a separate electronic module. This is a distinctive feature of any TV with a small diagonal of the screen, and in larger models it is built.

    Any power supply board has the following components:

    • transformer;
    • network filter;
    • Work and duty nodes;
    • overload protection module;
    • Radiators, that is, cooling elements.

    The principle of operation of the power supply is reduced to bringing the supplied network voltage to the form that will satisfy the requirements of the energy supply of basic electronic components of television equipment, including its matrix.

    IMPORTANT: The value and parameters of the supply potentials must accurately correspond to both the operating stresses themselves and their eporas.

    In most cases, they are specified directly to each proposed device.

    How to connect?

    Consider in more detail how to connect BP. In most cases, the amplifier is already mounted in the active antenna. But in passive – it is not. To connect it, first it is necessary to collect an antenna cable with a plug that will be intended for these purposes. Consider how to do it.

    First you should prepare the cable itself, that is, clean it. To do this, an acute stationery knife or scalpel perform a thin section around the circumference at a distance of 1.5 cm from the edge of the cable. When performing this work It is very important to be careful and try not to damage the hairs shielded strip, located immediately under the insulating layer.

    After these actions are completed, Mentioned hairs need to be carefully beaten, and a piece of foil slice located near them.

    Retreating from the curved edge of the braid about 5 mm, it is necessary to make another cut around the circle. It is necessary in order to remove the inner insulating layer. After that, the cable prepared for the installation should be covered under the appropriate fasteners in the BP box and tighten with screws.

    Pay special attention to the fact that When the wire is connected, its metallized braid must necessarily have a contact with a lifted platform, which is a mandatory element of the design of any BP housing. If this is not done, then the feed on the antenna simply will not come. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the cable braid in no case should come into contact with the central residential wire itself. If this happens, a short circuit will occur, and the module indicator will not function.

    For information: With the correct connection of the power supply with the antenna cable itself after executing all the necessary settings, the TV usually shows much more channels than before.

    How to check for good?

    In general, the outdoor diagnosis of possible faults and breakdowns of the power supply is as follows.

    If the appearance of capacitors causes you at least some suspicions, they need to immediately remove and replace them.

    You noticed interruptions with the operation of the duty regime – you need to immediately check the voltage on the controlled Stabilion. If the output of this node, the voltage will be missing or have too low values, therefore, the operation mode is broken.

    In order to restore the functionality of the element, It is necessary to make sure the performance of all other parts of the scheme. To do this, you should drop one contact of a suspicious condenser or a resistor, all the burnt elements remove completely and immediately replace new. If you see a plot of low-quality soldering – this place must be fed with flux, and after you make sure that the contacts are firmly fixed in the mounting area.

    On restoring the performance of the BP schema and returning the duty regime will indicate the appearance of voltage in 5 V, as well as flashing the red light indicator on the front panel of the TV.

    Draw attention to the fact that With each replacement of other suspicious elements, you must immediately check – Are there any changes to the output of the power supply.

    The fact that the functionality of the equipment is returned, one can judge the normal inclusion of the TV and the admission of high-quality audio and video.

    Possible malfunctions and their causes

    The fact that the TV is required to repair the TV, may indicate the following signs:

    • The TV does not turn on when the button is pressed, while the LED indication light on the body does not light up;
    • The light lights up, but the technique does not start;
    • The image goes with a large outfit from sound;
    • There are significant interference – caustaves and stripes are possible on the screen;
    • Sound distortion – TV is bezes, tahachatitis, out of other noise.

    All of the Listed Faults of BP may be caused by several reasons, among which are distinguished:

    • The device is in defense due to a short circuit, which led to the BP burnout or its individual components;
    • Unstable supply voltage in the network;
    • fuse brave;
    • Full or partial wear of capacitors.

        To start the TV and get a full quality image, Try repeatedly repeat the activation and turn off the unit.

        We pay special attention to the fact that any independent attempts to fix the TV, as a rule, lead only to the exacerbation of problems with electronic elements of the system or even complete their failure. Any incorrect actions entail the need to replace the television motherboard, the cost of which comes up to 70% of the value of the entire aggregate.

        All elements of complex electronic equipment must be repaired with accurate compliance with all safety regulations, In particular, the input capacitors should be previously defused. Without having a special experience of such work and knowledge, you can harm not only the TV itself, but also your health.

        About what is the principle of operation of the power supply for the TV, see the following video.

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