Polaris Air Humidifiers: Model Overview, Choice and Instructions for Application

In houses with central heating, the owners of the premises often face the problem of dry microclimate. Effective solution of the issue with enrichment of the air of air with water vapors will be air humidifiers of the POLARIS brand.

Brand description

The history of the Polaris trademark takes the beginning since 1992, when the company began its activities in the segment of the production and sale of household appliances. The copyright holder of the trademark is the major international concern Texton Corporation LLC, Registered in America and has a network of subsidiaries in a variety of countries.

Under the trademark POLARIS produced:

  • Appliances;
  • All types of climatic equipment;
  • thermal technique;
  • Electric water heaters;
  • laser instruments;
  • tableware.

All Polaris products are offered in the average price category. Service and repair of goods sold is engaged in about 300 service centers in Russia, more than 50 branches are operating in the CIS countries.

In two decades of work, Polaris was able to establish on the positions of one of the most reliable trading brands and repeatedly confirm its reputation as a stable manufacturer and a profitable business partner.

    The success of the company speaks facts:

    • Over 700 positions in the assortment line;
    • production facilities in two countries (China and Russia);
    • trading network on three continents.

    Similar results have become the result of a systematic work to improve the quality of products manufactured and the introduction of scientific developments into the production cycle:

    • the highest technological base;
    • developed R & D;
    • Use the most modern developments of Italian designers;
    • introduction of innovative technological solutions;
    • Individual approach to the interests of consumers.

    Products under the brand name Polaris are bought in the territory of European countries, in Asia, as well as in the Middle East.

    All products are protected by patents.

    Features and principle of work

    The minimum allowable moisture content in the residential room is 30% – this parameter is optimal for healthy adults and children, during the exacerbation of viral and bacterial respiratory diseases The moisture content in the air should be increased to 70-80%.

    In winter, when heating is running, in the process of intensive returns of heat energy in the air, the amount of moisture is sharply reduced, so household air humidifiers are used in homes and apartments to maintain a favorable microclimate.

    Most of the models manufactured by the technology of ultrasound spraying steam.

    During the operation of the humidifier of the air from the total weight of water with the help of ultrasonic waves, the smallest solid particles are separated, which form fog under the membrane, from where using the built-in fan and is dealt with air flow through the room. One part of the fog converts and moisturizes the air, and the second – wet film falls on the floor, furniture and other surfaces in the room.

    Any Polaris air humidifier is equipped with built-in hygrostat.

    It provides effective control and adjustment of the amount of steam produced, since excessive moisturizing also negatively affects the state of the person and sensitive to the moisture of interior items.

    Usually, The published pair has a temperature not higher than +40 degrees – This leads to a decrease in temperature in a residential room, so to eliminate an unpleasant effect, many modern models are additionally equipped with the “Warm Couple” option. This ensures water heating immediately before spraying into the room.

    Important: It is necessary to remember that the quality of the formed steam directly depends on the chemical composition of water. Any impurities present in it are sprayed into the air and settle on the equipment details, forming a precipitate.

    Tap water, in addition to salts, contains bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microflora, so it is best for an air humidifier to use filtered or bottled water that does not contain anything dangerous to humans.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The main advantage of Polaris humidifiers in comparison with other similar models is the ultrasound principle of their work.

    Besides, Users allocate the following advantages of this brand:

    • The ability to control the speed and intensity of air humidification;
    • Some models are complemented by the “Warm Steam” option;
    • Low noise during operation;
    • Simple control system (sensory / mechanical / with remote control);
    • the possibility of inclusion in the design of the air ionizer;
    • System of replaceable filters allows you to use crude water.

      All minuses mainly relate to the service of household appliances and cleaning it, namely:

      • Users without filter models should use only bottled water;
      • During the work of the humidifier, it is undesirable to presence in the room of working electrical devices due to the risk of their breakdown;
      • Disadvantage in placement of the device – it is not recommended to install it near wooden furniture and decor items.


      Polaris air humidifiers are convenient for use in any residential apartments and houses. In the assortment line of the manufacturer, you can find devices for every taste – They may differ in dimensions, design and functionality.

      On the principle of operation, all humidifiers can be divided into 3 main groups: it is ultrasound, steam, and air washing.

      Steam models function on the kettle principle. After the device is connected to the network, the water in the container begins to heat up quickly, and then steam out from a special opening outside – it produces humidification and air purification. Some steam models can be used as a inhaler, a special nozzle is included in the kit. Such products are easy to use and affordable.

      However, they are unsafe, so they are not allowed to accommodate in children’s rooms. And it is also not recommended to install them in rooms with lots of wooden furniture, paintings and books.

      Ultrasonic Polaris Humidifiers work with ultrasonic waves. The device disperses the smallest drops from the surface of the water – the air in the room is saturated with moisture. Such humidifiers are characterized by reduced trauma, therefore optimal for the premises where children live. Some models provide additionally filters for air purification, they need a frequent replacement.

      The humidifier with the air washing function produces efficient moisturizing, and in addition, the air is cleaned. Thanks to the system of filters, large particles (pet wool, floss and dust) are delayed, as well as the smallest pollen and other allergens. Such devices create the most favorable children and adults microclimate.

      However, they work very noisy and have a rather high cost.

      The lineup

      Polaris PAW2201DI

      The most popular POLARIS air humidifier with air washing function – model PAW2201DI.

      This product is a climatic equipment with a capacity of 5 W. The allocated noise does not exceed 25 dB. The bowl for fluid has a volume of 2.2 liters. There is a touch control.

      The design combines two main types of work, namely: Moisturizing and efficient air purification. This device is convenient, distinguished by ergonomic and economical electricity consumption. In this case, the humidifier of this model is extremely easy to operate, does not require a regular replacement of filters, it is an ionizer.

      The most popular users of the instruments are multifunctional air humidifiers Polaris Puh. They allow you to avoid cutting air masses in the room, while the most comfortable and safe in operation.

      Let us dwell on the description of the most sought-after models.

      Polaris PUH 2506DI

      This is one of the best humidifiers series. Performed in traditional classic design and has a pretty roomy water tank. The humidifier of this brand is additionally enriched with the ionization option and the auto power supply system. Can be used in rooms up to 28 square meters. M.


      • a large number of modes;
      • High power -75 W;
      • touch control panel;
      • multifunctional display;
      • Built-in hygrostat allows you to automatically maintain the required level of humidity;
      • the possibility of preliminary disinfection and disinfection of water;
      • Turbo-freeze mode.


        • Large dimensions;
        • high price.

        Polaris PUH 1805i

        Ultrasonic device with air ionization. The design is characterized by elevated performance parameters and ease of operation. The model provides a ceramic water filter designed for 5 liters. Can work up to 18 hours in uninterrupted mode. Energy consumption is 30 W.


        • the ability to remote control;
        • Spectacular design;
        • electronic control panel;
        • Built-in air ionizer;
        • practically silent work;
        • Ability to automatically maintain a given humidity level.


          • the absence of the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the selection of steam;
          • high price.

          Polaris PUH 1104

          Very spectacular model that contains high-tech backlight. The equipment is highly productive, has a rather roomy antimicrobial water tank. It is allowed to independently adjust the level of steam. The device can work without a break to 16 hours, designed to process air masses in the room to 35 kV. M.


          • spectacular appearance;
          • Built-in high quality filters;
          • automatic control of the degree of humidity of the room;
          • economical energy consumption;
          • Almost silent level of work;
          • safety.


            • It has only two mode of operation;
            • Low power 38 W.

            Polaris PUH 2204

            It is compact, almost silent equipment – the humidifier is optimal for installation in children’s rooms, as well as in bedrooms. Electronic control is provided, the reservoir is designed for 3.5 liters of water, has an antibacterial coating. Allows you to regulate the intensity of work in three modes.


            • small size;
            • low noise;
            • high efficiency;
            • low electricity consumption;
            • Democratic value.


            • Low power.

            POLARIS PPH 0145I

            This design combines the air sink options and its effective moisturizing, is used to maintain a favorable microclimate in the room and aromatization of air masses. The streamlined body is made in classic design, the blades are reliably protected, so that the device is safe for children and the elderly.


            • The built-in reservoir for essential oils allows air aromatization in the room and the saturation of its useful substances;
            • stylish appearance;
            • increased speed;
            • High quality air purification from soot, dust particles, as well as pet wool;
            • When used there is no smell of plastic.


              • Significant electricity consumption in comparison with ultrasound models;
              • even in night work mode makes a strong noise that uncomfortable for users.

              Choosing a model of the humidifier, first of all, you need to focus on your needs, operating conditions, financial capabilities and preferences. Thanks to a large model range, each user always has the opportunity to choose the best option for any room and any budget.

              How to choose?

              When choosing an air humidifier Polaris The following parameters must be taken into account:

              • Installation capacity;
              • noise released;
              • availability of options;
              • management type;
              • price.

              To begin with, it is necessary to estimate the power of the device. So, high-performance aggregates will quickly moisten the air, but at the same time they consume a lot of electrical energy, increasing utility bills. More economical models work slower, but if there is an automatic support option for the required humidity level, it will be much more profitable.

              Essential Noise. For children’s rooms and premises, where sick people live, preference is better to give instruments with night mode.

              Casse all work ultrasound structures.

              Due to various options for the design of POLARIS air humidifiers, you can always choose the appropriate option for rooms in any style. The manufacturer’s lineup is present both classical models of humidifiers and air purifiers in the style of high-tech.

              Pay attention to the design dimensions. For small rooms, the optimal models in which the volume of the tank for fluid does not exceed 2-3 liters. For large rooms, you should stop the choice on appliances with a 5-liter tank.

              The degree of air pollution is important. If the windows of the processed room goes onto the motorway, as well as if animals live in the house, it is best to choose a polaris air sink. Such models can work in cold mode, while efficiently delay the particles of soot, wool, dust, effectively purify air from pollen plants, dust ticks and other strongest allergens.

              If the air indoors are reheated, it is better to give preference to models with the possibility of adjusting the supply of steam, as well as the ionization option.

              The price of the device directly depends on the number of additional functions. If you count on simple moisturizing, it does not make sense to buy products with three and more work modes, built-in ionization and aromatization of air. An excess can be an antibacterial coating of a tank, a highlighted display, as well as sensory or remote control.

              When buying a humidifier, be sure to consider user reviews – Some models are characterized by an increased level of noise, when working quickly heats up and make an unpleasant smell of plastic. Buyers celebrate the degree of power consumption, pros and cons of design of each specific model, ease of installation and actual time of smooth operation.

              Be sure to specify whether the warranty is provided whether the filters should be changed, what is the cost, and how often they will have to change.

              Instructions for use

              Recommendations for the use of humidifiers usually go to the main equipment. Let us dwell on the main points of the instructions.

              In order for the Polaris humidifier to work without interruptions, it must be mounted on a flat surface as far as possible from the decor and valuable furniture items.

              When liquid enters the inside of the device, on the cord or case – immediately turn off it from the network.

              Before turning on the equipment for the first time, it is recommended to leave the device at room temperature at least half an hour.

              Only cold water is poured into the tank, it is best to use purified bottled – this will eliminate the occurrence of scale inside the tank.

              If the liquid ends during the operation, the system automatically turns off.

              Aromatic oils allowed only in models with a special tank for them.

              After each use, it is necessary to clean the equipment, for this it is impossible to use aggressive chemical acid-alkaline solutions, as well as abrasive powders. For example, ceramic tank with antobacterial coating can be cleaned with simple water. Sensors and steam generators clean up a soft brush, and the housing and cord should be wiped with a wet cloth. Keep in mind: Before cleaning the equipment, it is necessary to turn it off from the electrical current network.

              If the sediment appeared on the pair generator, it means it was time to change the filter – usually filters serve for 2 months. All information about the required expenditure equipment can always be found in the accompanying documentation.

              Review reviews

              Analyzing user reviews about Polaris air humidifiers left on a variety of sites, it can be noted that they are mostly positive. Users note the convenience of use and modern design, as well as silent work. There is a high quality of air humidification, the presence of many options, as well as the ability to adjust the specified parameters.

              All this makes air humidifiers optimal for use in different conditions depending on the initial microclimate in the house, air pollution, as well as the presence or absence of people sick virus infections.

                All reviews in the negative key are mostly related to the maintenance of instruments, rather than with the results of its work. Users do not like that to maintain the efficiency of the device requires cleaning capacity from scale, as well as systematic replacement of filters. In fairness it should be noted that no problem does not represent the purchase of filters – they can always be ordered on the manufacturer’s website or purchase in any trading enterprise where the Polaris technique is sold.

                The device is convenient to use, it is durable and functional.

                Overview of the ultrasonic air humidifier Polaris PUH 0806 DI in video.

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